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  1. I respect all speed limits according to the GPS and to the trailer I'M hooked too, some support only 70kmh, some go to 80kmh, this is a trucking simulation, not need for speed, think we are too slow, go play NFS, Grid 2, Forza Horizon 4, and let us enjoy the truck simulation we love.
  2. Nice work, now waiting for the servers to not drop connection every 10 seconds, please warn me while this is fully working, back to single player... And don't blame my connection I have a ping of 40-70ms in ATS US server.
  3. I love it, can't wait to drive there in TruckersMP, for now I'll make sure to complete the event in singleplayer, Idaho is such a beautiful state, yes there's a lot less people playing ATS on truckersMP, but I would say the ones we encounter on ATS aren't there to ram you down the road, or trolling or such, those are mostly good players that stick to the road rules, a few times we encounter some rotten apples, but its a lot less common than on ETS2
  4. I have successfully done many delivery this afternoon with the same external contract trailer (RexTek heavy machinery) now it kicks me from server automatically if I want to do it again, here's a video showing the problem, I just pick an external contract with it and boom. Kicked from server for Trailer (NetTrailer)
  5. I've discovered a replacement that works nearly the same for anyone interested, medal.tv is pretty much the same so if you're looking for an easy replacement that allow instant upload and easy edit of the video, this is a nice replacement.
  6. Yes its does support, but beware some areas aren't in NCZ yet, I drove a few loads there yesterday and it was very fun experience, just respect the other drivers and there's no problems.
  7. You're awesome, I knew you would come up with the solution, time for a nice driving evening. I know a lot of people were impatient and such (myself included) just 1 thing that clearly would love to see is more communication when an update like that takes more time than expected, a word about the progress would be appreciated.
  8. I had the impression that DX9 and DX11 where different graphic engines, maybe I was wrong.
  9. Ok, then, but if the TruckersMP is using DX11, everyone will have to use it to be able to see everyone on the map, on the road and all the GUI addons provided by TMP, or there's some things I don't understand about DX exactly.
  10. Just curious why they want to integrate support of DX11 if its not a mandatory requirement, my modo is simple, if it works fine in DX9. why try DX11, I tried the game in DX11 and didn't see any changes at all, same overall fps in DX9 or DX11, plus if we're forced to play in DX11, I'm fairly sure a lot of players with Potato PC will soon invade the forums asking for DX9 support, correct me if I'm wrong here, but both DX9 and DX11 are incompatible between each other Not complaining here, but it looks a lot more complicated than I expected.
  11. Why it is such a problem, on all other servers my ping is around 100ms, did they choose a Chinese server for this event or what, I had a ping of 1240ms on connect once I got accepted, it never happens on other servers.
  12. Ping keeps kicking me out, never happen, I even switched VPN to be closer to server, but I get kicked, checked and its flat 100ms on all EU servers except this one.
  13. There's a new event for Christmas, they updated both games and World Of Trucks so you won't be able to play with theses versions on truckersmp until its supported by TruckersMP, which should be a matter of a few hours or 1-2 days, usually they do the update quickly. https://blog.scssoft.com/2018/12/xmas-event-2018.html
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