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  1. @Granite [SVK]@Verano.I can understand that some players like to challenge difficult things and enjoy doing it, but ask them to be active when there are fewer people on this road. Therefore, my suggestion is not to ban it completely, but to prohibit it according to the time of day and road conditions.
  2. Suggestion Name:Solve the congestion problem at the Kirkenes quarry Suggestion Description:When the Kirkenes quarry road player has a large number of players, players should be forbidden to pull a locomotive weighing 61T Any example images: Why should it be added?: when there are players pulling a 61T locomotive, the roads tend to become more congested, with slow traffic speeds and increased travel times. Especially when going uphill, they take 5 or even 10 times longer than the average player.
  3. 其他国家的人也可以查看它,只是定义较低
  4. @partyapWhat I mean is that when Chinese players choose to upload to bilibili, the language is selected in Chinese, and the Chinese administrator will conduct professional review. We generally have an account of bilibili, if not, it is more convenient to register. As far as reported users are concerned, they know better than anyone else what happened and rely less on the ID of TMP.
  5. @泰坦尼克号4Thank you very much. Although it is a little slow, I have registered an account, but I can't download the app without Google on my phone. I will try it on my computer tomorrow, I hope everything goes well!
  6. Perhaps we can have more Chinese players review, and choose Chinese language when reporting, after all, the number of Chinese players is very large.
  7. I got a ban that starts on January 10th and ends on January 17th. But I was driving a truck in the real world the other day, and when I tried to look at the evidence today, it had been deleted. According to the regulations, evidence should be visible for no less than three months and needs to remain visible for one month after the ban is lifted. It is clear that the person who reported me has violated the law, but my ban has also ended. How do I review the evidence and appeal his violation?
  8. Suggestion Name: Add or modify voice input keys Suggestion Description:Don't just support X on the keyboard to speak.There are two speaking buttons that can be set in the SCS game settings, and Xbox controllers are supported.Alternatively, we can add a new option to customize the key to speak in the TAB settings. Any example images: Why should it be added?:Because I move away from the keyboard when I use the Xbox controller, it is inconvenient for timely voice communication.
  9. Hello everyone, I am a Chinese player who has just played for a month, my English is very poor, I need translation software to help me when typing, if there is any inaccuracy in the expression, please forgive me. I can speak with my voice through keyboard X,but when I use the joystick and set the keys, I can't use the joystick to speak. I think we should be able to plug in the secondary keys of the button in the SCS game settings, or add a new key to speak in the TAB settings. The reason is that when I play games with a controller, I usually stay away from the keyboard, which is not very convenient for voice communication in a timely manner. Thank you for reading.
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