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  1. many scout drivers drive abolutely recklessly and create a mess. This is possible because the scout has better acceleration than any truck. Thats why people dont like the scout. For me it can stay but it should be banned from CD road because they count as useless traffic and useless traffic is forbidden on CD road anyway.
  2. I support this because its dangerous to have trucks with no rear lights in front of you.
  3. +1 , I like it. Maybe also add the superb combi?
  4. Keep your eyes on the road and on your Mirrow and you will know what vehicles are around you. Also it will create a mess on the Satnav. -1 because useless.
  5. Warscheinlich hast du die Teile noch nicht freigeschaltet. Warte bis du Level 36 bist, dann solltest du Zugriff auf alle Teile haben.
  6. I only have a 5 year old laptop, wich can handle ets 2 in graphic settings witch are in between medium und high presets of the game
  7. I think it should be rebuild to a 4 lane highway (so 2 lanes for each direction), there is just too much traffic on there. Especially the useless and dangerous traffic that the scoda drivers create is very annoying.
  8. I am not sure if my computer is good enough for this. Is there a page that shows required specs somewhere?
  9. I see no need to stop if the other road are cut of but I cities where there are players you should defnetly obey them. If you crash when red light running this will be punished after the reckless driving law.
  10. Suggestion Name: Open offtopic forum for all topics Suggestion Description: Open the offtopic part of the forum for all kinds of topics Any example images: not needed. Why should it be added?: Currenty only Tech talk and other games are "permitted" in the offtopic part of the forum. However I think that people might also want to discuss about other topics, for example their hobbies. I could Imagine people discussing about bikes or cars maybe or fishing or maybe even completly different topics I cant even imagine right now. This could bring more variety and life into this forum.
  11. I like the Idea, however I would not give these boards to VTCs. They already spam the chat and I think thats enough. They can also have advertisements on the radio stations. I would rather give these to streamers or non profit organisations the tmp staff agree on supporting. Thats because people who want to switch VTCs will inform themselves about the vtcs that are out there anyway and all others will just be annoyed by those billboards. Edit: If you rent these out to VTCs I defnetly want an option to turn these off!
  12. Prabably yes. People are bored at home... Also the Sim 2 server has 4200 slots now.
  13. I have one of these old driving force gts by Logitech. It does the job well but needs some contact spray every now and then and its pretty noisy. But as long as it does the job I see no need to buy something else....
  14. The Problem also occures when you had to F7 because someone rammed you and stuff like that. But its difficult to avoid accidents by 100%, especially when you have a topheavy freight. If you F7 then you still may get kicked for unrelieable connection. The more power your pc has the less you will have that issue, however I am playing on a lowspec gaming laptop from 2015 so I know that issue quite well. (No money for upgrade )
  15. I drive the new MAN with the big cab and 540HP most of the time but sometimes I switch to a 106 DAF with the big cab and 510HP
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