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  1. happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful person ?

  3. Heyho leute, Jetzt gibts ja die neue Weihnachtsaktion. Ich bin 5x einen externen Auftrag in eine andere Stadt gefahren (trotzdem selbes Land), aber im Fortschritt steht nur 1/10 Städten. - Und normal wurden die Aufträge gezählt. Mach ich da was falsch??
  4. Kennt sich jemand mit den Euro-Münzen aus? Is somebody very keen on Euro-Coins or rather the Euro currency?

  5. first time of my life, were i finished my exams and used a shisha and drinked a beer


  6. I want to  trade the  ETS2 Force of Nature Paint Jobs Pack

  7. Do somemody want to have die ETS2 Force of nature Paint Jobs Pack? I've bought it with VPN, but i cant use it.

  8. Tomorrow, my final exam will start :o (Germany, Realschule)

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    2. jx_23


      Bei mir waren die früher lol


    3. DMGangster


      Hmm. Ich wohn in Bayern^^ Kann sein dass es Unterscheide gibt innerhalb der Bundesländer

  9. Very nice and very helpful thank you dude.
  10. this does what mean? (atm? ) I got these chrashes since, this update... The other one worked fine
  11. Oh mann.. Normally a nice update, but now i will always get a crash, when i drive onto the race track -.- thats my crash.log and this my game.log:
  12. I have the same tv as my monitor but also i got a second one from acer^^
  13. Yep, there is a notepadd++ you have to use that, because the normal notepad changes the lines. and if you safe that, the game cant read it. Just load another safe and decrypt it and then open with notepad++
  14. @DavidOC93 Yes but it wasnt with notepad++. You use the normal notepad. This is wrong..
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