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  1. Hi there! My name is Baymax, and I have been here for long, long, and long. Since this new 'Unreliable connection' rule, script, whatever it is, I have been having many problems when playing. For example: When I join I most likely get kicked right away because of the script. Suggestion Name: Either remove it or set the limit higher. Suggestion Description: It's up there mate. Any example images: No, simple enough, I think. Why should it be added?: Reason given. Kind regards, Baymax.
  2. Hello, I saw a truck + trailer drive yesterday with a custom license plate. Anybody know how I do that?
  3. Hello, I suggest opening a ticket at support.truckersmp.com, they have more knowledge of those things.
  4. I have asked the support, and hope they'll help me further, thanks for anyone who responded.
  5. This didn't do much, already said I re-installed it I have done this yes, but nothing happens. You know me ^^ Shame it didn't work though, I'll contact Support if the other solutions don't work either
  6. Good day, I've been off for some months now but want to play again I tried to join but I cannot connect, picture below. Hope somebody can help me. (Game has been fully re-installed already, deleted with Revo Uninstaller Pro) Greetings, Baymax.
  7. Hey, since just now I can't connect to the EU2 server, and I don't know what it could be It says it might be my internet, but that can't be it otherwise I couldn't have been writing this topic Thanks, Baymax.
  8. Problem keeps happening, especially if I open the chat or something.
  9. Hi, Just like the title says, I'm getting fatal crashes when in contact with other players. Anybody knows a fix? Thanks.
  10. Watching the sunset.



    1. Fading


      its gone already

    2. Baymax.


      U can see a li'l bit on the right @Fading

  11. Had to stop by for a little snack :)



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    2. Baymax.


      @Doppler effect You mean the double trailers? 


      Go to Properties on ur ETS2 game in steam and then select beta's and then Open beta 1.28

  12. Driving w/ the new doubles




    Love them ^^

    1. MushroomLTU


      High saturation ruins the whole pic.

    2. Baymax.


      ^ hey thanks for the tip :D

      actually agreeing with u, had it too high this time

  13. Is this really a road to just make a U-Turn? 




    Cus I'd visit it and make hundreds of U-Turns.

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    2. Baymax.


      Just between Reno and Carson City



    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. Rev.


      Seems like a perfectly reasonable feature. Go big or go home I guess.

  14. Well, tried Verifying files and that worked, thanks anyone who posted to this topic. Please close @Anriandor
  15. Heya fellas, since this new update I constantly get the message "DLC's not available with current version" The game is up to date, and gets me nowhere when I press continue, since the map DLC's are required For visualization: Thanks already, Baymax
  16. Please rate.




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    2. Hz3rd


      9/10 fantastic photo! :D

    3. Anriandor


      Amazing sunset in the backgound, very good shot! :)

  17. Congrats :)


    You've earned it mate.

  18. This is another one, shot from the front of the truck



    1. Pillow


      Nice truck!

  19. Heavy hauling is getting pretty serious right now... 



  20. Good luck to all the Forum Mod applicants :)


    Wish them luck

  21. why would we want 100k people at once, rip d-c
  22. Love the sun <3 Upgraded the truck btw :D



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