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  1. I agree with the speed limit thing, they've gone too far.

    Like the EU, they disregard common opinion for their own agenda.

  2. I have tried all the betas that say 1.27.x or 1.27 but none of them work. The supported game version falls under 1.27.x and I install 1.27.x, and it doesn't work. What's the problem??
  3. hello from EU#2 C-D

    1. KhaosHammer




      We were doing a convoy through the C-D as it was quiet, you should have stayed with us! ^_^

  4. please tell me you actually banned the one who broke multiple rules. A screenshot would be fine.

    1. KhaosHammer




      Please don't post on Admins profiles about bans.


      If you have been banned, please make a ban appeal with the following link and wait for him to reply : https://truckersmp.com/appeals


      This thread could also help you :

      /locked, please do not post more status on his profile. ;)


  5. Download the winter mod. the supported ets2 version is 1.26.3s + wintermod, not just 1.26.3s
  6. with the new update I can't connect to online. It keeps trying every 10 seconds but it fails
  7. I tried that too, but I switched computers and don't have a truck. I also tried to do it in the config, but it automatically deleted it. ugh
  8. I'm trying to force reset the economy, but when I try, the console doesn't work because it turns off developer mode and the console automatically. Both ets2mp and the offline one do it. Any suggestions? I basically have no way to get jobs right now.
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