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  1. Hey, I asked this question a while back (before the updated Skoda) and got the answer it wasn't possible. Is it possible now to mod the Skoda to a different car, for example a Mercedes? Old Thread:
  2. Does the Skoda have the transmission fixed now?
  3. Can you play Mulitplayer with the 1.32 Beta?
  4. If you can't read the sign, that says "Drive on the Left" or see the arrows, you really shouldn't be driving in the UK
  5. Actually looks sexy. I also don't have any severe performance issues (except for Duisburg, Calais ofc) with a GTX 1070 and i7-7700K. Love it!
  6. great... alright, thanks alot!
  7. Hey, would like to know why it got changed from automatic to manual? I've been only driving simple automatic before with a controller, so I don't f*ing know where to bind it and even how to use it lmao. Is there any way of changing it back to automatic? yes, my settings are set to "Simple automatic" thx for help in advance :>
  8. Hey, just wanted to know if it was possible to mod the current Skoda for ETS2MP to a Mercedes E63 or something like that. ty in advance
  9. How does the contract look like for the caravan? I can't seem to find it in the Freight Market..
  10. Would be my first time in the snow, even though I could've played in the snow last year. Sadly forgot to, hope it's coming soon!
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