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  1. Harley

    Anyone else get a speed boost on bumps?

    Honestly, I love the cars but this past 2 weeks, two bugs have been known which was automatically turning right and now it's the speed bumps. I wouldn't drive the cars for while because anyone can report you if you end of crashing. Of course if you are recording you will have luck but for those who are not. I wish you the best luck.
  2. Using discord advertising on TruckersMP - forums, disocrd etc. Will draw attention to the community.
  3. Harley

    Can't open launcher

    Have you tried running TruckersMP as an administrator? • Right click on TruckersMP • Click run as a administrator Have you tried running troubleshoot? • Rght click in TruckersMP • Click troubleshooting Try restarting your router (WiFi)
  4. Harley

    Load my game status on Steam

    World of trucks doesn't sync your money.
  5. Harley

    Load my game status on Steam

    Hello, you can only use the steam account for 1 TruckersMP account which would be the one you used to make your TruckersMP account.
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  7. In my opinion no/yes because you broke the rules. Or if you haven't been banned or broken any rules then yes.
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  9. Thanks for following me. Followed back.

  10. Harley

    Who's Fault?

    Just know it's not your fault or his/her fault. She can't help the fact that her game lags and you can't help the fact he/she lags. If you get reported either way it would be deny.
  11. Thanks for following me.