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  1. We've been trying to get into the game, but the client won't let us because it returns a 404 error every time we try to update. https://i.gyazo.com/7bb800fbe4526eff37ca43d87c1256c9.png Remote server returned an error: (404) Not found. Changed VPN servers, disabled VPN, didn't help. Can't download the launcher either because the download page shows a 404:
  2. Agreed. Play singleplayer and earn some money so you can buy your own truck (and optionally a trailer) or save edit yourself some money.
  3. Suggestion Name: Shared Cabin Suggestion Description: The ability to enter another player's cabin and drive along with the targeted player on the passenger seat, as well as being able to manage who is able to enter your cabin Any example images: Why should it be added?: It has potential to be a fun and useful feature. It can strengthen friendships and with cabin accessories and driver animations turned on it's also pretty immersive. It can also be used by personell staff of VTCs to have a look at the driver's driving capabilities or a "cameraman" can record stunning footage of the SCS world while the driver keeps his eyes on the road. A road trip can suddenly become tons of fun when you're able to look to the side and admire the landscape.
  4. Suggestion Name: Better chat box Suggestion Description: Improved chat box that does not darken 40% of the entire screen when typing, it's size being adjustable and having a nice aesthetically pleasing border while also sporting a scroll bar. Give the option of it being transparent when not hovered over with the mouse and such. Any example images: Why should it be added?: The current chat box is quite an eyesore, especially because when you activate it it covers 40% of your screen. This is especially frustrating when you are recording and it disrupts the image or covers crucial evidence when reporting people. It should be shrinked down, there is absolutely no need for it to be this wide as it has a character limit anyways. It being able to be adjusted like any other window on your desktop adds the bonus of it being flexible throughout multiple screen sizes and resolutions as well as adding a little bit of personalization. I noticed a lack of a scroll bar, so adding it will make it easier to view older messages.
  5. The more things synched, the more immersive ETS2MP gets. +1
  6. +1, makes reporting more precise. I can also see reports being able to be cross referenced much easier, especially if to determine whether multiple people have reported someone for an action in one single timeframe or multiple over a longer timeframe. Currently, I can only guess when something has happened anyways. I'm in favor of adding a time indicator in UTC when using /pinfo.
  7. I'm playing on a native 2560x1440 resolution and the chat text is extremely tiny. How do I scale it up? Example: https://plays.tv/s/Lqa6d3pq5EHM
  8. I reported a player and my report was accepted. When I looked over, the profile said "Playing Chicken + Ramming". So, what defines as "playing chicken"? Video in question: https://plays.tv/video/5a1833a7cc3bfa9430/1434175
  9. ^ Been driving on Calais-Duisburg all the time hoping for an admin to pull me over. No luck at all. Felt infuriating, but good luck to the ones who made it.
  10. ^ I didn't imply running away from the police skoda when asked to pull over. I'm mainly concerned about reachability. Will I have to drive slower, like 80km/h, constantly so an admin can reach me or is it fine if I drive faster, about 100km/h? I'm thinking the former, but that'd mean there will be some annoyed players when I drive 80km/h on calais-duisburg. Suddenly trucks will start overtaking my car
  11. Will I still be eglible to enter when I drive a Skoda? What about driving fast, will the staff be able to catch up on me or do I have to slow down?
  12. Aww hell, I really wish they had made the Ponte Della Libertà to Venice so you could deliver to a small company in Venice and you could see parts of Venice like Piazzale Roma. Venice is such a beautiful city.
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