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  1. That's it for now but i will try both suggestions of frozen screen when log out by changing profiles. Please close this tread yet
  2. @Grundii, @[Mega Trans] CrystaL, Normally i just double clicked the mp exe file. Tomorrow will try to run as admin and also follow above suggestions. Then i will ask next question about moving between servers.
  3. G' day I tried to search in this forum about safest ways to between servers when playing multiplayer and log out once finish playing as i have encountered frozen screen and crash report.
  4. What should i do? I also have similiar issue when running bus mods. How to check if the file will be compatible with my version?
  5. Thank you but i have new problem of one of my hdd is corrupted. @Soul Knight has PM me already. I think you (moderators) can close this questions for further pending.
  6. Hi @Soul Knight, I want to play multiplier online but last time when i tried to sign in it didnt let me go further due to missing serial key. Is there any tutorial for playing multiplayer?
  7. This error what i encountered when playing mods. I just checked my version is 1.34xxxx so what is wrong in this case? I downloaded from ets2.lt as above recommendation.
  8. Hi, I have an issue with creating account in order to play online ETS2, when i entered my ets2 serial key, it want let me through since it was missing digits. I purchased from instant gaming site. What should i do?
  9. Hi All, I just wonder if i should've checked the version of file downloads with my ETS2 version to avoid the crash on game?
  10. Hi @Mandarin Adam, i used website called ets2.lt to download bus mode. I will try to download from steam workshop now. Thanks @Dark_Owl_
  11. Hi, It may sound silly for me to ask how to install mods properly? And by activating on mods manager, will cause the truck out of control and steering moves by it own?
  12. I will contact them tomorrow to see if they could help me or not. I have recently sent back to them for calibration issue last week. I am not sure if they will be happy to help me or not.
  13. Hi @chevytime, i think i will reinstall my OS as its last resort for my pc to run this game. May i know what other players OS used to run this?
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