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  1. <3 8d09226356.jpg 

    1. Mirko9
    2. Baymax.


      How did you get the double paint?

  2. Soon™

    1. Ykaro


      Today ? :D

    2. Canucks


      Ahh what's soon mean? Next year, this year? Today??? :P

  3. After some hours I did this pictures :) http://imgur.com/a/tiExe

    I hope my PS skills good enough :D

  4. Alright Ladies and Gentleman, my new Banner is done! :)

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    2. DMGangster


      very awesome


    3. DMGangster


      I also want to have such a banner with my trucks :3

    4. ThisIsAlex


      Looking snazzy :)

  5. birthday happey rocketeer

    1. konfig0


      Thanks, we should do a 1v1 soon. :P

    2. legress


      Happy Birthday, mate! :)

  6. everyone drives now a DAF :troll:

    1. Smalley


      10 ways to spice up your DAF life. 

  7. Freut mich in der Position zu sehen! Hoffentlich wirst Du voll dabei sein ;) Viel Erfolg!

  8. Ghost mode is currently the most helpful and greatest feature as well. Finally we have Spawn Protection! :)

    1. BUSH^^


      то есть смотри, если человек загружается на дороге, я могу проехать его насквозь? 
      я просто с другом только что тестил, не особо понял как это работает?

  9. Go people go, download the new update !!!

  10. Guys, check out my new picture :P ready for easter :rolleyes: 


  11. Guys, it's your chance! All admins going now on ats hiding. You can now troll on the ETS2 Servers.. ! :):D 

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    2. ReLife




      I dont think is allowed the rules :P 

    3. FozzyGuy


      Aww yissss, Lemme go race up and down C-D

      Jk, no ban plz

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  12. Guys!! The double trailers are coming ! Look at this screenshot. Is that the kind of double trailers you wanted, isn't it?


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    2. Mirko9


      where did u find that mod hahhaha

    3. antrax737


      Hype destroyed... 

  13. Guys..!! wonderful new daf is coming ingame <3 0aebe0877f.jpg

  14. Happy B-day my friend <3 I wish you the best from the best :P Have a nice day!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ma little nub!!!! :* <3 

  16. Hey guys, as you might saw in the News Section. I've been removed from the team. 

    I've did something what is actually not really tolerable. I just want to clarify, I've never wanted to hurt the TruckersMP project. I want that you know me as a good and fair guy. It might looks something else for the TruckersMP Upper-Staff, but it's myself opinion. I've clarified all friendly with the staff and found a solution. And it's the solution, they removed me. I could be now angry about some internal details, which I don't want to call now, but I'm not angry. Their decision is totally alright. Maybe I get a chance in near future to join back in the team as Media Member and continue create great assets, banners and so on for TruckersMP and the community. It's very pity that I cannot end some projects, but maybe I'll get a chance. Please do not judge me so much, I love you all guys and wish you a great time in the future. If anyone wants more information, can surely contact me for more details. (No leaks)

    And now, drive safe and always follow the rules!! ;)


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Real shame to see this :( Thx for all your work in your time in the team and good luck for the future :wub:

    3. PursuitGamer6


      Real unfortunate, once again a very dedicated teammember which has to leave from TMP. Best of luck !

    4. Alex.de


      Danke für deine Arbeit. Auch beiden den großen Nordrheintvplay-Konvois ^^

  17. Hey guys, check out my new banner, how do you like it? :) 

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    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    3. Chris I Camox

      Chris I Camox

      Wow my little friend :P:D what an awesome banner! Thats really nice - I love it.:wub:

  18. I think that the new mp update is very very soon...

  19. I wish you a great day, happy birthday - enjoy it, oldie :P

  20. I'm woke up and my first song that I listened =)


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