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  1. 𝑶𝒏𝒆 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒚 #𝑷𝑾𝑻𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒎𝒐
  2. @blabberbeak, I was talking about these, who do not have the Driving License and/or about these who already got Permanent Banned and then only Ban Evading etc. I never said that everyones Driving is a disaster. Of course there are a lot of young Players who really know how to drive etc. but I said it as general.
  3. Dzień dobry, dla CB Radio wpisz / kanał 19 na czacie, a będziesz mógł słyszeć rozmowy innych. Jeśli to nie zadziała, otwórz Ustawienia gry TruckersMP (TAB) i przejdź do Audio i skonfiguruj je tak, jak chcesz. Winter MOD nie jest jeszcze obsługiwany. Po wsparciu zobaczysz go w TruckersMP na serwerze Discord lub na stronie internetowej. Z poważaniem, Doñ Cheeki
  4. Hi, well the part with Reckless Drivers is normal, as on TruckersMP Servers as in real life. The mainly thing is, that on TruckersMP Servers are a lot Players under 18 Years of age and that's the one thing why we get Rammed, Trolled and Insulted while driving normally. On the other side, there are too much Players exaggerating with their Save Edits, such as Tripple Trailers with oversized Cargoes, with Trains, with floating Loads and such things, which looks really unrealistic to be honest. Let's don't forget the Hybrid Trucks with an high amount of Headlights, Horns, Beacons or Green Lights. We could talk for years about what's too much and what not on TruckersMP related on Players themself.
  5. Hello @Andy Yonutz, I agree with the Reply from @Colored_Greens. The Game itself had much Graphic Updates since 1.40 and you're not the only one who has such Graphic / FPS Problems. I will link you an Video down below, where you can see / learn how to boost your FPS. I've done it and it helped me (that's why I am suggesting it), but you will have to do it few Times per Month, that's the only Problem about it. I hope you got more usefull Informations from my Reply. I wish you an wonderful rest of the Week! King Regards, Doñ Cheeki
  6. Hello there, I totally agree with James. As he already said, the speed limit on the C-D Road is 60 km/h but need to say, these Save Edited tripple Trailers with Trains, Diggers etc. are really unrealistic and ugly, but as they are driving properly there is no Reason to forbid anything. It was also my opinion. King Regards, Doñ Cheeki
  7. Привет @_RenS_, эта сигнальная лампа из DLC Special Transport. Я свяжу вам ссылку на магазин Steam, где вы можете ее получить. -> Special Transport DLC Если у вас уже есть этот DLC, его можно приобрести в Сервисе по умолчанию. Надеюсь, я смогу ответить на ваш вопрос. Удачной недели! С уважением, Doñ Cheeki
  8. Hallo @MoritzFu, ja das ist erlaubt. Solange es kein Speedhack, No Collosion Hack, Damage Hack usw. ist wirst du kein Problem auf den TruckersMP Servern haben. Ich hoffe ich konnte deine Frage beantworten. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Doñ Cheeki
  9. Привет @Slavik45, это невозможно. Вам нужно удерживать X, чтобы говорить, нет возможности оставить его активированным, как в Discord. Надеюсь, я смогу ответить на ваш вопрос. Удачной недели! С уважением, Doñ Cheeki
  10. Hello again @FireDigger, as I know, these two Keybinds can not be changed in any Way as I already mentioned at my last Reply. An another thing you can do is, to set any SCS Default Command on these Keybinds which you like to have and to turn the CB Radio off by texting "/channel 0" into the Chat. As these two Keybinds should work normaly, but when the CB is on, these would just do two things at once and when the CB Radio is off, the Keybinds won't react for CB Channel. As I said, I am not 100% sure if you can change these, but I solve my Problem by writing "/channel 0" into the Chat and yeah, now I do not have that Problem anymore. Here you can find every Command / Keybind that you can use, which have been setup by TruckersMP. -> Keybinds etc. I hope I could answer your Question. King Regards, Doñ Cheeki
  11. Hello @LucidSpoons, you might have your Steam Profile set on Friends or/and Private so TruckersMP can't take the needed Informations from your Steam Profile while Checking Games / DLC. I will link you few, usefull Links down below which could help you out about your current Issue. First, make sure you have installed TruckersMP Launcher the proper way -> Install TruckersMP Second, follow these Steps, how to set your Steam Profile on Public -> Steam Profile and Game Check Third, you also can do this to make sure the TruckersMP Launcher runs properly by starting it as Administator -> Steam Error Keep in mind, that Checking Games / DLC will take some Time, it depends on World Servers, Internet Connection, Weather etc. so be patient and give it some Time. After you done everything, and your Game is successfully added to your TruckersMP Account, you can change your Steam Profile settings back. I hope I could help you with your Issue, if yes, leave an upvote Reaction on this Reply. I wish you an wonderful start in the next Week! King Regards, Doñ Cheeki
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