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  1. Good Night ^_^


    PS. Don't forget about Krone DLC Giveaway :P https://discord.gg/BHaZkfG



  2. @NeonLeon's Forum Banner

    You need a forum banner?

    Feel free to reply here and I'll choose randomly one person whose name I think will fit better for my banner idea.


  3. Best-Happy-New-Year-2019-Images.png


    I wish you all an amazing new year 2019! :wub:

  4. Little drive with @KIKI_ again. Lovely as ever in his wee-woo car! :) <3


  5. New video!!!!!


  6. FDBD40F2453B5D841869ECBFF27EB48F2244D8BB
    @Endy_, @K0rnholio, @Matt #CarLadMatt, @NeOn, @MattTM and @lethal(unable to tag user)

    Had an amazing drive with my peeps <3 @NeOn, @MattTM, @Endy_, and @K0rnholio

  7. Thank you for following me. Followed back.:)

  8. "8958 - Content post" You've been on the same numbers forever.  When are you going to hit 9k?:kappa:

  9. So, finally, after a full day of, lag, random restarts, people calling round, steering wheels malfunctioning and trolls being trolls, we got to the final destination. 

    Merry Christmas @KIKI_, was a lovely drive and couldn't have asked for anyone better to have my first Christmas drive with. <3


    To everyone else, have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays!



  10. Nice drive with @Joe_ tonight! Been so long since we've been able to sit down and have a drive like this :D 




  11. unknown.png
    Okay, so I decided to make a Prime Christmas logo and here's what I've done. :wub:

  12. unknown.png
    Okay, so I decided to make a Prime Christmas logo and here's what I've done. :wub:

  13. Christmas is so close :rolleyes:

    goodnight :wub: 



  14. Finish my 12 on the American side, time for some more Christmas presents, back in Europe now 



  15. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.



  16. Hey everyone!

    Yesterday during my stream, we tried some map modding, today, we will try to make something out of what we learned.

    Trying to make an accurate Canada map mod! Come check it out over at https://twitch.tv/tfm_dj_ccowie come say hi and watch as I learn!



  17. Merry Christmas TruckersMP Dear friends


  18.  B67A1E782EDE93A1CE8B858D98C6E8C23E84DDA1
     Prime Logistics: Mini car convoy with @RicoZx | Prime, and @BadDriversOfConnecticut 

    TruckersMP: Mini car convoy with @Ali., @Olioak, @RicoZx | Prime, and @BadDriversOfConnecticut

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