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    Ontario, Canada.
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    I have a huge interest in the TruckersMP community and trucking as you may have guessed. I also love doing improvisation which is a form of acting but with no script. During the winter season, I love to go snowmobiling up here in Canada.
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    CJ Trucking / TruckersFM
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    Nevada: Elko
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    France: Calais
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    Francais, English

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  1. TFM DJ ccowie

    Racontez vos blagues !

    Lis les noms suivants sans pause. Anna, Lise, Medhi, Cale Analyse médicale
  2. Hey, Your list is not really yours. Anyone can get this information on their own too. The lists aren't gonna be different, everyone has the same truck dealers at the same places. Sincerely,
  3. TFM DJ ccowie

    [Jeux] Raconte ton histoire, je suis...

    ...quelqu'un frappa à la porte...
  4. FEED THE NEED Is right around the corner!

    Join our Discord and reply below if you plan on attending!


  5. TFM DJ ccowie

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    Oh hey guys!
  6. You have me on Steam. However, I found out about TruckersMP by watching a video of someone playing GTA and they were trucking or something, I then searched trucking game and four ATS and ETS2... Then came in TruckersMP! Sincerely,
  7. Un autre follow pour en avoir 100. B)

  8. Thank you so much for your work and for all the times you took your time to chat with me about certain things.


    I hope to see you in the future, happy trucking and good luck in the future! 

    1. Aestrial


      Thank you, all the best in the future. 

  9. TFM DJ ccowie

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    Oh hey!
  10. TFM DJ ccowie

    Hot topic #7: Charity events

    As a charity event organizer I have seen multiple things that work and do not work. For anyone who has ever had the idea to run a charity event, go for it, try it out. I have noticed that your biggest attendance count will be within VTC's. Having parking where VTC's can book also encourages their drivers to turn up and represent their VTC's, also having prizes for a truck fest is key. Keep in mind that attending means lots too, not everyone will donate! Best of luck to anyone running an event! I can be contacted on the forums or on Discord for advice. Sincerely,
  11. TFM DJ ccowie

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  12. TFM DJ ccowie

    Convoi de décembre

    Bonne chance!