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  1. Share a company with a friend?

    Hello, unfortunately, it is not possible to share garages and drivers. However, you can join a VTC together and drive with each other. Please let us know if this answers your question or not. ~ccowie
  2. All my data is lost!!

    Hello, we are glad that your problem has been solved. Thank you, everyone, for helping out. //Locked and moved to solved. ~ccowie
  3. TruckersMp Game freezes

    Hello, This topic will be locked and moved to solved on the OP's request. Thank you, everyone, for your contribution. //Locked and moved to solved on OP's request. ~ccowie
  4. Recherche d'un site similaire a prodriver

    Bonjour! Nous aimerions savoir si votre question à été repondu ou non. Merci d'avantage! -ccowie
  5. DLC Dont Work on MP

    Hello, Have you let TruckersMP verify your new DLC? ( And then head over to the linked games and DLC section. You can there click verify games and DLC. Please let us know if this helps fix your issue or if you need more help. ~ccowie
  6. Excuse me

    Hi there, have the lovely people above answered your question or do you need more help? ~ccowie
  7. World Of Trucks Help Needed

    Hello, The appropriate answer has been given above. We would like you to inform us if this answered your question or not. Thanks! ~ccowie

    Hello, Since you have not yet replied to Gromm, I will ask again. Can you please inform us if your problem is still an issue or not so we can help you or move this topic. Thanks. ~ccowie
  9. TruckersMP account status: not activated

    Hello, @matispc Please let us know if your issue has been solved or if you still need help or we will need to mark this topic as unsolved. Thanks for understanding. ~ccowie
  10. Hello, Bonjour, Unfortunately, this topic has not had a reply on it for over 72 hours. This means that I have to lock it and move it to inactive topics. Thanks for understanding. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to message me over the forum private message. Thanks. //Locked and moved to inactive topics. ~ccowie
  11. OBS Alt-Tabbing Problem in ETS2

    Hello, this happens to most people. It is nothing to worry about. It is simply taking off the focus from this tab (the game). Please let us know if this answers your question or not. ~ccowie

    Hello, the help section is to be used in English only. I will have to move your topic. I will be at your disposal over the forum DM if you have questions. //Moved to Turkish Yardim/Destek.
  13. All my data is lost!!

    Correct. Thanks for your patience.