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  1. You really have to ask the question.... when is it ever good? It's more fun when it's busy in my opinion, perhaps slightly more frustrating...
  2. Always improving game - good to see SCS working on it still!
  3. I drive the C-D a lot. When I drive the C-D, I always follow road rules - lane discipline, usually drive around 60mph and don't overtake. What I usually get as a result of this is people spamming their horns, getting angry in chat etc. because I am "not going fast enough".
  4. The best way is to record and report. I know some don't have the systems (and my suggestion would be to lower your graphics before recording) and we also know they are working on an internal system of recording for reports but all you can do now is try to record.
  5. I understand where you are coming from - and often, those without trailers are the ones you also see overtaking recklessly due to their wealth of power however ban's are too extreme. As said above, there is no way of proving that someone is useless traffic without checking their route, and that is all local to the game.
  6. It's a whole new aspect to the game. Hopefully the people who play on it will be more sensible, and less "I'm gonna overtake with people driving towards me"...
  7. I've been going retro for the last few days with the FH16 Classic!


  8. They are a bad idea. People swerving around, smashing into others, it's an excuse for ramming and bad driving. I turn all mine off and I think they should be banned on TMP.
  9. I am an examiner for my VTC. I also drive in real life... I follow all the rules myself. If others did, maybe there would be less accidents.
  10. Does anything come up in your chat (about invalid mods, etc)? Does your game work in offline? From the description, this could be many issues.
  11. This is the way of editing the colour of your trailer, in this case a KRONE. It's the directory to the file that has the trailer in. Try this: This is a much easier way of doing it.
  12. It's more efficient that there are team members who are bi-lingual (or more!), rather than people just having one role. Keep up the hard work, we all appreciate it!
  13. Why are people in such a hurry in TMP?


    Me, and a lot of others get abuse for driving at 60mph on the C-D, which I believe is actually the speed limit. If I'm too slow, back off and wait till I indicate right to let you know it's clear to overtake. If you work with me and don't get angry I'll make sure you don't go flying into someone when overtaking....

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    2. KGT I Rootyyy I Driver

      KGT I Rootyyy I Driver

      Just drove down it....


      Lots of people hit me overtaking. Lots of reports for the GM's I guess :P

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Its just like in real life, you get people who just got 0 patience and think they own the roads :mellow:

  14. Good luck running it all! I've got an application on waiting list for Social Media, hopefully I'll get to join this new team soon!
  15. So happy, got my first job today! Part time at the airport (at a resteraunt chain), until I have my full pass I have to be "escorted" through secruity and to go to the loo....

  16. ^ I presume not everyone would be bothered about it though, many people don't want to join VTC's or won't feel the need to have a "verification" of their driving. If each test was 20 minutes, you'd need 10,000+ days to do a test for everyone (with one member of staff)
  17. Numberplate change :P Decided it was time to swap out RO07 YYY, and (as people who know me know) the new one needs to be a real UK fomat like my previous ones. Ended up going with KGT 468 (private format - KGT 760 was for sale in real life!).


  18. ^ Ok, you bring a good point up. I'm not saying its compulsary, it would be optional however the team already give enough of their time. Maybe a private project to work on myself
  19. An overtwatch system for experienced TMP players (like myself - 3.5 years on here) to help process web reports would be cool and has been confirmed by Scar. I would also like to see some sort of driving test, not to play TMP but to "verify" that someone can drive (something run by TMP themselves) - this would allow people to go on private servers (often, large convoy's on servers are ruined by people that can't drive!) and is another step of verification for VTC's when recruiting. Except for that, more expansion, more staff and perhaps link new players to the forums to sign up (to get more forum activity)?
  20. Some car drivers are friendly. One a few days back was having engine issues, was stopped and not moving and instead of getting mad, I reminded him of /fix. He was friendyl, not overtaking and in general safe. However, many scout drivers abuse the speed and try to overtake in busy areas, push through gaps etc. which is wrong and dangerous. As long as they aren't overtaking or trying to squeeze in gaps they are fine.
  21. I'd like to see busses as a DLC for ETS2. I don't see the point in them adding their own MP however, as cool as it maybe TMP have already built a community up.
  22. They've talked about that for the future however....
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