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  1. [GAME MODERATOR] @Cornedrue joins the Community Moderation Team as a trainee Discord Moderator, whilst remaining in the Game Moderation Team.
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  3. Geldik son foto paylaşımına bir kaç ay paylaşım yok ? döndüğümde yabancı vtclere takıma alınma ümidiyle giren gençleri takımda görmek istiyorum aksi halde darılırım bir kaç ay sonra görüşenziiiiiii
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  4. A few days ago with @Beater Opressor on the GCEE convoy, love u mate Have a nice day ? El Reja TruckersMP Game Moderator
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  6. With the noob gang @Kid Fabi @Coolio85 @El Reja @Tesla
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  7. ? Finally, the end of the working week... ? It's time for a small rest, have a nice and relaxing weekend, truckers! Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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  9. Went for another nice drive with @AthenaAGamingand @Kye__, along with other people from TruckersFM.
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  11. [LIVE] Unterwegs im American Truck Simulator Multiplayer ? https://www.twitch.tv/p0lyxena
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  12. @Krewlex rolling in his Scaniaaaaaa
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  13. Had a lovely Promods drive with @owen611624 a few days ago
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  14. Hello, "Why dont admins present their policecar while monitoring?" The police car is just an accessory, same thing that the pilot car that you all can use on our servers. We don't need to use that to deal with our activities in-game. We rarely use the police car. "Maybe people will behave and slow down?" No. Trust me, if you use the police car, the people still driving as always anyway. And also, many people when they see a police car, they start to follow us, which can be dangerous if they do a dangerous maneuver just to come with us. We just prefer to do our job undercover, so the people will not do a dangerous maneuver or something like that. "The police do in real life, just to show people their present." Yes, but real life is not the same than here. In real life the officers will use their police car to deal with their activities. They really need the car to do their job, and we don't need it. As i said before, the police car is only an accessory, and the 90% of the GM team prefer to do their job undercover, without people following them and etc. That's all ? Have a nice day! El Reja TruckersMP Game Moderator
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  15. This is image is of me first time with Pries colors and one of my favorite ones ?
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  16. [GAME MODERATOR TRAINER] @Lorciaa has left the team due to personal reasons.
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  18. BTR 2Year Anniversary Convoy Pic By @SAYEM AHMED
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  19. Thank you to Fusion Routes for the great convoy! I really enjoyed the route it was a smooth journey! Looking forward to convoys in the future! Photo Taken by Myself at the End Location.
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  20. Grand Utopia with F-Max -> Edited by @[GökBörü] EnesBey
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  21. Beyler sondan bir önce ki foto olabilir bilginize..
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  22. #FOREVERGOKBORU Quality is not a coincidence...
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  23. Have a great weekend everyone! ? Just a few pictures of our amazing Event & Media team. ? Every single event they provide the highest and best quality! Much respect to all those that are helping us every single time. ?
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  25. [PLAYER] @WarSniperr joins the Game Moderation team as a Trainee. [PLAYER] @SpectralProphet joins the Game Moderation team as a Trainee. [PLAYER] @DantheScaniaMan joins the Game Moderation team as a Trainee. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Djinsomnia has been promoted to the position of Report Moderator.
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  30. #GCEEPortugalConvoy ??? With: @RICKY9618 @Tuna_ @[L'auto] Claudinho #01 @TNT-LØG BernardRG_TSI 003 @TNT-LØG Ghostgkz 013 @Katitahhh @Ricardo7871 @Flindix @Black Wolf Harmful...
