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  1. MartyTheTrucker

    How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I have buttons on my wheel mapped for looking left and right. I have ones that instantly look in that direction, and ones which gradually move my view in either directions. I hate having UI elements while I drive.
  2. MartyTheTrucker

    [SCS Blog] Big Monday Coming

    1000+ hours of ETS2 will finally pay off
  3. MartyTheTrucker

    At what age did you drive first time car?

    When I was 15 I drove my father's car along a fairly straight dirt road. I got up to 60 km/h! But it's an automatic SUV so I can't learn much to prepare me for the driving test. Anyways, it's only a few months until I can start my driving lessons, so I'm very hyped for that!
  4. MartyTheTrucker

    How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I have buttons assigned on my wheel for looking left and right. The window UI just breaks the immersion for me!
  5. MartyTheTrucker

    New Mexico DLC Giveaway

    Summer means spending 4 hours in a traffic jam, right?
  6. MartyTheTrucker

    Coloured License Plates

    Sadly there is no way to change the background colour to whatever you want, you can only use the default backgrounds. Thanks to everybody who likes the guide and found it helpful! One plus of this method is that you can have different custom plates on multiple trucks, not like World of Trucks which overwrites the plate of all your trucks.
  7. MartyTheTrucker

    Real Operations V4- Overview

    I drove: Las Vegas to Los Angeles Los Angeles to El Centro Los Angeles to Las Vegas I saw: 1 event Pretty pathethic guys... I made sure I followed the correct roads. You also didn't give any "order" for taking the routes, you made it out as if I could drive any route and get great events, but I drove nearly all routes and I saw nothing!!
  8. MartyTheTrucker

    We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    It's a great feature! Removes some of the frustration if you're going about your business and get interrupted by a kiddy troll. Nobody forces you to use it, and the limitations enforced on it make it hard for trolls to exploit.
  9. MartyTheTrucker

    Coloured License Plates

    You have to drag the game.sii over the SII_Decrypt.exe
  10. MartyTheTrucker

    Beautiful/Funny Road Stories

    I see this came off a little misunderstood. I was more having fun and a laugh during the whole thing than any form or anger or rage. P.S. changed the title
  11. MartyTheTrucker

    Beautiful/Funny Road Stories

    I pull out from a rest stop at the Czech-Hungarian border, into which I had pulled in to report somebody who attempted to create a truck-barrier ham sandwich, with me as the ham, thankfully with little damage caused to myself. While I was accelerating up to speed, the motorway quickly tightened to one lane at one of those annoying turn-offs. At that point I was moving at about 70 km/h when a truck comes up from behind blaring its horn and lights at me, thankfully slowing down before hitting me. I merge to the right lane right after the turn off and once the other truck (let's call him Trevor) picked up momentum again, he promptly overtook me while squeezing the horn. As it would turn out me and Trevor were headed to the same drop off point - Debrecen, so I followed him there most of the way. Initally he sped off forwards and I thought that would be all I see of him, but as soon as we approached another part of the motorway that tightens to one lane, I found myself getting closer to his truck. He had slowed down to about 40 km/h just to annoy me! I rested my hand on the horn and finger on the high-beams button, though I wasn't taking this seriously, I was rather just having a laugh about what was starting. Continuing I made some attempts to overtake Trevor, but my modest 450 hp truck didn't allow for much go. He wasn't giving up either, often reaching speeds of 120-130 km/h to stay in front of me, even swerving in front of me if I got too close in the overtaking lane. It wasn't until somewhere around the middle point between Budapest and Debrecen when I found an opportunity. I had picked up some speed and quickly approaching Trevor, who had slightly slowed down for some reason. He is quick to swerve in front of me. In a last desperate action I swerve towards the emergency lane to overtake him from the right. Trevor gradually pushes me off the road and into the grass, resulting in my truck clipping a tree and stopping dead in place... But victory is sweet! While my truck had simply taken 35% damage, Trevor had flipped on his side! I arrogantly write "HAHAHAHA" in the chat as I laugh my ass off. The rest of the journey to Debrecen was rather quiet, though I felt fulfilled knowing karma had served its justice.
  12. MartyTheTrucker

    Coloured License Plates

    You need to have that part, you can't remove it. Best you can do is use "|switzerland", since the front Swiss plate is blank, but the rear one has symbols on both sides. I'd try that updated decrypter (I'll update the post with it now) and/or redo the part of the guide where you change the save format and make sure the game saves with the new format.
  13. MartyTheTrucker

    Coloured License Plates

    Hey sorry guys, I've just not been around on the forum. No, it won't because WoT overwrites the plate on your truck. With this guide you edit the actual plate of the truck.