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  1. I had an interesting day. XD

  2. How's everyone doing on this fine day?

  3. Jagman

    Bights/High Beams

    Yeah I feel bad for driving with my brights on but it is neccessary because otherwise I cannot see properly. What you rather have bright lights or someone ramming you because they cant see.
  4. Jagman

    log trailer is bugged

    Wait.... What if I am actually hauling a short black curtain trailer?? Something to think about
  5. Jagman

    log trailer is bugged

    It is definitely bugged. It comes up as a tarped flat bed to other viewers. And when you watch someone turn a corner with it it looks like the trailer is jackknifing.
  6. If y'all look to some previous posts you will find that @Forerunner has halted further development of the mod in its current state
  7. Jagman


    Heyo!, You may have accidently disabled the in game chat. To re-enable just hit the F9 key and you should be set Thanks, -Jag
  8. Jagman

    Why are the only few users playing ATSMP?

    Yeah thats what I figured I will admit tho because ATS is such a small community you tend to recognize drivers a lot quicker than you might on ETS2
  9. Congratulations man!!!

  10. Jagman

    Anyone else ever get this weird speed gltich?

    XD. This is all too funny. In all seriousness though I have never had that happen to me however I have seen it happen to others
  11. Jagman

    /fix for owned trailers.

    Yeah I don't think there is any to /fix the trailer mainly cause you dont need to repair your trailer as badly as you do the actual truck. I believe /fix exists for people that are doing convoys to avoid having to stop all of the time.
  12. I have joked around about this within my company but I highly doubt this feature will ever be implemented. It would a lot for the server to handle and would cause lots of players to not be able to play because the server is full.
  13. Jagman

    How can I catch him? He changed his name :(

    I'm not a game mod but I dont think you can report him cause he changed his name. That or he will be really hard to find
  14. Jagman

    Why every person should have a pet?

    One word. Companionship