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  1. Thanks all for the birthday wishes :)

  2. Changed my banner now :P 


    (Thanks so much @BL4CK$K1LL)

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      You're welcome :P:D

    2. [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      all he did was change 4 or 5 letters 

  3. Since WTLVTC is closing down :( i need some suggestions on what vtc i can go to

  4. New banner 


    Thank you so much :wub: :love: :wub:

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      You're welcome :wub:

  5. New profile pic :)

    1. SuperHoops


      Looking good mate :D nice photo 

    2. XinBao^


      nice photo:)

    3. [Mega Trans] CrystaL
  6. Im back from Holiday :D

    1. AloneWolf.
    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      Hope you spent a wonderful time ;)

    3. [MCG] Kien Giang
  7. Happy Valentines day all :wub::love:

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Happy Valentines day :wub:Hope you have a great day ^_^

    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      Happy Valentine's Day and congratulations on your promotion Dan ^_^ 

  8. If anyone needs keybinds 


  9. Anyone exicted for Washington DLC?

    1. IpilkAlaus


      Chuffed to bits.

  10. will winter mod be disabled server side and start kicking people who are using it or will it be available all year round

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. [WTLVTC] Dancool000

      [WTLVTC] Dancool000

      eh true but they may disable it before feb who knows

    3. BL4CK$K1LL


      As I remember, last year we had it until March

    4. [WTLVTC] Dancool000
  11. Im back 


    Ive been away :D 

    1. Kamer


      Welcome back Dan! :)

    2. [WTLVTC] Dancool000
    3. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      welcome back mate :) 

  12. For this SCS christmas event is it required to take the ferry to complete the event?

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    2. [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      i didnt use a ferry for mine



      I did not use the ferry and I completed. 

      Good trip !  :)

    4. ScaniaFan89


      No but its easier & faster, doing the same places! 

  13. Will TruckersMP even be able to support Special Transport DLC (since the AI cars)

    1. OxygeNGaming


      It could be supported but it will take a very long time, we will just have to wait and see, Hoping it will be supported as the dlc is freaking amazing. 

    2. Noxii


      I highly doubt so, and for the sake of the players I hope it wont because lets face it 90% of the player base can barely drive as it is and just imagine meeting such a wide load on the Calais to Duisburg road going down the road at 140km/h or something like that wouldn't cause mayhem when he crashes...

  14. Gratz on getting Forum Moderator :D

    1. Ashley


      Thank you. :)

  15. Good luck to everyone who applies :)

  16. When double trailers come out will they be patched and be coded for them to spawn or will they be patched and disable the spawning?

    1. Pillow


      I guess we all won't know until the update is out :/

  17. Birthday :D! (10th April)

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      happy birthday :) have a great :)

      *day :)

    2. KhaosHammer


      Happy birthday! :P

    3. Bandero


      Happy Birthday ;)

  18. Well RIP i updated what beta do i go to???

    1. Cyrusj


      Hello, have a look at this post.



    2. [WTLVTC] Dancool000

      [WTLVTC] Dancool000

      ik how to downgrade lol 

    3. DerAmpelmann


      I just updated my guide. You can see the version there. ;)


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