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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the 11th November 1918, World War I ended. It has been a tradition from 1919 to observe the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This observation is to recall the end of the World War and remember the members of the armed forces who died for their country during World War I. Most Brits feel this to be an important event in the year so we have decided to run an event to visit some of the places that were majorly affected in World War I. We have decided to make this a charity event and the charity in question is The Royal British Legion. The Royal British Legion is a charity that help members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, War Veterans and their families all year round. They campaign to improve their lives, organise the Poppy Appeal and remember the fallen. By supporting this event, you are not just trucking with members of the community - you are remembering the fallen and supporting an amazing cause. So what’s the details? You can find all the relevant information on the event below: Server: Event Server (TBC) Route 1 Starting Location: Warszawa, Stokes Route 1 Destination: Frankfurt am Main, WGCC Route 2 Starting Location: Frankfurt am Main, WGCC Route 2 Destination: Dover, Sea Port Truckfest Location: Dover, Sea Port DLC: Going East! (Route 1 Only) Schedule (Times all in GMT) 10.00am - Event Staff will be present 10.45am - Advised Arrival Time 11.00am - 2 minute silence 11.05am - Prepare for Route 1 11.20am - Route 1 Departure 1.00pm - Route 1 Estimated Arrival 1.30pm - Route 2 Departure 2.50pm - Route 2 Estimated Arrival 3.15pm - Truckfest Start 4.00pm - End of Event Event Rules To Be Confirmed Important Links Donation Page: Discord: Route 1 Map: Route 2 Map: Truckfest Map: VTC Booking: ETS2C: If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Matt#8038 / _Ben_#6406 / Encrypted_Data0#1692 on Discord. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for viewing this event and hope to see you there
  2. Atlas Bi-Weekly Convoy Sign up: Convoy Details: ★ START: Kiel, Stokes ★ FINISH: Praha, TradeAux ★ DATE: 13th August ★ TIME: 18:00 BST ★ SERVER: EU3 ★ DLC NEEDED: N/A Route: ★ Full Route: Notes: ★Follow the TMP Rules! Found at ★We allow Heavy Haul trailers, we do ask you keep others in mind when picking the trailer. ★There will be NO Fuel stops or Breaks. So, fill up, Repair and Sleep before the convoy. ★Please keep a minimum distance at 60Metres from the truck in front! ★Please don't overtake!! It's a convoy, not a race... Information: ★ Atlas Gaming Website: ★ VTC Website: ★ Discord: ★ Twitter: ★ Twitch:
  3. Hey Jollis, I hope this event goes well - unfortunately I was unable to attend the last one as I was in Wales. Hopefully I can attend this one as it looks like a good one!
  4. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    I prefer to listen to my spotify but sometimes (very rarely) I'll listen to TruckersFM. Especially when @TFM DJ ccowie is on air
  5. How many miles do you have on your truck?

    My MAN truck (the one I use the most) has around 50,000 miles My MAN/Merc VTD truck has around 36,000 miles However my profile has around 250,000 km
  6. ATS or ETS ? What do you perfer ? :)

    As most people have said above, I prefer ETS2 because there is a bigger playerbase and six different type of trucks compared to the two type of trucks on ATS.
  7. Thanks everyone for watching my stream - was some good fun :lol:


  8. Good night TruckersMP


  9. 12629.png

    hello to you too :) 

  10. hello, MATT. 

    I would just like to request that you dont give me any BS about being on holiday MATT because TMP is TMP and I like to capitalise TMP, MATT, JOE and MUCH.

    that would be MUCH appreciated.




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      Excuse me MATT but please don't display our sexual relationship via the TMP status updates, MATT.


      many thanks,

      JOE. [The DMTL + DM of ATLAS]

    3. MattTM


      OKAY joe i WiLL not in FUTURE bye BYE





    4. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Too far! :troll:

  11. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    Agreed, it's time to lock it imo
  12. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    This is a forum post, we're having a discussion about it.
  13. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    Well it's become a public matter now because of the community having a row about it (as you can see in this forum post)
  14. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    I agree, this is going nowhere and the decision is not going to be changed.
  15. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    I believe is was a glitch as scout cars are buggy af (i know they are been revamped) but by the rules it should still be a perma ban. Like I said before, due to the circumstances he's been unbanned. You need to put the context in the situation.