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  1. ICE adds 4 More drivers on board. Welcome to ICE Family

  2. ICE adds 9 more drivers to our Fleet ! Visit us at http://www.oneice-global.com

  3. ICE adds 8 more drivers to our Fleet. We are also announcing iNadeoux Gaming as our official Broadcasting Partner. For further info on Employees, Fleets and Expansion please visit our company thread. http://goo.gl/Y4b1cc

  4. As part of our expansion plans, ICE adds 5 more efficient drivers on board. Joao Rodrigues, Srdjan, Alex Walton, Bryan Yates and Viperkoro. Congrats to them. Welcome to ICE Family. For more info visit us at http://www.oneice-global.com

  5. ICE Welcomes 4 new drivers on board - Daniel, Mahdi aloqaili, iFwN`and Jaidee (JD) Congrats to them, Welcome to ICE Global Inc.For more info Visit Us at http://www.oneice-global.com

  6. ICE adds Employee Portal and Director's Official Blog. New Forum under development. We are growing slowly. Visit Us at http://www.oneice-global.com/ for more detailed info.

  7. ICE Welcomes 2 more drivers on board. Dan williams and Mathias. Congrats to both of them.

  8. Campaign at 5.30 PM GMT. Submit your application for further details.

  9. ICE Welcomes 3 More drivers on board - Killmaster, Unknownshots and Anthrax 737. Congratz to them for successful completion of the Training. Next campaign tomorrow at 5PM GMT

  10. 3rd Recruitment Campaign starts in 2hrs - Submit Application within an Hour for Entry.. 3rd Trial Run at 5PM GMT Today

  11. Recruitment Campaign tomorrow.. Visit Us at http://oneice.weebly.com

    1. UnknownShots
    2. InterContinental Express™

      InterContinental Express™

      Thank you for showing interest in ICE. Our Team will get back to you after reviewing the application.

  12. The Big day... Waiting for the BIG time.. Excited :)

  13. 1. I assume you are talking about your truck's lights during night time. If thtz the case, during evening and night time you need the lights switched ON otherwise you will get penalty. The same goes for a condition like rain with fog where visibility gets drastically reduced. 2. Already answered 3. Already answered (will be re enabled shortly)
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