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  1. I always get tailgated on the C-D, then they moan when I autosave and freeze for a second... Shouldn't be so close or it wouldn't have affected you!
  2. Happy birthday Rootyyy!!

  3. traffic in truckers MP.....

    Thats a fair point. If you watch all my reports, they are all from Calais Duisburg. Some argue thats the fun / challange of the road however
  4. Truckersmp forums on Tapatalk?

    An app for the TMP forums would be very useful, however the mobile website is well optimised.
  5. What wheels do you use on your truck?

    Seem's Michelin's are popular.... The only Michelin's I have are on my Peugeot!
  6. were you get your pc

    Built mine, parts all from
  7. Samsung vs Iphone

    Why does everyone forget that there are other Android devices that aren't Samsung? I have been an android user for nearly 7 years, and always will be, my LG G6 is a great phone!
  8. traffic in truckers MP.....

    Calais to Duisburg is one of the best places to go, and where most people are.
  9. Happy Birthday Mate :) 

  10. Happy Birthday mate. Have a nice day :) 

  11. Thanks for the follow! :wub:

  12. What wheels do you use on your truck?

    Looks cool, but on a Renault?!
  13. A Debate

    CSGO. I've had some very stressful matches before!