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  1. Congrats on your new role Smalley! I'm sure you'll be a great GM :)

    1. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley

      Thank you very much Matt! Much appreciated <3

  2. unknown.png

    good convoy

    1. Casi


      Lol .... ye me waiting and 300 Players in Qeue xDD  :D :D

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  3. Krone Trailer Save Edit

    I hope they do, I'm really like them at the moment In regards to the OP: Thanks for the guide
  4. In ETS I'm usually driving in France or Scandinavia and in ATS I'm usually around Los Angeles
  5. Which dlc is your favorite map?

    I like all of them but Scandinavia is definitely the best

    You'd need to get a hell of a lot attention to do that. An example for this is when the C-D was used in the first TMP Real Operations and people liked the road so people decide to carry on on that route. If a country road, like C-D, was used in another TMP event - there is a possibility that it could become popular.
  7. If it's a reasonable price I will definitely purchase it! I can't wait to see the new cities and the new depots.
  8. hello popcorn, how you doing buddy?

  9. Hey this is my entry message so consider myself entered :kappa:
  10. @EHHVTC I Ollie Despite the merge with Atlas, The event will still be going ahead If you have any further questions regarding the event, feel free to respond in here or hit me up on discord @ MattTM#9832
  11. Forum Member and Reputation titles

    I think you should add Professional Driver as a Reputation Title
  12. i enjoyed your stream it was very nice

  13. Congrats on your promotion Horizon :)

    1. [TFM DJ] ccowie

      [TFM DJ] ccowie

      From me too ;)


  14. About time you got GM Leader! Congrats ;)

    1. Nataliia



      Thnx matt :D


  15. Reassign CB Button for Steering Wheel/Controllers

    Thanks for your help K0rnholio! I really appreciate this guide as it has helped me with my CB issue. +1