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  1. Tomorrow I'm hopefully receiving some bits and will finally be able to finish my PC uprade and put in my new GTX 1060, which should see my return as a frequent driver in TruckersMP. Really excited.

    1. MrHarv98


      Make sure to test your card's limits at peak times in Rotterdam,Calais-Duisburg road troll-face-meme-smiley-emoticon.gif

    2. MartyTheGamer


      Definitely. The ultimate stress test!

  2. I have the best Skoda (click to see if you're not seeing the image)


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    2. Zirox


      Still excessive modification to the car.

    3. Forerunner


      the roof grill should be ok, as clarkinator approved a car that had one, but the bottom grill is too much.

    4. MartyTheGamer


      Came to that conclusion myself and I removed it after I took the picture above. ;)

      Happy trucking.

      ... or car-ing:D

  3. Where can I download the Skoda for singleplayer? I want to do some sciencing.

    1. Digital


      There's one on the Steam Workshop here (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=679170273), just don't republish it without crediting TruckersMP. :)

  4. So, with save editing you can get Arizona license plates! http://i.imgur.com/hrXc1Rw.png

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    2. MartyTheGamer


      @FirestarteR93 Yes, I guess SCS think we will never zoom in on the license plates xD

    3. gwait


      How did you manage to edit saves in ATS? I can't find it.

    4. gwait


      Nevermind. I figured it out.

  5. Steering wheel is dead... Ehh, guess I can use my PS3 controller.

  6. Haven't played in a long while. Time to clean the dust off the steering wheel!

  7. Why are there always so many Russians in multiplayer games? :P

  8. Are guides checked by moderators? I posted one this morning and haven't seen it pop up in the guides section yet.

    1. Creatured


      nope CM's check them

    2. FirestarteR93


      Community managers look after Guides and Companies sections

    3. MartyTheGamer


      Oh alright, was just worried It's deleted itself. Thanks!

  9. Can't believe I won a DLC on the stream. Love the work you guys are putting into ETS2MP, if I could I'd donate some money, but I sadly can't due to personal reasons.

  10. Just bought High Power Cargo on the Summer Sale c:

    1. Scar
    2. Andilind


      You like it huh? It is very fun to play with in my opinion.

  11. To think this mod is still in alpha and the exciting stuff is just to come, is just... unbelievable.

  12. Had an interesting crash. First somebody cut me up and and pushed me off the highway, then some guy promptly spawned at the exact same place I parked on the hard shoulder.

  13. I wish this speed limiter crap never started

  14. I keep getting "Connection refused. Session is invalid" Why is this?

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    2. MartyTheGamer


      I somehow got on. Just 1000 players online which is odd for this time of day

    3. MartyTheGamer


      Okay it threw me out again. I think the servers are taking a piss as many people have this.

    4. Daniel


      Yeah, server b ded. rip in pieces.

  15. I think the 0.1.1 hype train is almoast ready to reach it's last stop...

  16. Finally! Haven't played ETS2MP in effin ages...

    1. ClickForLife


      DAF XF convoy is upon us ;D

    2. Heemse


      I noticed Click xD

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