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  1. I love it when people go down C-D then message me to be their lord and savior lmao. xD

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    2. Smalley


      Same tbf, it's a lot quieter :P 

    3. PlacGhost


      Yep :) I Appreciate the Road more aha

    4. Virablas


      I take my pic :kappa::kappa:



  2. Such a tune! Will never stop loving the song it's such an incredible song. 

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    2. Enf099


      Indeed... Sometimes I wish they reunited, but seeing the kind of trash they have been releasning since they broke up... It wouldn't be the SHM that most of the old fans (me included) would want, that's for sure :unsure:

    3. Smalley


      I mean they've produced some good songs whilst they broke up.  And it's been confirmed that they will be getting back together at some point. 

    4. Enf099


      Well it all depends on your taste. I liked that after all, they were focused on House. I liked Axwell & Ingrosso's Something New, but I didn't really like any of the new stuff since then. All these trap songs they're releasing are pretty discouraging for me, and even more if you take a look at their careers. They started with proper electro house back in the early 2000's and they're focused on... "this", nowadays... I know artists can change and evolve tho, they might be bored of House, and I understand it, I'm just mad that my puberty heroes are gone lol 

  3. I'm not gonna argue as it's just gonna do nothing nor solve anything. Lets just be grateful we have an opportunity to express our feedback. Stop picking all the little things out
  4. ^^ And who would go out their way just to then give us feedback using someones ID....
  5. You maybe covering issues. However, you're not exactly being helpful either. You're not giving us ideas on how we can make this better just complaining about it. Please just be grateful that you have this opportunity to give us feedback. It's a TMP ID dude, it's not like we're asking for your whole address. And Cheetah did not backseat moderate. I don't know what Backseat Moderating is to you but in Cheetahs comment there was none. @TrademarkGamer We use numbers as College ID's. And yes a Number ID will direct you to the person who did the survey.
  6. @TrademarkGamer When I am at college I am always being asked for my College ID when I do surverys. It's no difference here. And I assume it's the same for your college.
  7. Honestly, I don't understand why there is an argument in this post. TMP are asking for feedback from you as players. Here's your opportunity so why are you complaining? Stop acting so childish and be happy. In my opinion this is a good idea as it will give our players a chance to give their view upon TruckersMP and what route they want to take to make TMP better.
  8. Come join us in the stream! Absolute wonderful streamer doing a Celebration stream. 



    Make sure to come and give a cheeky follow!

  9. Hey guys,


    I hate the fact I am having to create this rant. However, a lot of people just like to think that Game Moderators were made to look at the Calais-Duisburg. No, this shouldnt be the case. If you want to sort the trolls down C-D road just dont go down it. Its simple as. I am afraid a lot of people dont give enough respect to the Game Moderators or staff in general when they’re working hard to make your gameplay as fun as possible whilst driving with friends. As a Game Moderator, our job is to enforce rules as well as making your drive as smooth as possible. The answer is quite clear and I know my status update wont do much but its something, just stop going down the C-D road because a lot of people go down C-D road then get rammed by trolls then complain on facebook (or other places) that we do not do our jobs. The C-D road get worst every single day and its rather hard to maintain it. Thats why we would like some help from you as players to either 1. Dont go down the road or 2. At least record and then report via the website. That way we are certain to take a look at the report and handle it. Every day we get about more then 400+ - 500+ people on the road and in Calais or Duisburg alone. No one should ever put the blame on us for the road being this busy.



    So please, if you’re smart enough just don’t go down Calais-Duisburg road it will help up mods as well as you players. It will make life so much easier

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    2. stilldre1976


      I see a lot of mods while down there and most people enjoy the whole queuing up part like rotters used to be remember those days haha if less people use the c+d the trolls will just move elsewhere so at least its a troll magnet for finding those kind of users etc maybe only trucks with trailers down there ie no cars or trucks with no trailers might work?j ust use kick and they will bored of driving all the way back again after a while :)

    3. Araleya


      It depends on the time of day too, because when there are 3000+ people on eu2 that road just becomes busy fueling the trolls.
      but in the morning like from 2am-8am BST its petty quiet and I should know because I did a time-lapse video there and back in under 30 mins.

      And I see what you mean by people expecting game mods to do one job, look at the c-d road. But it's your choice on where you go in the game and you shouldn't let some people that got banned for driving reckless stop you.

  10. Come on ladies and gentlemen. Come show what the TruckersMP Community is all about by showing some love <3 https://www.twitch.tv/getcreativenation

  11. Awesome streamer! https://www.twitch.tv/getcreativenation Would highly recommend very friendly and is such a legend! :P Make sure you come and say hi @illbecreative

  12. Hey guys, 


    So unfortunately I have lost my last twitter account which is TFM_Smalley and Now I have created a new one! Please make sure to go give this one a follow :P https://twitter.com/OfficialSmalley Sorry for any inconvenience 

  13. Hey guys! 


    Make sure to come join us at https://www.twitch.tv/getcreativenation Where @illbecreative Is playing some good Ol' TruckersMP. Come watch his terrible driving :troll: 

  14. Come join @illbecreative as he streams on TruckersMP doing a bit of trucking! https://www.twitch.tv/getcreativenation Make sure you give him a cheeky follow as he is very friendly and a really good streamer. Had to restart his progress again so it would be nice to see some support for him :P 

  15. Happy Birthday Wolf! Hope you enjoy your day even if it is miserable outside :( 

    1. _Party_


      hahah thank you smalley!!

  16. Hey guys! I have created a Spotify Playlist which brings you nothing but the best of Deep House! If you guys are a fan of Deep House or want to listen to a new genre then I would highly recommend you have a cheeky listen to what I packed into this one playlist 



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      I support.:)

      Good music.:love:

    3. Smalley


      Thank you guys :):P Best way to get your weekend started! 

  17. Come join @illbecreative over @ https://www.twitch.tv/getcreativenation An absolute legend and a very funny guy! Always happy :P 

  18. Come join GetCreativeNation as he plays on TruckersMP! https://www.twitch.tv/getcreativenation Absolute awesome stream and very very friendly :) @illbecreative

  19. Thank you for the follow! Much appreciated :) 

  20. Don't mind if I just quickly shoutout a new ets2 streamer which you will all enjoy. :P Make sure to come join us and say high! Absolutely brilliant and friendly https://www.twitch.tv/getcreativenation 


    (I did this for my own purpose. I was not requested nor did the streamer have any intentions of asking) 

  21. Are you being cheeky and teasing us with stuff again? :troll: 

  22. Just found out that my local maccies had 2 boys beating up a defenseless manager. No one in the restaurant even bothered to help and the dad of the 2 boys were just standing there watching. Absolute appalling behavior from people in my town :angry:   

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    2. AloneWolf.


      those who do the bullying Complain :unsure::o

    3. KGT l Andy l TM

      KGT l Andy l TM

      People in this world man. People don't have the respect for people who try to make a living. Really aannoys me man!

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The father was just watching it? What a great parent that one is, huh? Now you know who those kids learned to do that, from. :\

  23. No, go away. Shoo 

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    2. Smalley




      Promoted on my birthday :truestory: 



      ye but dont do anything


      apart from make EDM rubbish

    4. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      Oi Smalley, what you doing on my page boi, shoo, shoo, shoo 

  24. @SgtBreadStick Work hard and stopped getting banned.
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