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  1. up and coming

    Promods would be cool, I think we already know we have some new trucks (Renault Range T, MAN TGX E6) on their way too.
  2. Cars and Caravans

    Scouts are already unstable, adding a trailer doesn't help. However, I will try one myself first, before making any judgements.
  3. What do you think about caravan

    I like the idea, and I will have to get a scout car to try this, but I feel that there needs to be a speed limiter / power reduction on towing scouts. They are already unstable, this could end in flying caravans I think..
  4. What was everyone's first car

    Currently learning on my 2016 Peugeot 208 1.2 Active PureTech. Unfortunatley, English insurance is very expensive and therefore you can't get anything too "exciting" for your first car. Nonetheless, the 208 is a great little car.
  5. What 'Theme' do you think is better?

    Dark on the website but light on the forums.
  6. Please learn your priorities!

    I think this is mainly out of politeness. On an emptier road, this isn't an issue. But, another issue this brings up is why are people travelling so fast down here? People should be going at a slow enough speed to be able to stop, or, should be actually watching the road ahead of them.
  7. How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I use the F2 mirror on the far side of my truck. Before any manouvers, I check all my mirrors. This comes from the fact that I am currently learning to drive in England, where there is a large emphasis on using your mirrors before doing any major manouvers.
  8. I think due to it's reputation, people drive on it. It has Scout cars, and no 68mph/110kph speed limit unlike EU1, as well as Scout cars and collisions.
  9. 100 forum rep!


    Am I turning into @Kravatie? :troll:



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      Erm, just look at my rep lool. :troll:

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      @SgtBreadStick yeh yeh, theres plenty of people with that :troll:


    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Nice :) Still a long way to go to turn into Kravatie tho :P:troll:

  10. Which Truck's Interior?

    I love the digital interfaces on the new Scania. Like my car IRL, the digital speedo works great, and the information screen in the middle is really useful.
  11. Very true, there are plenty of routes around the C-D (also pinned at the top of this chat I believe)
  12. Scout car flipping over me...


  13. Why are so many players joining the forum? Discussion

    So you can spam more like A lot of people join, mainly due to recruitment. For me, it was to advertise my old VTC, and find out about other events happening, but it is a great way of keeping up with whats happening in the TMP community too.
  14. The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    Exactly, I think the limiter not only makes this simulation game "more realistic" but alsos safer! Scout's are the only ones to really worry about, most trucks top out at 96 so we know the limiter is aimed at the scouts (which reach about 130mph)
  15. Routes to Save you TIME while driving on TMP

    Good guide, like to save as much time as it means more deliveries!