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  1. I have successfully done many delivery this afternoon with the same external contract trailer (RexTek heavy machinery) now it kicks me from server automatically if I want to do it again, here's a video showing the problem, I just pick an external contract with it and boom. Kicked from server for Trailer (NetTrailer)
  2. For me its a trucking simulator, I respect all the rules of real life on it, but sadly for at least 80-90% of the TruckersMP playerbase, this is a racing simulator, wreck simulator and sandbox to cause wrecks of other players.
  3. I know its hard for the team, but I wonder why this time its so long, usually its done in a week or 2, now more than 2 months past the official release of 1.37 and its still unsupported, I understand devs have a life outside of this, but based on the Covid-19 with everyone stuck at home, I had hopes it would come out faster.
  4. Look no further than medal.tv (yes its the real address) its nearly a clone of Plays.tv with its own uploading platform, its still in early development and lacks some of the nice features that were in plays.tv, but still pretty good for now.
  5. I've discovered a replacement that works nearly the same for anyone interested, medal.tv is pretty much the same so if you're looking for an easy replacement that allow instant upload and easy edit of the video, this is a nice replacement.
  6. I don't trust hard drives for savegames, mine is backed up to the cloud using dropbox and Gamesave Manager that allow me to symlink the save files to my dropbox drive without changing the folder in the game.
  7. Problem is I don't own all garages I refuse to cheat in this game, I know 99,9% of players cheated money in, I've never done so, not even once, I started my profile in 2014, and I can safely and proudly say its free of any cheat, I try to have at least a garage in most country, but having to teleport far from the load destination isn't going to be very productive for me.
  8. I've just discovered that F7 doesn't work in MP, so I stopped playing MP until this is fixed, actually I only ever need the F7 screen when playing MP, never ever needed it in single player, so its a very very important feature to be able to play in MP.
  9. Already have OBS, but I don't like it, the way it works and such, I've found my replacement its called medal.tv works fine for what I want to be able to do, and doesn't affect performance at all.
  10. I have Nvidia shadowplay (or Experience I think now) but I would prefer using something more like plays.tv I've found something called Medal.tv and I'm setting it up to test it right now, looks like it could do just the work I wanted. I may setup a dedicated youtube channel if needed, but I think medal.tv has a builtin place to share videos.
  11. Ok, to capture in game footage for my video reports, I was using the plays.tv software for quite a long time and it soon will be dead, and I'm looking at anything to replace the easy of use of it, it was very easy to edit videos and upload them with this, I don't want to upload to youtube on my channel its not where I want to have all my video reports and get people to flag them as inappropriate and such. I don't wanna talk about OBS, way too complicated to use, any other gem that would let me record quick videos of the last 2 minutes of play and not the whole game, and upload it somewhere other than youtube or twitch which aren't the best places for the reports.
  12. I really wonder if theses letters and numbers really mean anything in this game or its just there for realism purpose and doesn't actually affect anything at all.
  13. Soon as released, I support their hard work and love what they're doing, I'm just very skeptical that we will have a complete map of the whole USA before the end of 2035, which would make this game, the longest game ever supported by a game developer if it happens.
  14. The problem isn't the speed limits in the city, its fine and safer, the problem is the zones where there's a speed limit, some are in middle of highways, its insane that we end up slowing down on a highway just because the city is on the side of it, same for some tricky roads with hills and such, ETS2 has some spots like that near Marseille in France, we're stuck at 60kmh on the highway all the way to a tunnel.
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