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  1. I always recommend Scania to friends because while it has (in my opinion) the best tuning parts it's also one of the most powerful trucks in the game.
  2. There isn't a specific city i like the most but if i had to choose one i'd choose the cities of Sardinia.
  3. I prefer iOS. Used both Android and iOS but kept on getting an iPhone after Android phones. I guess its the user interface for me.
  4. i use Nvidia's Shadowplay, doesn't affect performance at all even with 4k settings.
  5. looking good! both ets and ats.
  6. While i do enjoy the old scania i gotta say i like the new gen trucks more.
  7. My alternative to Scania (which is the truck im driving the most) is the Volvo FH Globetrotter XL. With the "new" Volvo Tuning DLC it's one of the best looking trucks.
  8. Back when i started playing and the sound issues werent there i used to honk at other players. While the sound issues were there, i mostly said hello in chat or used my lights to flash them. I think, even now that the sound issues are fixed ill continue to only flash my lights or use the chat.
  9. Hello @DeadTRash - The mod files have to be inside your TMP -> mod folder, this blog post could help you: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/84 Regards.
  10. Most likely what @AloneWolf - said. I do think there will be a little change in how traffic will behave but it won't change alot from what its like now.
  11. Great idea and serious topic! Love to see TruckersMP and their players supporting things like these.
  12. Haven't participated in the last 2-3 Events but i still think you guys do a good job. I took my time to answer all the questions.
  13. Night drive with sh4dow :) 


  14. Thank you for the follow!

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