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  1. Hello there. Just some minutes ago, I was driving peacefully on a highway when I started noticing that something wrong was happening ahead. Before I could react, a troll driving a Scout Pilot car came towards me, driving wrong way and rammed my truck heads-on. So, because of what I saw in the aftermath, I decided to create this topic. 1 - As soon as I could, I started my truck (it had been badly damaged), turned on the emergency lights and drove away from the road into the emergency lane. 2 - Once I was sure that the way was free, I stopped, hit 0 to enable the free cam and immediately after that, F1 to enter Pause Mode. 3 - Using free cam, I was able to get some good video evidence of these 2 trolls wreking havoc on that stretch of the highway, so I'd be able to send a web report later on. 4 - If once you are stopped at a safe place and if you see that the trolls won't move, you can simply open the chat, send /disconnect to leave the server, drive away for 5-6 minutes, then stop again, go to the menu, Exit - Launchpad and join the server again. Good things about this: 1 - If you go into freecam before hitting F1, you can move freely, so you can get better views, close images of the trolls' names, TMP ids (if you have them enabled to be shown by the name) and so on. 2 - You can still use the chat, so you can warn other players about the issue. Just don't engage with the trolls, no matter if they speak to you. Unless you want to mock them a bit 3 - With just sending /p or /pinfo <id> in the chat, you don't send any messages to others but you "reset" the 10 minutes AFK timer. Best of all: - When you are in Pause Mode, the trolls can't damage your vehicle, they can't even move it. You can get some laughs at them, seeing their cars bounce away when they hit your truck Hoping that a lot of people will see this and try it out. Lots of trolls would leave the game if everyone knew this, their "job" would become old and boring pretty soon.
  2. And what's you wheel's rotation angle? Those steering and non-linearity settings work as a charm for me with a 900 degrees Logitech wheel, but if the wheel has less than that, you'll need to tweak those values. Additionally, you can set the game's wheel animation to match the rotation of your hardware one in Options - Gameplay - Truck Settings "Steering animation range".
  3. I do have a driver's B license, it allows the user to drive cars up to 3500 Kg and hook an up to 750 Kg trailer, motorcycles, tricycles or quads limited to 125 cc engines with up to 11 Kw power. Also, some other construction or agriculture machinery, as long as they can't exceed 40 Km/h. It didn't really give me any advantage for the game, but only because I didn't get it until a couple of years ago and by that time, I already had a lot of hours in ETS2. It could be said that ETS2 helped me get the real driver's license easier...
  4. ^^^ And if they can't reach enough speed to overtake safely because of the speed limit, why did they even try? The speed limit is not to blame, but the driver who didn't take it into account.
  5. I can't say about that specific road. In Spain, you can't drive on a highway if your vehicle can't keep at least 60 Km/h. On other roads, it's 50% of the posted limit, so the minimum in an 80 Km/h limited road would be 40 Km/h. This 50% minimums are not "hard coded" though, it's more of a recommendation than a rule. To know about the C-D road you'd need to go through the traffic laws in France, Netherlands and Germany, IIRC, to see what they say (or if they say anything) about minimum speeds.
  6. You need to make your games and game time public, it seems that you have checked the "Always keep my total playtime private...". It has to be like this:
  7. I doubt that it's so easy to have a server where no one can report others. If it were, the freeroam ones opened for the past years Anniversaries could have stayed open a lot longer, even permanently. But I honestly have no idea, so only the developers would be able to tell for sure. No one in my family, friends or even acquaintances play ETS2 or ATS. Even with 64 players in a server, the only good things I'd get is the NPC traffic and the option to use mods (and only those allowed by the server's host). Which is the same that I get playing solo, with the added bonus that it's I who chooses what mods to use. Convoy mode has zero appeal to me.
  8. I drive mostly on DLC areas, TruckersMP has always felt pretty empty to me, but I never cared, so I don't see why I should start caring now. Seeing other players only from time to time is enough for me. And a lot better than seeing a constant flow of "Idiots on the road" at 150 Km/h or faster destroying my cargo. In case you didn't know, TruckersMP has the option to show the players TMPid right besides the name, so there's no need for /pinfo anymore. There's also the TAB window, you can click on the player, hit Report and all info will appear in your screen, the website's "Search" feature and the log_spawning in all players' files. I've reported hundreds of people with video evidence and I don't remember using /pinfo more than a couple of times.
