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  1. Thanks a lot to all those who have replied. I think i have got my answer. The community still won't be together and there is no such intentions too. Well,let us wait for the update. Hope for the best.
  2. Well, i'm not taking any sides here.. but i honestly doesn't think that there is any short term politics in these decisions. The community was standing 50 / 50 on this like pursuit gamer said above and it is in the best interest of the community that he decided to keep speedlimiter in the middle. I do value and respect the fact that you like to drive realistic ,me too and i drive around 65km/hr only everywhere..but when the community asking for NSL itself is respecting this decision (like movyy did above) and are willing to compromise on things, i would say we also should and it's for the betterness of the mod and to keep our community together. Tht's what i think mwl is trying to do (since it's 50/50 for him and he has no partiality to any one in the community) , trying to keep this community together. I would recommend community (for and against SL) to try out these and then come up with a judgement (zyprexia, just like you said above)
  3. Yes... most of the people would agree i think... and i do appreciate the fact that the new management really wants the community to play a part in their decision making and are willing to let know people these upcoming changes in advance. MWL really do possess that ability to lead and take forward this mod. If the community comes back together under his leadership, then that itself is a great achievement for him and is gonna play a great part in securing the future of this mod. Kudos to him !
  4. First of all, i'm not against speed limiter or for speed limiter and this thread is not intended to discuss about speed limiter. Main aim of this thread is to appreciate the upcoming move by mwl . Thtz all. I think it's a fair and thoughtful decision by 'mwl' to restructure the speed limiters for city and Highway. Also, 120 is a fair limit that almost 90% of the speed limiter opposers were looking for. Most have pointed out in so many of the discussion threads that they do want speed limiter but at a speed around 110 or 120 km/hr. So, hopefully everyone will be satisfied this time and would agree to continue using speed limiter. The main fact here is that accidents normally caused by loss of control at turns / cities/highway will be reduced i think since most of the people could easily control a truck at 120 or 70 and it gives fair enough time for the other player to notice oncoming as well the truck behind you (and act wisely). This will also ensure that the gameplay is not too boring for those who would like to go a little fast or to catch up with a frnd. Hope fully people won't start again threads asking to remove speed limiter or fix it at 140 or speed limiter at old 90... Also hope that the whole community will be back together like old days and would play in one single server.
  5. ICE adds 4 More drivers on board. Welcome to ICE Family

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  7. ICE adds 8 more drivers to our Fleet. We are also announcing iNadeoux Gaming as our official Broadcasting Partner. For further info on Employees, Fleets and Expansion please visit our company thread. http://goo.gl/Y4b1cc

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  11. ICE Welcomes 2 more drivers on board. Dan williams and Mathias. Congrats to both of them.

  12. Campaign at 5.30 PM GMT. Submit your application for further details.

  13. ICE Welcomes 3 More drivers on board - Killmaster, Unknownshots and Anthrax 737. Congratz to them for successful completion of the Training. Next campaign tomorrow at 5PM GMT

  14. 3rd Recruitment Campaign starts in 2hrs - Submit Application within an Hour for Entry.. 3rd Trial Run at 5PM GMT Today

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