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  1. Speeding Cars

    Well yes, it's true, they are too speedy. My personal best in Skoda was 260 km/h in singleplayer mode without other traffic. :/
  2. which DLC for MP

    Yes, I prefer Scandinavia DLC (so many beautiful roads) and on 2nd place I would like to place Vive La France DLC
  3. Banned because you don't have reason to ban @Samito_BG
  4. Banned because I again again banned you again because I already banned you again xD
  5. More accounts

    Okay, thanks, you can lock this as solved
  6. More accounts

    Hello. I wanna ask you is it legal to have more than 1 account? I know it isnt legal if u ban evade, but if u don't, is it legal then? NexooYT
  7. Well, this is what we need in-game :check:


    1. Night TM

      Night TM

      Right, is a need 

    2. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      What we need in game is players respecting the rules. If we had that, nothing else would be needed.

  8. Banned because I banned you again
  9. Banned because you changed your picture.