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Found 1 result

  1. Suggestion Name: Increase Accessibility for Visually Impaired Players. Suggestion Description: Hello TruckersMP! Today, I'd like to suggest that there is more ways for Visually Impaired players to play without problems! This Suggestion includes a few things, which I will list below. 1. Option to increase Chat Size 2. Option to Enable/Disable Server Announcements as Text to Speech 3. Change Chat Colours for Staff (Game Moderators, Community Managers etc) 4. Colorblind Mode (Replaces Red with Blue or Yellow) Any example images: Menu Addition: Menu Contents: ^^ The Red on the left will be what the Announcement and Game Moderator color will be replaced with whatever is entered on the right ^^ Why should it be added?: I may be the only Visually Impaired player on this Mod, but I highly doubt I am not. I struggle day in, day out with my eyesight and I love to play TruckersMP to relax and forget about my worries, but I have the same issues when I play, I can't read chat. I have tried UI Packs but they don't seem to work. If TruckersMP really is an accepting, for everyone Modification, then this should be added. Also, in no way am I saying that other disabilities shouldn't be accommodated, these are just the examples I have thought of due to my personal condition. It may seem a bit pointless if you don't suffer from these issues, but I can assure you, it is definitely worth being added. I just hope that the Community Managers think before denying this suggestion, because it could improve the experience of people like me, who constantly have to deal with these circumstances. Final Points: I would also love to help with any input if this is accepted, as I have these issues, I can provide feedback on what has been done, but that is up to you. Please feel free to comment your thoughts on this suggestion as I am very interested to see what the Community thinks Should you not know what Visual Impairment is, here's the definition (From Wikipedia) Partially or completely blind. Thank you for reading, Ollie // Updated 4th January 2019
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