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  1. Finally got to do my first job for this event, went on at off-peak hours on EU3 so not too much traffic at all
  2. Finally got around to starting the World of Trucks event and hopping in game. Went from Praha to Paris this evening with @K0rnholio and really enjoyed our catchup :D

    Also nice surprise to see @RB1988 and @Jamie R over at Paris at the end as well :love:


    Have a nice night everyone and stay safe!



    1. Thub42


      how long was the queue? looked like it was at least 3hrs on EU3,  and longer on EU2 :wacko:

    2. MattTM


      @Thub42 I am on at 3am at Europe 3 and there was literally 10-15 trucks in a queue lol

      Would be interesting to see it at peak hours though, probably be a nightmare though :P 

    3. Rhys


      Seeing much more Prime drivers! They are growing fast! You've made an awesome VTC Matt.



      Great Photo! :wub:

  3. MattTM

    Why do we drive too fast?

    I feel like this is a valid question to be honest. Some people just like to drive fast as some people don't have time/patience so they go fast or they may find it more exciting. Europe 1 is the ideal place for simulation most of the time though I must also say: a majority of people don't always go 150kph or above the speed limits. I've been on many drives with my VTC and with a few friends where we have just gone the speed limits. When you do that, it's much more of a relaxing experience and enjoyable overall.
  4. Hey guys! Wanted to make this topic to ask how much of the World of Trucks event have you done so far? Unfortunately, I haven't had enough time to make a start. Have you been involved with the traffic in and around Paris as well? If you were, how was your experience? Feel free to use this forum topic to share some of your clips from the event as well Looking forward to your comments!
  5. MattTM

    Times for lighting up.

    Hey there @barmydragon, This is not an issue. This is done on purpose to ensure that all players can see other players on the road and you are given 15 seconds to turn them on. In addition: you have not followed the suggestion format. In this case, I will be moving your topic to the Trash section on the forums. // Moved to Trash
  6. MattTM

    TruckersMP fonds

    Hey there @[ RO ] EdiEduard16YT, As your topic is requesting help, I will be moving it to our Help section on the forums. Thanks! // Moved to Help section
  7. MattTM

    Thoughts on American Truck Simulator

    I bought American Truck Simulator on 4th July 2016 (coincidentally), just 2 months after I originally bought ETS2. I remember it was always in my steam library but I never played it as much as ETS2. One day I decided I'll give it a shot and see how it is. I must say, I really liked it. Playing around 100 hours of ETS2 and being used to that style then moving to a game like ATS was really strange but I liked it. Nowadays, I don't play ATS as often however it's always nice to hop over into ATS to have the same feeling as ETS2 but a whole different experience. I prefer the trucks in ATS as I feel like they are much easier to control and I honestly think they look nice compared to the trucks in ETS2, which seem blocky. It's a shame that ETS2 is more of a priority than ATS however ATS is still getting constant development and I'm really enjoying it. The DLCs also are excellent, you can see SCS have put time and effort into the game. If you have around 15-20 pounds/dollar laying around and you don't already own the game, you should definitely buy it! In addition: it's a lot more fun in multiplayer
  8. Hey boss :-)

    1. MattTM


      Hey Hype, hope you're well tonight :)

    2. HypeGR


      Now you replied lol.

  9. MattTM

    Share Your Real Ops V6 Pictures!

    I also have a time lapse of my operation and will be uploading it soon
  10. Thanks for the fun drive tonight guys :love: 

    @IethaI @JeffSFC @K0rnholio @TeamDeer 


  11. MattTM

    How Do You Become An Admin

    Hey there @LUCASAGRI667YT, As your topic is a question, I will be moving it to the Help section as it is suited better there. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to Private Message me. // Moved to Help section
  12. MattTM

    1 free game for new users! take the game you want!

    Hey there @Happy Trucking ETS2, As this isn't directly linked to TruckersMP or ATS/ETS2, I will be moving your topic to Off Topic Discussion as the topic would be better suited there. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to Private Message me // Moved to Off Topic Discussion
  13. MattTM


    // Locked and moved to Archive.