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  1. Good morning TruckersMP!

    Hope you all have a good day, whether you're going outside in real life or in game :D


  2. MattTM

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  3. MattTM

    Road to Simulation

    I do respect your comment mate and feel free to drop me a DM if you wish. The double trailer restriction zone has been removed so you can use double trailers anywhere in the map
  4. MattTM

    Road to Simulation

    If the managers saw no problem with what the member of staff did, that's their decision and at the end of the day: we must respect this. And I'm sure Game Moderators are working on sorting out the initial issues as it is still very much early days for these changes. If you would like to discuss more about your feedback situation, feel free to contact me in a Direct Message as this forum topic isn't the place to chat about it
  5. MattTM

    Road to Simulation

    The feedback system does work. I can assure you that no replies would be deleted
  6. MattTM

    Road to Simulation

    Hiya guys. I understand some of you are not happy about this change however I must remind you of two things. 1. Please remain civil in this forum topic. Some content that is being posted is not allowed - if you are unsure of what is allowed to be posted you can check at https://truckersmp.com/rules. 2. As said in the Original Post/Blog Post, if you do not agree with these changes and you can submit a feedback ticket to Game Moderation Management or Project Management and they will respond as soon as they can. You can submit a feedback ticket here - https://truckersmp.com/feedback
  7. Hey @galaxy_nzl, I'm sorry to see you're having some issues Let's try sort this out! Either send me a forum DM or contact me on discord: Matt#8038 Hope to be in contact soon mate
  8. Sad to see you leave the team my friend and ex-colleague :(

    Best of luck for the future <3  

  9. @Vantage Thanks very much Vantage! I'll have to take a look at that later on
  10. MattTM

    Do you have a high beam at night?

    During the night when it is pitch black, I do use my full beams as sometimes I can not see anything in front of me without the lights
  11. This coming October, Prime Logistics is celebrating their 1 year anniversary by hosting a truckfest and convoy! We will be holding a truckfest and convoy on October 12th 2019, with awards to be won by both VTCs and attendees. The event will begin with a truckfest at 5PM BST, followed by a convoy at 6PM BST. We invite all VTCs & public trucks to come and attend our Truckfest where there will be reserved slots for VTCs and a slot for Public Parking. For our convoy, we will be starting by the White Cliffs of Dover. We will pass by some of the famous cities of the United Kingdom whilst we head north. On the route, we will be going through the infamous M25 around London. Heading north, we will pass through Wales and into the highlands of Scotland where we will end our destination at Glasgow, Quarry. Interested? You can find all the information you need below! Details Event Type: Truckfest + Convoy Date: Saturday 12th October 2019 Truckfest Start: 5pm BST / 12pm ET Convoy Start: 6pm BST / 1pm ET Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC: N/A Schedule Truckfest Start: 5pm Truckfest Judging: 5.10pm Truckfest Winners: 5.30pm Collect Trailers: 5.40pm Convoy Start: 6pm Truckfest Location: Dover, Sea Port Truckfest Slots: Coming Soon! Awards Best VTC Paint Job Best VTC Parking Formation Best VTC Attendance Best Public Truck Convoy Start Location: Dover, Sea Port End Location: Glasgow, Quarry Route Map: Event Rules Coming soon! Important Information Discord: https://discord.gg/maAbz2Z Convoy Route: https://imgur.com/a/htqveID Truckfest Parking: Coming Soon! VTC Parking Slot Request: Coming Soon! MattTM's Discord: Matt#8038
  12. MattTM

    VTC Recruitment

    Of course, I can! For Simulator Radio, I contacted RadioJay (Owner of Simulator Radio) on Discord regarding on-air advertisements. His discord name & tag is RadioJay#3258. For TruckersFM, we support them through their Patreon however it is sold out at this moment in time. Hope this helps
  13. MattTM

    VTC Recruitment

    As the VTC owner of Prime Logistics, we started our advertising our VTC by asking a few friends if they wanted to join. Then more people joined by word of mouth until we had a small sized community. Then we posted a forum advertisement. This is still one of our biggest advertisements. We also bought a TruckersFM and Simulator Radio advertisement to further push out our name. And that's how we have grown so far
  14. After a busy week, it was really nice driving with the Prime lot tonight at the FreightFM Opening Convoy!

    Lots of fun and looking forward to the next one :D 


    1. Encrypted_


      Great photo <3 

    2. MattTM


      Cheers @Encrypted_

      I didn't think it came out that great tbh xD

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  15. MattTM

    voice navigation

    Hello 残灯孤影, Thank you for making a suggestion! As this feature was created by SCS Software, this suggestion is not useful for us. However, you can pass your comments onto SCS on their forum You can find the SCS Software forum regarding the Open Beta here: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&amp;t=271284 Thanks once again and happy trucking // Moved to "Rejected -> For SCS Software"