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3 hours ago, buksee [HUN] said:



There is a difference between double and HTC trailers.... the HTC ones are made of 2 full size trailers connected with a dolly, the doubles are made out of 1 full size and 1 small trailer.


In Germany and the Netherlands, these doubles are allowed:


It's same double trailers and they are allowed in Netherlands. I'm living here and seeying them every day

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18 minutes ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

@RussellakaBigTruckerUk1 They are purposefully ignoring myself & others asking what the deal is, people are taking them in the kick zone but others get kicked by it! 

@ScaniaFan89god knows how people are able to drive them in game as seen loads of people with them and not getting kicked




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1 hour ago, RussellakaBigTruckerUk1 said:

we need rules update as no one can take double trailers of any form legitimately in game


38 minutes ago, RussellakaBigTruckerUk1 said:

@ScaniaFan89god knows how people are able to drive them in game as seen loads of people with them and not getting kicked

Same for me. Its really frustrated to see people using double and HTC trailers in Germany etc. Some people are smart and some people respect the rules ?

On Topic: Thx for update

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Guest R_D [70-90km/h]

Thanks for the new update, great job guys!


Now as for the confusion with the doubles and triples:


As of version 1.34 (and below):

you were allowed to drive b-doubles, hct doubles and b-triples everywhere around the map, EXCEPT the restriction zone around CD-area (see rules section 5.2 for a map of the zone).

There were different ways to get those trailers in:

- Forerunners mod (save in single player, load in multiplayer)

- Drive them from the countries where they are allowed by SCS (Scandinavia and Baltics) to where ever you want them.

- Save edit the trailers in.


As of 1.35:

You are still allowed to drive them everywhere around the map as it was in 1.34 and below (except restriction area)

BUT there are a few things to keep in mind about the b-double trailers on CD you guys seeing driving around:

- it appears ONLY the new b-doubles that SCS added in 1.35 can be drivin on CD and inside restriction zone (b-double container trailer, b-double log trailer)

- So hct double or triple or other b-double* (*b-doubles from version 1.34 and below like the Krone doubles,...) are not allowed and will result in a kick from the restriction zone.



SCS allowed b-doubles in Germany and Netherlands as they drive there IRL also, but as said above: ONLY the new b-double trailers are seem to work in the restriction zone (Duisburg, CD-road,...).


In the next few updates and patches the TMP team will probably sort these things out, give you guys the info you need, and change the rules also if needed.


These are the things I found out so far, so correct me if I'm wrong.



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