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  1. Hello TruckersMP forum, Long time no see... How is everyone doing?

    1. WNxArcticwolf


      Im doing good how about you?

    2. OxygeNGaming


      I'm doing good thank you 😁

    3. povgamer


      I'm doing pretty well, yet school is getting somewhat annoying

  2. OxygeNGaming


    Like one of the rules said already, no more than game allows. Which I believe 8 small ones and 1 large beacon. Or 12 small beacons and 0 large beacons.
  3. OxygeNGaming


    §3.1 - Truck modding -> It is not allowed to place more items than allowed by default by the game (beacons, lights, horns or any other item). -> It is not allowed to place beacons and large horns on bullbars/bumpers/sun visors. Normal beacons are allowed only on the roof and on the roof bars. LED beacons are permitted where allowed by default, while normal LED lights can also be placed on bullbars and roof bars. -> Items meant for trucks' interiors cannot be placed outside the truck and vice-versa: as an example, it is not allowed to place beacons inside the cabi
  4. You maybe could go to LGS and set the turning radius of 900 degrees there and see if it works.
  5. Happy Birthday Pillow, hopefully everything went well and you had an amazing day :wub::wub:

  6. Good Morning dear TruckersMP community, hope everyone is having a faptastic weekend.


    See you in game :tmp:

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      have a nice weekend :) 

  7. Happy New Year everyone, Greetings from UK ( 00:07 )

    1. Akoa


      Happy new year bro wish you the best!

  8. I might be late for everything but congratz on your Trial GameMod deserved my friend.


    Here I leave you a picture of us from CC 2017 



    1. Pillow


      Better late then never mate. Thank you!

  9. Anyone knows if there will be snow for tomorrows TPE Convoy? It would be sad to see a CHRISTMAS  convoy without snow.

    1. Gamer98


      No official word from anyone, like they said still being ported versions. 


      Hopefully their will be snow 

  10. Dear truckers, we want you to know we haven't forgotten the winter mod this year! It's currently being ported to 1.30, once it releases we're aiming to get it to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to put your snow chains on, safe trucking!


    Source: Truckers MP Facebook Page (facebook.com/truckersmpofficial)

  11. Congratz :tmp::check:

    1. -VOYVODA-


      Thank you very much really ^_^

  12. HYPED up already this is gonna be great, also a great trailer.
  13. Happy Birthday dudeee, Hope it will be a good one for you fella :) 

    1. M.J.


      Thank you! 

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