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  32. Hey everyone, Today we are starting with a new concept in TruckersMP. We want to bring more diversity by adding new ways of playing TruckersMP. Of course, our main focus will remain on truck-related things. Hauling cargo together, creating events, … Over the past years, the community has created countless suggestions about bringing new vehicles to the game. Common things we saw are “please bring a new car” or “please bring buses”. Certainly, not everyone likes cars and similarly, not everyone likes buses. Behind the scenes, we have been working for a long time (years) on creating new ways to play our modification. We want to be transparent with the community by providing insight into what is going on. Development on the new game mode which we gave an update about early 2019, is still paused. This game mode is a long-awaited feature, but after doing a lot of research and development, we sadly realized that currently, it is not viable to bring this to the community. Though, efforts are being made to make it possible closer to the end of the year. Game Developers mwl4 and ShawnCZek are working hard to rewrite and improve our current systems, which would allow us to build the ‘new game mode’ in a better way in the future. Apart from these improvements, the Game Developers are also working on a new system that will improve moderation in the game and can create unique situations at the same time. This system will be used on Simulation, Arcade and Event servers. We expect to see this new system come to life within the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our social media to stay up to date. Anyway, let’s get deeper into the new concept we are bringing to TruckersMP now. As said above, we have had tons of requests from the community to bring new vehicles. The new concept will make this happen. Every two weeks, we will create a poll where the community can vote on which car they want on our servers. Patrons will have a separate vote which allows them to vote for a second car only available for them (for the Master Trucker tier only). The polls will happen on multiple systems. Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon (for Patrons only) and the TruckersMP website (a system we are still working on). Sometimes you will be able to choose between two or three cars, while other times there might be five or more. The chosen cars will be removed again after two weeks and replaced with the newly voted vehicles. How it will look Every two weeks, you will be able to vote for new vehicles which will be added to the game for two weeks. Today, 1st March, we will start the first poll which will be hosted on Discord. If you linked your Discord account correctly with your TruckersMP account and navigate to the #alternating-vehicles channel on our official Discord server, you will see that you can vote between the vehicles in the channel. You can also head to #roles, and clicking the blue car emote will give you the Alternative Vehicles role so you can stay updated on new polls. Patrons will be able to vote via a post in their #patrons-updates channel. On Friday 5th March at 22:59 UTC, we will check which vehicles received the most votes. The following Monday, we will then add the vehicles to our servers. A week later, we will start the new poll and the other above-mentioned steps, but the vote will then be on a different system. On 15th March, we will then remove the first vehicles and replace them with new ones. If you have purchased one of these special vehicles, it will be replaced with the new one automatically. The vehicles will either have the existing Scout interior or a truck interior, as it is not viable to create a custom interior for all the vehicles. Using this concept, we want to bring ‘something for everyone.’ Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new vehicle polls. Please note: We will do our best to stick to the plan, however, things may change along the way. New game updates or other factors might have an impact on this concept. If this is the case, please keep an eye on our social media pages where we will make you aware of any bumps along the road. We have worked hard for the last eight months to bring this new concept to life, and we really hope you enjoy this new feature within TruckersMP! Your feedback is always appreciated, so head over to the feedback system and select the category Community Management to let us know your thoughts. We cannot wait to see how the community reacts to and makes use of these new additions within the game, and we are excited to continue working on other features to bring later this year. Thanks for your continued support. Keep trucking! UPDATE March 2nd 2021: In previous revisions, we have not mentioned the Patreon tier eligible for an additional car. To remove this confusion, we have updated the article and highlighted the availability of Patreon-only cars for the Master Trucker tier only. Sorry for the inconvenience. --> View post on homepage
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  34. Suggestion Name: change the name of the wow emote (:wow:) to woah Suggestion Description: Change the name of the wow emote on the forum to woah on the TruckersMP Forum. Any example images: :woah: Why should it be added?: This is the more commonly used name for that emote, and it is also the name used in the official TruckersMP Discord server, so this would be consistent across both platforms.
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  35. I'm really excited about the release of the new vehicles next Monday ?
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  36. Good evening! I just hit 1000 hours in ETS2. (But still less than 50% of achievements ?) Have a picture of MB
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  37. Hello @AndrewNOR, You created this topic in a category called General Discussion. It is important to keep topics in appropriate categories, so I have gone ahead and moved this topic to category called Help. Sincerely, BL4CK$K1LL Forum Moderator // Moved from General Discussion to Help
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  43. Small Drive with @Mr Thornton and @George. Tonight ? Can't @ George for some reason?
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  44. Project Public the other day went really well, we look forward to the next one feel free to check it out on the VTC page. Thank you to those who attended this time round we had a really good turnout for the first time of running them.
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  45. [REPORT MODERATOR] @i z m leaves the team due to a lack of time.
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  46. [GAME MODERATOR LEADER + COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @BL4CK$K1LL joins the Translation Team as Trial Translator, whilst remaining as a Game Moderator Leader and Community Moderator (Forum).
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