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  1. Welcome back mate!:wub:

    1. IOP_


      Thank you ! :love:

  2. StickyEagle

    Giveaway of a random steam game [0 to 300]

    254 Worth a try.
  3. StickyEagle

    [POLL] Are you in a VTC?

    I'm not a member of a virtual trucking company currently and I'm not planning on joining one in the near future, to be honest. It's not that I do not like to drive together with other people, but I never felt the urge to join a VTC as I already have some real-life friends who are willing to drive with me.
  4. Nog een Nederlander in het staff team, gefeliciteerd & succes!:troll:

  5. Wow, congrats for new position! i wish you up more!

  6. Congratulations: @StickyEagle, happy work. ^_^