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  1. The man who calls himself king is never a true king! 


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      Yemin Ediyorum Tam Şu An Bu Şarkıyım Dinliyordum. :D

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      well said...history tells the same....

  2. Save edition problem

    Hello @Good Fast & Ugly (PL) These guides will help you, please read! Best regards
  3. "Thanks for the follow" if You know what i mean :troll:

  4. Good Afternoon TMP^^


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      Sesi çok güzel müzik için teşekkürler :o

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      @HelmeS Müziği o kadar dinlemişim ki videonun dakıkasının lınkını atmışım :) 

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  6. Lag / Stutter?

    Have you made any changes to your computer in recent days? Was this problem ahead of you? If you help us, we can solve your problem! @LincALotGaming Have you done a recent virus scan of your ? any virus may slow down your computer, please check the status of your computer. Is your display card up-to-date? Take a look at this guide.
  7. Mods

    Hello @csylord The answer to your problem is written here! Please read If you want to use it! https://forerunner-mods.weebly.com/
  8. Thanks for the follow.

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  9. Lag / Stutter?

    If the performance of your computer is low, there is nothing to be done. If your computer is good, the answers shown at the top will help us. If you have tried some steps and you did not get results, please format your system settings. In the past days I broke the settings of my computer and got the number of processors 4 out.I had problems with this pretty bad FPS. Scan your computer for viruses!
  10. Happy Birthday Thomas :) 


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  11. Trying to make another account on TruckersMP

    Hello there Read these topics! Best regards.
  12. Yeni gorevinizde basarilar.Sizin gibi yardimsever insanlari bu rutbede gormek bizleri mutlu ediyor iyi sanslar :)

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      Güzel sözleriniz için çok teşekkürler <3 :) 

  13. Doğum günün kutlu olsun  bu hayattakı mutluluk yuzunden esirgemesin nice senelere :) 

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