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  1. Haven't been around for a while...went to open the mp client, logged in and chose my usual profile. Sad thing is, after that, during the loading, the game crashes and gives a fatal error message with no other details. What do?
  2. Ok, il topic è relativamente vecchio ma ho letto una cosa abbastanza aberrante: DALLA AUTOSTRADA ROTTERDAM-BRUSSEL questa intersezione e la più trafficata della strada in questo caso scendete dalla rampa dello svincolo a diamante e fermatevi per dare la precedenza Tutti sono convinti che chi viene dall'autostrada e scende dalla rampa debba fermarsi (nella calais così come in tutte le altre strade)...e la cosa dimostra che qui di gente patentata ce ne sta veramente poca (e a me hanno pure bannato per questa sbagliatissima convinzione).
  3. that part of italy is not really the best when it comes to roads. Hope they add roads like this or this that in italy are very very common. Trucking there would be great
  4. ^ CLK GTR (loved it in gran turismo 4)turismo 4)gran turismo 4) Mercedes CLk or Nissan GTR?
  5. Sorpasso normalissimo, forse lo hai un pò stretto verso la destra ma di contro lui sembrava aver manifestato l'intenzione di accostare o comunque di lasciarti strada. Eri anche su un tratto abbastanza rettilineo e andavi ad una velocità modesta che ti avrebbe dato margine di manovra in caso di un eventuale ed improbabile imprevisto. Lo ritengo un ban generico e poco pesato, dato con una certa leggerezza che si può comunque perdonare ad un neo-admin.
  6. I always report on the site but it's not the point of the topic
  7. Well, around 10 minuts ago I was doing a delivery and at a certain point I had to cross the calais duisburg main road,coming from the highway. While crossing with a full and strong right of precedence given from the signal that I will post below, I immediatly got hit from someone who threatened to report me (and it was his fault,lol) So, I decided to go back there and cross some other times, and I realized that no one was giving me the predence, collecting also a good amount of reports. I have experienced this kind of stuff also during nigh deliveries, when traffic lights are not working So,dear TMP newbies and kids (not insulting,it's that this post is for them,since mature and good players in general always respect this rule and do not need to read this) here is an explanation for you! With this you must slow down and give precedence to everyone around you.. Almost like a red light or a stop signal (there is a little difference between this and the stop but no need to say it) With this you can go, you don't need to slow down because it's like a big,green light. These baes can be found under a traffic light too, if the traffic light is off then they are the main autority, if the light works ignore them. Edit: it is possible to find this signal too,consider it as the twin of the white and yellow one. Bye!
  8. In my opinion Renault is the best as its stability is impressive, a new player needs a reliable truck to tackle emergencies, in fact,for example, the Mercedes has the worst stability of all so it would be inappropriate.
  9. ^ Classic fidget spinner Inserting the speed you want to go with keyborad numbers or steering by touching the steering wheel on the monitor like on a tablet ?
  10. Recording:How to only save the last minute of driving This method will cost you only 2 frames Use /pinfo before saving the clip and not after!! -Open Xbox App, go to settings (blue circle) and select Game DVR (red circle) -Make sure that it is enabled (first circle) -Write down these two combinations: Win+Alt+R to start and stop recording a normal clip Win+Alt+G to save the last minute (for example,use it immediatly after a crash) To record the last minute enable also the other option in the second circle. Make sure the option in the third circle is set to 1 minute,which is ok for everything (a good kill in battlefield,a crash in ets2...) If you have a poor gpu (i have an hd530) don't worry because you will lose something like 2 frames,not even noticeable. Anyway you can lower (or higher) the quality of the clips:
  11. If you have Windows 10 you can save the last minute of game with that windows logo button on the keyboard+alt+G
  12. Yea but implementing them would take more time than fixing the skoda brakes...as i sometimes say, if a dog doesn't fit in a backpack an horse wouldn't too.
  13. They haven't even edited the scout's brakes after years,with tons of accidents because of them that happen everyday, and you want the staff to add a new car? This would be possible if the mod was sold and not free (and sometimes i wish it was) but by now no one seems to have time and the actualt staff preferes to focus on other stuff.
  14. Abbastanza inutile, in caso di incidente ci si ferma sempre senza problemi, gli unici che non si fermano sono quelli che vanno forte e poi non sanno controllare il camion in caso di imprevisti, e quelli è impossibile gestirli.
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