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  1. newt.

    Krone Trailer

    This was very fast and easy way to get a painted trailer. Thanks for the reply but i dont know how to get a "krone" trailer :c
  2. newt.

    Krone Trailer

    I know this tool and i got it in my mods folder, but there are so many options.. I don't know which i should choose.
  3. Hi guys (again), a few minutes ago i played on ETS #2. I saw someguy with an pretty dope looking trailer. I asked him: "How did u got that? It looks amazing :D" And he answered: " /def/vehicle/trailer/krone/profiliner_2017/chassis_2017.sii ". /def/vehicle/trailer/krone/profiliner_2017/chassis_2017.sii The problem is.. i don't know what that means and how i could use that. I can't remember his name and he was driving away from me. I dont got enough time to ask him what that means. Maybe someone of you out there can help me :j love yaaa newt.
  4. Hello, I think it's really hard for you to imagine what happened. If you are still interested you can watch the video i made. ( But you don't have to) You guys helped me out a LOT and it's unbelievable how good the forum works. love ya newt.
  5. Hello everyone (again), many guys have answered my last question(s) very fast and helpful. I want to thank you all for that :j . But know i got annother little issue and i wanted to talk with other guys about that. But before i habe to explain what happened: I was driving like many times on ETS #2 Europe and i was driving 80. I drive not more like 80-90 because an admin told me after my recent ban i have an to aggressive driving style. And driving slow has many advanges. But one very big disadvantage. Many people trying to overtake you. "TRYING" is a good word. The most of the dangerous overtaking tactics are not successfull. A few minutes ago someone called "RobertoFM" did overtake me. On the left side another player came very fast to us and he pushed me to the side. There was a "little wall" and i rammed it because he pushed me against it. Now i have been stuck there for a moment and i put on the double-flashlight. But it had not enough time to press "F7 + Enter". Someone crashed into me and made a 180° flip. Now i have two questions: What is if the guy who crashed into me is going to report me and i get banned? I am not to blame for this accident. I made a "proof" video with shadowplay. And my second question is: Can i find out his TruckersMP ID only with his username? I know this looks like a report post but it isn't one. I just need your help. If i found out his name i report him on the TruckersMP site. I did that a few times before and i know how it works. Sorry for taking your time again. love ya all =) newt.
  6. Hello =), I did not know about this app but i definitely try that out know :b. It sounds like a very good thing, you guys did. love ya newt.
  7. Hello .oO( Tina_DK )Oo., i think lower the damage to cars by crashing into some other players isn't a good idea. I think people would drive more unsafe and there would be more crashes than before. But adding more weight would be a good idea i think. =) love ya, newt.
  8. Hello everyone again, First of all i wanted to say thank you for your very helpful answers. I think my problem is solved now and i hope i can help other players now too. But now i got another question. How do i mark "the best" answer? :j newt.
  9. Hello everyone, I have got a little problem. First of all i wanted to higher my forum activity. So i searched for topics which are "unsolved". But if i look at the Tag "Help" and than move to "Unsolved Topic" there are only solved topics. I mean some other guys helped the other players with there problems and it wouldn't make sense to write an answer there again. (And i think that's not even possible.) Now i don't know what to do and i thought maybe you can help me. =) love ya newt.
  10. That was very helpful^^ Thanks for the quick answers!
  11. Hello everyone, this is my sceond forum-post and i am not sure if i do that right but i hope so. I wanted to make my TruckersMP profile a little bit cuter so i started to write a description and so on. But i read something like that on my profile: Account Status: Not activated. Now i want to do that but i don't know how. I couldn't find some instructions on my profile. Maybe someone can help me :j (If i made somthing wrong, please tell me what so i can improve my forum-post-skills =) ) Have a nice day, newt.
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