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Extended Player View Area

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What benefit would this actually have? Seeing an extra 500 meters isn't a good reason to become a patron imo. Also if you can see further does this mean players can't see you if you are over 1000 meters away but you can see them? I'm struggling to see much benefit sadly



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I don't see a reason on why to increase the max distance a player can see. Being able to follow a player for 1000m is enough to e.g. create evidence for a report or something else. 

Needless to say increasing the max view distance for Patreons would be unfair to people who don't have enough money to become a Patreon.



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I do not agree. Not only do I not think it should be  special feature to people who support with patron but I do not see enough reason for it to be added. It will not contributes to anything, it will not help prevent accidents, will not improve the report system or anything, the only thing it will do is reduce the realism of the game and loss of performance that it would entail. Just imagine Calais, or Dortmund with more vehicles...🤯

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Although I like the idea because it would certainly benefit me running large weekly events I feel like overall this would not benefit the future of TMP nor benefit patreons in any way. Seeing an extra few hundred meters would mean even more people would load in your area leading to even more stress on your CPU, GPU etc for no reason. If it worked the same way it does for GM's, Event Team etc where it will only load the same amount of people would mean that your truck would disappear and you would end up appearing back inside people which could then lead to crashes etc. Having an increased view range would also result in an influx in reports which could overwhelm the report system and the GM's because we all know there's people that will go sit at highly populated areas in "0" cam and fill the report system up of people they believe are breaking the rules. Although in a way they are helping the TruckersMP team and the community in reducing the amount of rule breakers in the server there will still be a lot of 'declined reports' of users not breaking the rules or not providing the required evidence.


Overall I believe there is a lot more features that could be added for patreons with better benefits that an increased view range.


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Should be for everyone -1 & besides your not meant / allowed to use dev cam in reports so what would the point in doing it be? People should be joining patron because they want to help pay for the cost of the servers, not because they want special abilities & content as a result! Wen you donate to a charity you wouldn't go in saying right I'll give you £10 a month if you reward me with this & that...You do it because you want to help & support the work that charity is doing! 

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Personally, I think this would be very beneficial.


As some others have mentioned, it could put additional strain on your system, however if that's an issue for you, you can just decrease the render and smoothing distances in the TAB menu, which would completely negate this.

The main benefits would be applicable to all Patrons, as even if you're not supervising an event or something similar, a further free camera range can be useful when looking to see what's causing congestion, or just checking the state of the road ahead.

In some cases, I've used the free-camera to check the road behind as heavy cargoes can be very slow to accelerate, so having advanced warning of any vehicles there would be highly beneficial and could definitely improve the overall safety of those who had the slightly extended free-camera range.


Therefore, I think that this would be a highly beneficial addition to the game that doesn't completely change the game-play experience (so it's fair to the non-Patrons too), but it provides a slightly improved free-camera function that many people would appreciate and could motivate more players to sign up.


Quality Productions



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I Think It Needs To Be Tried!

                                                                                             Kind Regards,
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  • Community Manager

Disclaimer: this reply is purely my opinion and not in any way linked to the moderation, management or potential outcome of this suggestion.


I personally do not see any use for this feature for Patrons. The extended developer camera is a tool exclusive to certain ranks within TruckersMP staff that require, or majorly benefit from having it. For example we all know that Game Moderators can use the dev cam to go anywhere on the map, and still see people load in like their vehicle is nearby. This is unexplainably useful for moderation - but would not serve any unique purpose for Patrons. As Patron is not something where extended developer camera specifically provides a benefit (unlike for Game Moderators where it does), I am saying -1 for this suggestion.


Extended developer camera is a tool, not a fancy feature.

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Community Manager


All views are my own, and do not reflect the TruckersMP Staff Team or any other group within the community, unless explicitly stated.


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+1 but not for patrons.



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Unfortunately, I do not see a feasible reason for this to be implemented, because if this does occur, some people would be having a lot more lag than they should, and more rules might be broken that way, especially in regards to abusing the reporting system. 



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