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  1. Harley

    [GAME]Tracking other player's speed

    ^ I agree with your suggestion as a add-on to my suggestion. Thanks.
  2. Harley

    Why you can not drive fast ?

    Thanks for the helpful guide.
  3. Harley

    How did you come up with your username?

    Watching one of those DC movies with Harley Quinn in it.
  4. I miss being so active here :(

    1. [VIVA] picklez

      [VIVA] picklez

      I know that feeling


    2. Harley


      Yes. I have took a long break.. and now I'm back. 

  5. Congratulations 

    1. Tuna_


      Thank you Harley ;)

  6. Hey friend ^^ 

    Wish you happy birthday bro! 

    Enjoy your day:wub:

  7. Happy Birthday my friend !

  8. Is it my birthday already  :)))))

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    2. Silent Death_53

      Silent Death_53

      Happy Birthday!

    3. Linciano


      Happy Birthday :D

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I'm late but Happy Birthday :)

  9. Happy B.day bro :P:wub:

  10. Congratulations 

    1. Savage.


      Thank you Harley!

  11. Harley

    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    I look left and right then go