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  1. You can't do that. You created a new Steam account to evade the ban that you have been given in your first Steam account. You need to buy the game and all DLC you want in your new Steam account, even if you have them in the old one. And if you use this new account while you are banned in your previous one, both will be permanently banned, so my advice is that you forget about this new account and wait for the ban to expire, so you will be able to play TruckersMP again with the account where your game and the DLC are.
  2. I've seen people crash into my truck and say "sorry". A moment later, they crashed into the truck ahead of mine and said "sorry". And so on... There are people who seem to think that saying "sorry" is good enough to avoid being reported or banned even when they are driving like lunatics and crashing everyone in their way, that's why "sorry" has come to mean nothing in TruckersMP for many people. Sure, some players are honest when they say it, but it can never be taken as an excuse to remove or shorten a ban. It's always better to drive safely so there's no need to say sorry. Even with the "lag" cases, they are quite easy to avoid, someone is lagging, keep a longer safety distance.
  3. Yo no soy un experto, pero sé que hay un modo de convertir accesorios que no existen en el juego base ni en DLC en "locales" para que sean usados y funcionen en TruckersMP, simplemente, otros jugadores no podrán verlos, solo el jugador que los está usando. Al no ser un experto, yo no podré usar estas cosas, pero eso no significa que otros tampoco puedan. Este tipo de "local add-ons" está totalmente permitido en TMP y mucha gente los usa. Tus experiencias con reportes o feedbacks no tienen absolutamente nada que ver con lo que se está discutiendo en este tópico, así que no veo a qué viene mencionar eso aquí. De lo que se trata, cuando alguien plantea un problema o una pregunta, es de dar soluciones o respuestas. Si solo hubieras dado tus respuestas, no habría pasado nada, no todo el mundo puede estar al tanto de todo, siempre habrá cosas que uno sepa y cosas que no. Lo que no es de recibo es venir como si solo uno mismo sabe de lo que habla y los demás son unos ignorantes. Incluso aunque fuera cierto, que no es el caso, evidentemente.
  4. No necesariamente. En años anteriores, el mod de nieve de Grimes solo funcionaba en TruckersMP como "Frosty Winter" y con el add-on "Heavy Winter", las famosas "Winter physics" no estaban soportadas y por lo tanto, lo único que cambiaba al usar el mod era el aspecto del juego, el manejo de los vehículos era el mismo que sería con lluvia. No puedo asegurarlo, pero imagino que precisamente el hecho de que tanta gente decidiera usar las físicas modificadas para hacer el idiota fue lo que provocó que el staff decidiera que es mejor que no se puedan usar en TMP. Tampoco puedo asegurarlo, pero imagino que este año será igual, quizá se permita el uso del "Winter Physics" en ATS, ya que no hay apenas gente jugando en los servidores, o en cualquiera de los servidores Arcade, ya que no hay opción de colisiones, pero apostaría a que no habrá "NFS Drift" en los servidores Simulation de ETS2.
  5. Cuando alguien pregunta por "mods" para personalizar "más a fondo" los camiones, cualquiera que vaya a responder lo hará respecto a "mods", no a DLCs. Porque no es algo que no exista, es algo comúnmente usado por muchos jugadores. Existen mods que permiten personalizar los camiones más a fondo que cualquier DLC, así que las respuestas anteriores de Rubenxuuu o de Antonio son perfectamente válidas. Los accesorios de cualquier DLC son visibles para todos los demás jugadores, tengan o no los mismos DLC, desde la versión 1.42. A veces pretender ser un experto e intentar dejar mal a los demás solo hace que uno quede en ridículo.
  6. No hay forma de asegurarlo, porque depende de SCS, de TMP y de Grimes (el creador del Mod). Podría suceder que SCS lance la versión 1.43 pronto, entonces TMP tendría que actualizar para soportar esa versión, lo mismo sucede con los mods estacionales de Grimes. Pero tal como dice Rubenxuuu, lo más probable es que sí haya de nuevo mod de "Frosty Winter" y "Heavy Winter" este año, alrededor del 20-22 de Diciembre (a menos que surjan problemas como los mencionados antes).
  7. There's no such thing as "basic rule of law" here, there's "TruckersMP rules". Those are the basics of the law in the mod, if you don't like them, you can always suggest changes using the appropriate channels. Regarding the second point, there are not enough "higher ranking admins" to review appeals. Right now, it's set that the GM team has up to 3 days to give an answer to an appeal, if only high rank staff could do it, it would be 3 weeks instead of 3 days. That's also why there's the chance to use the feedback system if a banned player disagrees with their appeal's outcome, they can ask that one of the higher ranks in the GM team reviews it.
