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  1. Happy birthday! 🎊

  2. @GameMaster10009 Yeah that's a great idea too. Unfortunately, I doubt they would add a record like that for your license and what not. Also, come to think of it, there could be some issue with the offenses. If someone hits me, I might get fined even though I was not at fault. But I'm sure the developers could code it properly to fine whoever's at fault. (Again only if they have Traffic Offenses enabled)
  3. I don't know if it's a guaranteed fix, but in the graphics settings try enabling V-Sync. That helped for me anyways. Also, I have a program called razor cortex, and with a click of a button it frees ram up making stuff quicker. But other than that I don't know.
  4. Suggestion Name: Crash vehicle offense when hitting another user's semi truck Suggestion Description: Just like in single player if you have the traffic offense setting on in gameplay settings. If you were to hit another car it fines you for crashing into another vehicle. But this would only apply to those who enable traffic offenses. I know there are already offenses in MP like red light and speeding, but I don't recall getting fined for an accident with another user. Again, this should only be a feature for those who enable it in the game settings "traffic offenses" (I have it enabled). And same with the user that is at fault if his traffic offense was enabled he would be fined. And the person who is not at fault, doesn't get fined. But if you have it disabled, you don't get fined. Any example images: Yes, think it uploaded in this post Why should it be added?: Just to add realism for drivers who take the game seriously and a true accident happened without any trolling.
  5. I like the idea, they should add this
  6. I think if the drivers do not sleep and it causes an accident, that shows some realism of what would happen in real life if you fell asleep behind the wheel, and consequences would happen in game, yes. But in real life too But for those who don't want sleep must disable it. The great thing is time is slowed down in the multiplayer so we wouldn't have to sleep nearly as often as the singleplayer gameplay.
  7. Suggestion Name: Allow Fatigue Simulation Suggestion Description: Allows sleep when enabled (Like in singleplayer) Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Because it would be a more realistic experience for this who want it. It would only be for those tho have the option enabled (Like me) but it doesn't work properly. And since the Multiplayer time is much slower, means it's alot better that way, meaning you don't need to sleep as often. Let's think about this and discuss it
  8. ^ You cannot use mods in the multiplayer that come from singleplayer, you can only use the ones they will provide, for example the winter mod once they get it up to date. Happy trucking.
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