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  4. Hi there! My name is Baymax, and I have been here for long, long, and long. Since this new 'Unreliable connection' rule, script, whatever it is, I have been having many problems when playing. For example: When I join I most likely get kicked right away because of the script. Suggestion Name: Either remove it or set the limit higher. Suggestion Description: It's up there mate. Any example images: No, simple enough, I think. Why should it be added?: Reason given. Kind regards, Baymax.
  5. Hello, I saw a truck + trailer drive yesterday with a custom license plate. Anybody know how I do that?
  6. Hello, I suggest opening a ticket at support.truckersmp.com, they have more knowledge of those things.
  7. I have asked the support, and hope they'll help me further, thanks for anyone who responded.
  8. This didn't do much, already said I re-installed it I have done this yes, but nothing happens. You know me ^^ Shame it didn't work though, I'll contact Support if the other solutions don't work either
  9. Good day, I've been off for some months now but want to play again I tried to join but I cannot connect, picture below. Hope somebody can help me. (Game has been fully re-installed already, deleted with Revo Uninstaller Pro) Greetings, Baymax.
  10. Hey, since just now I can't connect to the EU2 server, and I don't know what it could be It says it might be my internet, but that can't be it otherwise I couldn't have been writing this topic Thanks, Baymax.
  11. Problem keeps happening, especially if I open the chat or something.
  12. Hi, Just like the title says, I'm getting fatal crashes when in contact with other players. Anybody knows a fix? Thanks.
  13. Watching the sunset.



    1. Fading


      its gone already

    2. Baymax.


      U can see a li'l bit on the right @Fading

  14. Had to stop by for a little snack :)



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    2. Baymax.


      @Doppler effect You mean the double trailers? 


      Go to Properties on ur ETS2 game in steam and then select beta's and then Open beta 1.28

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