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  1. Can i have some Burger and Frys with that update pls?? TMP will get updated when TMP gets updated friend... this is a Private MOD made by people like you and me in their free time! Its not like its dificult to downgrade ETS2 on STEAM to 1.37 to be honest... All you need to do is right click ETS2 > properties > BETA and select Temporary 1_37
  2. Central EU between north of France, Germany and Holland is where ppl hang out the most cuz its default base game no DLC... thats why its crowded all the time
  3. ohh man... I'v watched so many that i couldn't pick 1 favorite... With that said... "The Arrow Verse" is one of my favorite Series yeah (I watch all the TV shows in The arrow verse not just 1) When it comes to movies, I'm also all over the place... I can watch anything from super Hero movies like Avengers, Philosophical life theory's like "The Shack" or even a comedy romance like "The Time Travelers Wife" Don't really have specific favorites cuz i watch so many
  4. The end of the day this is still a "Private Mod"... a project made by players on their free time It will be updated when its updated and we will be grateful for it either way... And tbh its not difficult to downgrade the game to 1.37
  5. Happy birthday! 🎉

  6. Thanks everyone!

  7. Happy Birthday

  8. Happy Birthday! :)

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