  8. I'd say that it may be difficult for very young players, but any grown-ups have driven or traveled by car many times in their lives, they know the basic traffic rules. I certainly knew them long before I got my driver's license. Using common sense and realising that these are not games meant to drive as fast as possible but to drive as relaxed and safely as possible should be enough to avoid any possible punishments, even if one hasn't read the rules. Of course, reading and understanding the rules should be the first thing to do for anyone joining TruckersMP, but... It would seem that it's too much to ask for too many people, sadly. That's why we see so many "I was banned for no reason" "I was unfairly banned". Not because there was no reason or because the ban was unfair, but because many players don't understand that they actually broke some rule. EDIT: Of course, some of the rules can be hard to understand, that's when these forums, Discord's Support channel, the support or feedback tickets come handy. Any questions or doubts can be asked freely, to be sure of what you can do or not BEFORE it's too late.
  9. I've also suggested (kind of) something like this in the past, the requirement to have a certain number of World of Trucks jobs before joining TMP, if only because players can't skip that by going AFK (as happens with the 2 hours requirement) and because they'd start with a experience in driving at limited speed of 90 Km/h (or 65 mph in ATS). It can sound useless, but I've read of people who used to drive full speed, started doing WoTr jobs and found out that keeping "low" speeds makes the game more enjoyable. But no matter what requirements were set, I don't think that the Simulation servers' speed limit should be raised. Whoever wants to drive faster can use the Arcade ones. And if the idea is that "good drivers" should be allowed to go faster... Well, good drivers shouldn't need to worry about having no-collisions everywhere, because they'd always try to avoid all kinds of collisions, being good drivers and all. BTW, really good drivers wouldn't speed in these games, IMO, since there's no need and it's nothing like what the games are about.
  10. Bad management is being banned 5 times in less than one year.
  11. It's true that I didn't use EU#1 server so much and it's true that it was because it had too few players, making it almost the same as using single player with disabled NPC traffic. That doesn't mean that I'd enjoy playing will all NFS fans in EU#2 and the reason why I stopped using TMP altogether at one point. Didn't like EU#1 server for a reason, didn't like EU#2 server for a different reason, so I decided to stop using them. It shouldn't sound too weird though. We both agree that "many" people left TMP after RTS because they didn't like Sim servers for the lower speed limits and didn't like Arcade servers for the lack of collisions. However, I didn't open some poll or started opening threads one week after the other, asking for TMP to change things. I sent a suggestion, using the appropriate section in the forums. I suggested some changes, gave the reasons why I thought that the change would be for the better. Funny thing, it suggested almost exactly the same changes that Road to Simulation brought some time later. I'd say that TMP staff agreed with me on that. And since the changes have remained so far, I'd say that TMP staff still believes that they were for the better. I know that there have been lots of other suggestions since, to remove RTS and go back to things as they were before, but they have all been rejected. Most, because no one would give a valid reason as to how this would improve TMP. BTW, your only reason for this, as of now, is that it would bring back some players so the servers would be more crowded. But this alleged improvement would also bring a clear counterpart: The amount of reports, bans, appeals, would go again off the charts. Which is probably why TMP refuses to go back. But hey, the suggestions section still exists and if mine was accepted then, maybe a completely opposite one could be accepted now if it's seen as an improvement. As a final note, TMP didn't lose half (-ish) of its players because RTS was implemented. In fact, the biggest numbers ever seen in TMP's servers are from times AFTER the RTS was implemented. TMP lost half (-ish) of its players when SCS released an alternative MP mode. It would have been the same if RTS had never happened. Because in the alternative there are things that have never been (and most likely will never be) in TMP, like the NPC traffic, the mods, the chance to play without speed limits AND collisions, without rules, without bans, without trolls... When people have only one option, they can only use that. When people have two options, it's only natural that they split. Some will only use one, some will only use the other, some will use both.
  12. Most people lean towards the simulation aspect of the game and a poll is won by those who lean towards the NO simulation aspect of the game? This doesn't make a lot of sense. It's like making a poll about dinner among 100 people, most of them like meat and dislike fish and the result of the poll is that 75% of the voters want fish for dinner? I'd say that this is a huge red flag for the poll. Well, maybe the idea after Road to Simulation was precisely to get rid of those people. Who'd want them back in the servers? Not me, certainly, and I'm pretty sure that most of the GM team would agree. Bringing back the infamous "good old awesome EU#2" server could bring some players back. But it would certainly make some other players leave again. I had been away from TMP for months before Road to Simulation became a thing, because I was sick of starting 4-5 WoTr jobs and being unable to finish a single one of them without being rammed by 150 Km/h "Idiots on the road". Anyway, only time will tell. Maybe TMP will bring back the old times when some players can drive their Scout tanks at 300 Km/h, their Volvos or Scanias at 180 Km/h, some other players will leave out of desperation. Or maybe TMP will decide to just shut the whole project down. All we can do is enjoy what we like for as long as we have it. Nothing lasts forever.
