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  1. [ zmaster ]'s post in Can't Play Multiplayer ETS was marked as the answer   
    Make sure your able to launch the game in single player... 
    Also, open your STEAM library, right click ETS2 > Properites > local files > verify integrity of game cach...
    And again.. make sure you can open the game in singleplayer...
    Only then download a fresh MP instaler from here ==> http://truckersmp.com/en_US/download
    After this 2 steps if you still have issues post in here!
    Regards, Z
  2. [ zmaster ]'s post in banned for g_brake_intensity was marked as the answer   
    Because in your first ban appeal you used the "warp" command excuse... and when i told you thats not possible in MP you changed to Brake intensity excuse...
    And lets not forget your original ban appeal you actualy put in the description "I'm sorry"... meaning you understood what you had done... but since i didnt accept it because speedhack punishents dont get removed in ban appeal... you decided to do a total of 4 ban appeals trying to use diferent excuses until one of them sticks!
    Video proof is preaty clear... enjoy your hollidays...
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