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  1. [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    @Vinnie P. B. Като цяло в последно време DLC-тата на SCS са доста overpriced-нати, няма какво да се лъжем. Не останах очарован от Vive La France, просто не ме грабна толкова много, освен може би вегетацията. Обмислях да купя Италията от тези сайтове, за които говориш, но не ми се рискува, защото не са много legit. Относно новото DLC, 5-10 евро е по-нормална цена, въпреки че нещо ме съмнява да бъде толкова @Mike TysonТбх, никога не бях чувал за Камата, но гледайки клипа, банът му е pure bs... Тоз полския е виновен за две неща: 1. Интернетът му е калпав; 2. По закон, когато те изпреварват, не трябва да ускоряваш скоростта ти, а дори напротив, ако можеш да намалиш. За да тръгне Камата да го изпреварва, това означава, че ония богопомазаният се е движил с по-ниска скорост, но пък после, когато го изпреварва, се движат с еднаква скорост, което означава, че ония е ускорил. Но нищо не трябва да ни учудва в това, в тая игра вече раздават банове за щяло и нещяло. Мен например ме баннаха, затова че съм ползвал ругатни. Въпросната ругатня беше 'what the heck', което преведено означава 'какво за Бога'. И всеки път, когато се оплача за несправедливите банове, били то мои или на някой друг, аз бивам цензуриран... Не се учудвайте ако някой мод изтрие и това.
  2. [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Ибасимо, аз за 36 лева ше мо'е да се нахраня у некой 'убав ресторант. Следващата Коледа може и да мога да си го купя.
  3. TruckersMP Real Operations

    There was this game back in the '00s called 'King Of The Road 2', I think? It was a trucking game as well and it had dynamic events such as landslides, roadworks etc. and I loved it and I got excited for this event as soon as I saw it. That being said, I just feel the need to come and share my thoughts on the event. If you don't care about my opinion, skip my comment. Somewhere at the start, this whole event didn't really feel like 'real' ops and I was incredibly disappointed. The reason for that was the playerbase. I have a feeling that half of the participants didn't grasp the 'realistic situations' idea. For example, people overtaking in the emergency lane just because there's a traffic jam in both lanes because of, say, roadworks? Or going the wrong way on the highway because the road was closed? But somewhere after the twisty Swiss roads, everything went to just how I imagined it. Props to the admins, honestly. Just some notes: 1. In future events, maybe make them both ways? That way there will probably be less traffic at the start (rather than 300+ people in one single city). Also, it will make for interesting situations when players end up at the same crash where they will have to give way to players from the other lane. 2. More situations maybe? I know you need admins/staff members to create these situations but, I don't know, I just feel like there could have been several more situations, like the border checks you guys promised. German borders can make for really good checkpoints, for example. By the way, can I volunteer as an extra in future events? Overall, for a first event, it went well. There are definitely areas of improvement, but that's just my two cents. If I remember anything else, I'll edit my post. PS: This was my favorite thing to happen during the event:
  4. [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Да се включа и аз, макар и да не обичам форума толкова много. Елмо, това с Балканите не го виждам да се случи (поне скоро) и не заради друго, ами защото ако излезе, най-вероятно като requirement ще бъде вече да си купил Going East и/или Bella Italia, a.k.a. единствените начини реално да стигнеш до Балканите. Много хора ще го тълкуват като опит за печелене пари от страна на SCS. За мен лично няма да е проблем, защото съм купил всички map DLC-та от Going East до Vive La France, но за някой, който не може да си го позволи, ще бъде проблем и това ще се стовари върху SCS. Другата възможност е постепенно да добавят градове/държави от Балканите като безплатен ъпдейт за Going East както направиха с 2 града от Унгария преди 2-3 години, но отново, това няма да се случи скоро.
  5. Ah, and my status update got removed by a mod/admin.
    Did I miss something, is freedom of speech not allowed here anymore?

  6. Reported some guy using the website report feature, he got banned and he just commented on the video evidence asking what song was playing in it.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. HerrSwizz


      Happens to me aswell evertime i upload something someone who got reported by me dislikes everthing. But hey a click is a click :D

      I just know im right if they rage on me :D

    3. Flame_Fury


      Lol yep. definately one way to look at it. right now I'm just going to feel sorry for the guy who has to go through the 6 reports I had to do today O.o

    4. HerrSwizz


      I got some Videos just waiting to get released :D i have produced videos ready for upload till July:D

  7. dat name xd

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    2. Kravatie




      i saw it in the corner of my eye


      and thought it said something different xd

    3. GenericTwet


      um, thanks, I guess? lel

    4. Kravatie


      you should feel special when kravaty posts on your wall :3

  8. We urgently need an admin on the C-D road....

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    2. GenericTwet


      @[GER]Loading... Report them, you say? Alright, I did! idk2.thumb.png.c48873e6f11346ca0635ba4e87c0d324.png

    3. [GER]Loading...



      Now just wait until an admin will check your reports

    4. [GER]Loading...


      and please... DONT BLAME the admins they should do this faster...

      They have a private life like us...

  9. Do I really need to record and report people if my reports are going to stay unclaimed by anyone?

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Yes. Yes you do. Admins have an absurd load of reports to sort out and since they can only work it on their free time (they have a life and job outside of Truckers MP, you know), it may take a few days or a week to get a specific report handled. You just gotta be patient.

  10. I've been seeing a lot of white Schwarzmuller trailers. How do you get one?

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    2. FirestarteR93
    3. GenericTwet


      Yeah, I can get the normal Schwarzmuller trailer without any problems using that method. I just can't seem to find the white version anywhere.

    4. tompa


      have you  Schwarzmuller installed?


  11. Jesus Christ, this mod has gone downhill since I last played it....

    1. Mirko9


      Why do you think that? 

    2. GenericTwet


      Chaos, absolute chaos, it doesn't matter where I go, it's hell everywhere. If I had to record every single person that has crashed into me on purpose, I'd run out of HDD space and I have a 2TB drive.... I haven't driven more than 5 minutes without someone crashing into me or someone else.

    3. Mr_Pingu


      @GenericTwet then avoid high density areas such as the C-D road and Rotterdam where possible im very sure admins try hard to keep MP free from trolls but you can help catch them and put them in there place i know it may seem time consuming but for every troll you do not report that is a troll that can roam free and cause more damage and problems on the servers 


  12. Welp, my X360 controller's left bumper died. I guess I won't be using the left indicator for a while. Hehe

    1. Titanic4


      There may be 3 causes: faulty switch or faulty solder point of the switch or the button's plastic part is physically broken. As always you can use [ and ] for indicators.

    2. McFreshi


      Just basically get the tag: BMW Driver.

      And you're fine

    3. Titanic4


      I don't think adding this tag will fix the Generic's X360 controller...

  13. I can't feel the Christmas spirit for the first time in my whole life. Merry Christmas to anyone that can though

  14. Oh man, I can feel the difference in FPS thanks to that new main menu background thingy. Any way to turn it off?