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    @VUS4L [AZ] aleykumselam Geri Hosgeldin! Insallah Gece Konvoylarinda ki gibi lagin duzelmistir tekrardan hosgeldiniz
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    What you've learned from TruckersMP?

    First of all, I learned the meaning of the word "friend and family" it has helped a lot in language development.
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    Lag spikes in ETS2MP

    Hello @Happy Trucking ETS2 I'm sorry to hear your FPS are dropping suddenly. About what areas of the map are you traveling when it drops? Are you in a high populated area? Are you driving down the highway and suddenly only getting 10FPS causing your game to freeze/rubber band? Even with your graphics I would suggest to maybe turn off "Load cabin accessories" and also "Load Flags" I know it might not be much but depending where I drive I gain an extra 10-15 frames when I turn these off. Best regards Kamer
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    Website v2.6 release

    Thanks for good work @ShawnCZek
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