  9. I'm not saying that nothing should change. But changing for the worse, IMO, is not the way to go. It's been explained lots of times why high speed+collisions is worse than the current situation. The alternating-vehicles were added. Soon enough, there will be the new DBus World mode in TruckersMP. Massive events are carried out quite often. The addition of NPC traffic has been already tested and AFAIK is still being worked into, so that's another possibility that we may see in the future. EDIT: Server-Sided economy and profiles is something that has been mentioned too. The problem is that there's not so much that can be added to such specific games as the ones we have here. NPC traffic and mods are the only plus that I see Convoy has over TMP, but only because it's a lot easier to have the traffic and the mods synchronized among 8 players than among 4000. The other "bonuses" would be the "no speed limits" and the "no rules", but I wouldn't want those in TruckersMP anyway, so... About your last comment... I'd say that the TMP team has clearly stated, many times, that they prefer less players behaving than more players wreaking havoc in the servers. It's them who define the mod, not the number of players, if they decided to have a simulation-oriented mod, players have to accept that, or leave. It would seem that the number of players who accepted this is enough for the team.
  10. I don't see the difference between TruckersMP and a "Community ran" Convoy mode server with dozens or hundreds of players. Sooner rather than later, that server would need to have rules, same as TruckersMP, sooner rather than later they'd find their teams overwhelmed with reports, complaints from banned people, appeals, etc. Most likely, sooner rather than later that server would become limited in ways that many players would not like. So it would become nothing other than a copy of TruckersMP ran by a different team, with mods and AI, true, but also with a lot less players. About the competition and how it affected TruckersMP, that's something that can't be changed by TMP. Convoy mode is a thing already and unless SCS decided to remove it, there will always be people who will rather use this mode instead of TruckersMP, no matter what TMP does on their side. I can't believe that players who left TMP because they wanted a peaceful convoy with their friends, modded trucks and AI traffic would come back only because TMP made a server where they can do 150 or 200 Km/h instead of 110 Km/h. Finally, the thing about the Arcade servers is that making them collisions-enabled would not only affect YOU. It would affect everyone who use them and the team that has to moderate it. You may want only the speed, but you can't avoid the insane increase in crashes that you or others would cause because of speeding. And the insane increase in reports, bans, appeals... Believe it or not, there are people who want to drive at insane speeds and crash into others. It's not because of YOU that the Arcade servers have no collisions, it's about everyone. Both the players and the Game Moderation Team. Will this mean the end of TruckersMP? I don't believe so, but I can be wrong. If that day comes, well, we will still have single player and the Convoy mode if we want to keep playing, by ourselves or with others. The game existed before TruckersMP and will keep existing if TruckersMP disappears. It's how life works. Simulation at its best.
  11. @Maxim. [FR] I don't either. But there seem to be many people who do, otherwise, why would they need the ability to collide against others if all they wanted is to drive faster than the servers' speed limits? That's why I mentioned the "missing category".
  12. You forgot one category: - Collision enabled Arcade, for players who want to drive as fast as they want but still be able to destroy others. Which is exactly what this topic and many others before (and surely many others in the future) is asking for.
  13. Nowhere. There have been vans as alternating-vehicles in the past and there's a chance that they will be available again in the future but that's all. Besides this, some staff members can use exclusive AI drivable vehicles that are not available to "regular" users. These vehicles could be emergency vans, the escort vans from the Special Transports DLC, different models of cars, etc.
  14. I'd recommend the same thing to anyone who wants to have a peaceful game experience, no matter what truck they decide to use, for a very simple reason: It's where most of the trolls and the "Idiots on the road" are every single day.
  15. Problem I see, too many people seem to be allergic to reading. So they won't even notice the highlighted sentence in the Winter mods KB about "It's your responsibility if you decide to use the physics add-on". And those people seem to believe that since TMP "authorized" to use the Winter physics, crashing because of them should have no consequences. "Sorry, winter mod" is the stupidest tag anyone can use. If you feel sorry for having the winter mod, remove it. Simple as that.
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