  13. Wow! 1000 hundred players voted! That's not even 50% of the players using ONE server in TruckersMP now, so imagine what the ratio was when TMP was at peak with more than 17000 players... Less than 6% of the player base. Less than 6% of the community. There have been multiple discussions, poll attempts, yes, and they all led to the same thing: Nothing. Because they mean nothing. The only way for a poll to be meaningful would be to give ALL players the chance to submit their vote and that's simply impossible, because most of the player base doesn't use the forums or other information tools. Many don't even read the rules... The moon cycle could be a reason too for the player base to be lower, now that I think of it. Or the pandemic situation being a lot more under control than before, with people going back to school, to work. Or the amount of people that don't try to ban-evade now that they can use Convoy mode. And of course, the speed limits can have made many players to switch to Convoy mode. Good for them and good for those who'd rather stay in a real multi player environment where the key word is included in the games' names: "Simulator". At last, the racers have their own MP mode without rules, without people that will report them, they should be happy. At last, the rest of us have a lot less racers in the TMP servers, less idiots that will ram us at full speed, we should be happy. So... Everyone should be happy! The only way that the Convoy mode can take over TruckersMP would be, IMO, if they made 2000 (or more) players servers. Now, can you really imagine a 2000 players server without rules? That would be really funny to see. Imagine the amount of trolls that would love to have a no-speed limits server full of unknown people to destroy. It wouldn't even be GTA, it would be Wreckfest. Also, imagine synchronising the NPC traffic for 2000 players. Imagine synchronising mods among ALL 2000 players. So let's imagine that SCS decided to try. They'd open a 2000 players capacity server. But they'd face 2 possibilities: Leave the server 100% "Wild West" style or set rules. "Wild West" would mean Wreckfest and trolls paradise. Rules would mean that a team of people would need to be appointed to enforce those rules. Sooner rather than later, the server would become unplayable or a clone of what TruckersMP is now. If that's the future that so many people want... I'd rather stay with TruckersMP. "Better the devil you know..." EDIT: I realised just now that I've gone quite off-topic. In my defense, I can only say that I agree to all points in the OP so my replies were only meant as my own opinion against the one disagreement that was posted.
  14. I find it funny how one person speaks so easily about what the "community" wants or doesn't want. How some people believe that everyone who switched to the Convoy mode did it because they couldn't bear TruckersMP staff and rules anymore. Maybe many of these people who decided to leave TMP and play Convoy mode did it because they couldn't bear the amount of "Idiots on the road" in TruckersMP that are only happy when they can drive in GTA mode, full speed and crashing everything in their way. For some odd reasons, none of the "unhappy" TMP players seem to even consider that possibility. Many people have stopped using TMP, that's true, but stating that they did it because of the "Road to Simulation" changes is simply... I won't say it, don't want to be banned. Out of those many people, there are surely some that left because they had no other choice (like, permanently banned), some left because they'd rather play with a bunch of friends instead of a lot of unknown people with so many trolls among them, some left because they can use mods in Convoy that they can't use in TMP. Notice that I say "Many people", "some of them", not "The community". I'm free to speculate, so I do it, but I can't speak on behalf of all of TruckersMP players, so unlike others, I don't do it.
  15. Si no te vas a molestar en leer e intentar comprender lo que lees, no hay debate posible. Primero, sé perfectamente cuáles son las diferencias entre los servidores de Simulación y los de Arcade. Si te mueves en los de arcade es porque quieres evitar los límites de velocidad de los Simulation o porque quieres conducir sin miedo a las colisiones con otros jugadores. En cualquiera de esos casos, se demuestra que lo de simular no es para ti, porque no te apetece o porque te has dado cuenta de que no vales para ello. Manejar en la vida real no tiene nada que ver con manejar en el juego, según tú, y yo estoy de acuerdo. Por eso digo que ser buen conductor en la vida real no implica que lo seas en el juego, o vice versa. Yo conduzco en la vida real, aunque no sean camiones, y lo hago igual que en el juego, respetando las normas de tráfico en la vida real, respetando las normas de tráfico y las de TruckersMP en el juego. Que tampoco es complicado, basta con usar el sentido común y evitas accidentes y/o multas/baneos. Los errores en los juegos no son aceptados si van contra las normas del juego, especialmente cuando son multi-jugador. Simplemente no tienen consecuencias "físicas" como los errores cometidos en la vida real. Personalmente, nunca he conducido un camión en la vida real. Pero personalmente, no tengo ningún baneo en TruckersMP después de 7 años, miles de horas jugadas, millones de Km conducidos. Cosa que no se puede decir de ti. Así que mucho blablabla de manejar en la vida real, mucho blablabla de "soy mejor jugador que ustedes", pero blablabla no es más que aire. Las verdades se demuestran con hechos, no con palabras. Dos baneos activos: Hechos. Soy mejor jugador: Palabras.
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