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  1. Wolf_.

    What's your dream car?

    My car of my dreams is the Audi A3 2018
  2. Wolf_.

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    Hello, I think the time of prohibition should not be diminished because the person who has been banned can reflect on what she did, so she does not do more. The prohibitions depend on the person and not the administrator, one has to understand the rules of the game so that prohibitions do not occur.
  3. Here is the Explanation, we should not rush so much with an application on the Team being that the person does not have maturity or does not meet the requirements to join the Team.
  4. Wolf_.

    Fave pizza?

    I guess this should not be between us, I do not really like that kind of pizza.
  5. On weekdays I play around 2 to 3 hours. On weekends I can stay all day.
  6. Wolf_.

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    For me 3 days is not a very long time, even more that we have a rather large Team in relation to that. This may take a while because the team also has to take care of other cases.
  7. Wolf_.

    Little Things

    At my idea I wish you had in the game, dirt in the truck, side windows open, drilled tires, etc... For me those little details would not interfere with anything in the game.
  8. Wolf_.

    Changes to the recruitment system

    A great idea, congratulations to the change!
  9. Wolf_.

    afk timer

    A small thing on the server seems like a great idea, let's hope it's deployed in the game. <3
  10. Wolf_.

    What is your favourite truck and why?

    My favorite truck is the Scania S730 because I like the design of the truck and the way it was designed!
  11. At the moment I play the ETS2 for about 1 to 2 years.
  12. Wolf_.

    RiP C-D road

    This will last very little time, soon they will be back on the CD roads.
  13. I still unfortunately do not own both dlc, but I intend to buy them soon.
  14. Wolf_.

    Ranks of the TruckersMP Community

    It looks great, before it was a small team and now I see that it is evolving.