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  1. Very good driver 10/10

  2. I agree with the speed limit thing, they've gone too far.

    Like the EU, they disregard common opinion for their own agenda.

  3. 200 people in Calais lmao

  4. Really like the addition of the player tags in the TAB menu

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    2. Afrousel


      @Texas Transports LLC Like I said you can now see player tags in the TAB menu and if you hover over someone's name you can see extra information about them such as TMPID

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Wut :o I did not know about this :o

  5. Does anyone else get this in the menu sometimes? https://imgur.com/a/MVKBk

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    2. Afrousel


      @revoluti0n Tabbing out is a likely cause I suppose

  6. @Mr. Unkown Sir why are you posting manuals in the status updates?

  7. Damn these cars are fun to drive
  8. ^Yes I'm aware of how it works but I was just sad to see all that mileage go to waste
  9. I was using your launcher for one day, and today I started it up and it gave me a steam error about launch options so I just pressed 'OK' and it took me to your launcher. However after pressing 'LAUNCH ETS2' it just took me to singleplayer instead P.S. My Skoda turned into a Scania after 40,000km
  10. ^Yep I've done that and I still get the same problem
  11. I decrypted my savegame and it still gave me the error that it's not decrypted
  12. Simple steps and worked instantly, +1 ty
  13. has the follow function been removed from ets2map.com?

  14. After the 1.26 update of ETS2 my computer refused to load ETS2 and froze on the first loading screen after you select your driver profile. I tried different profiles to see if it was to do with that, same issue. I tried both single player and multiplayer, no difference. Finally I reinstalled ETS2 and Steam too and did what I did before and still the issue persisted. I've not got any mods at all and I verified the game's integrity of cache twice too. I don't know what to do as I've tried everything. Can somebody help me resolve this problem?
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