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  1. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    I have it, but we can't really use it in MP because people that don't have it will see an ugly box with the word buy Krone DLC instead of our beautiful trailer, I say its a real bad move from TruckersMP team there.
  2. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Gaining trucking experience [POLL]

    Been there and done that already, maybe I should try again, last time I tried was 18 yrs ago to be exact, maybe things have changed theses days, but having a passenger that does nothing on board would probably not be productive and may impact the fuel usage on the truck, I could probably offer my services as a PC tech support to the driver if he has a laptop or computer with him, but that's my limit, I'm also unsure if I could contract a personal insurance that would cover me as a passenger in a truck, but I'm willing to do it, to live my dream at least once. When I was a little kid, my mother tried to enroll me in a program that some company do give some rides for Autist persons (I'M Autist Asperger) but it didn't work cause at the last minute, I had to be hospitalized for a severe asthma attack, I must have been around 10 yrs old at this time, I had met the driver and all, and just the day before I was due to hit the road up to North Carolina with him, I was doomed to visit the hospital.
  3. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Gaining trucking experience [POLL]

    For me, this game is my dream, I so much wanted to drive long haul trucks across USA, but sadly, when I turned 16 and wanted to get my driving licenses, I've learned that I would never be able to have a normal driving license for a car, let alone a truck driving license, it turns out my eyes and vision aren't good enough to let me drive a car or a truck, I could have a car driving license, but it would have so many restrictions on it, I could only drive when its a rainy or cloudy day, cause the sun can totally blind me out even with good sunglasses, and I would be prohibited to drive at night because the lights of the cars would have same effect for me at night, it would be dangerous. So I gave up on my dream, wish that at least once, I could be a passenger in a truck for a long haul drive across USA, but sadly, I don't think its possible anymore, they run in teams of drivers or solo. I have a uncle that drives a truck, but his new company doesn't allow passengers on board, plus he does extremely boring runs through forest areas. I'm very lucky to be far from blind, I can do everything normally, but not drive a car or truck in real life, I only have 70% of my right eye vision and 30% of my left eye, and its not something that can be repaired or improved with surgery of any kind sadly, I was born with cataracts in 1980, and they were only discovered when I was 3 yrs old.
  4. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    This is why ATS should only have 1 server

    I prefer US server, people seems to be more friendly there and they have respect for the road rules and speed limits, and the ping is much better for me, around 60ms compared to 130-150ms on EU server.
  5. McDodge34 [FR QC]


    Its called a Truck Simulator after all, if you need to go down at 140kmh and you think this game is a racing game, get out of there and let the people who enjoy realism and simulation enjoy it the way it should, I never touched my trailer stability ever and didn't find it any different from before, oh yeah, perhaps its because I'm careful everywhere and the idea of taking a curb at 140kmh never crossed my mind, there's speed limits near most of the curbs, stick to them and you should be fine.
  6. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Popular Route in ATS?

    Its insane in Oregon right now, but at least for now, people respect the other players and respect the ones that stick to real road rules and speed limits, its nothing close to C to D road which is a trolls/idiots fest that are just there to cause wrecks and record it for youtube or twitch.
  7. McDodge34 [FR QC]


    I drive exclusively on EU#1 I love realism driving, I do go occasionally on EU#2 or EU#3 late at night (I'm in GMT-5) since its nearly empty on EU#1 at theses times since most EU players are asleep, I'm always careful but damn, this game brings a lot of trolls and idiots on EU#2 especially, its insane like 90% of the playerbase is there only to think this game is Need For Speed mixed with GTA Online for trucks.
  8. McDodge34 [FR QC]


    I've never ever touched this value, does this mean I drive a truck unrealistically, I'll have to check my value for trailer stability, I respect all speed limits and always slow down anyways in a curve, to the point people rage at me for slowing down, while its the rules of the road, I don't see myself taking most of the curbs at over 40-50km/h, I do it like people do it in real life, its a simulation game after all.
  9. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Realistic accident

    They simply can't do that with legal real licensed trucks, believe it or not, none of the big truck companies (Volvo, Scania, Man, DAF, Renault, Mercedes) would allow their trucks to be broken in a virtual game, there's not a chance with regular truck companies to allow this. Its the same for every racing games, if there's real licensed cars in the game, they can't even have a small dent on them, even after a 200mph crash on the wall. But its not impossible to have great physics and crashed cars, take a look at the BeamNG drive game on youtube, they do an amazing job, but they all have fake brands of cars, so they have the right to do what they want with them.
  10. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    would you still play ets2 if tmp never existed?

    For sure I would still play, but probably a lot less often than with TruckersMP, I enjoy peaceful driving with respectful drivers, its why I enjoy EU#1 server, there's not that many people in there, but we don't have to brace for impact when we encounter anyone cause 90-95% of trolls don't play on EU#1 cause they can't speed up like a racing demolition derby for trucks. But I must admit TruckersMP is what started my Steam Library, with ETS2. I had a pirated copy of the game before and wanted to purchase it, then I learned TruckersMP was a thing and I wanted to join the fun, so I decided to get the game and Going East DLC, there was a sale at the time for both, and since that day, I have 91 games in my steam library while before that, I mostly used pirated copy of games, except for multiplayer games which required of course legit versions.
  11. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    [SCS Blog] ATS and ETS2 Update 1.32

    Can't wait to hit the road again in MP, had a blast testing stuff, but sadly the DLC lacks variety of trailers like we can't have our own tanker trailers, or heavy cargo trailers like to carry tractors and such, no log trailers pr car trailers either.
  12. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Recommendations For the Big Sur Event

    You know what surprises me there, people have patience generally, and they behave themselves, nothing like on ETS2 EU#2 on the C to D road, but sadly, the time it takes is still way too long, even if I enjoy the traffic, if it was 30-45 minutes, I would do it, but 2hrs for each load, too long on real life time, I may do it on weekends sometimes, but I think I'll do them in SP for the most of them, much quicker.
  13. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Recommendations For the Big Sur Event

    Done a load, the traffic was 2hrs long real life time. arrived at traffic jam at 5h15pm (GMT-4) delivered my load at 7h10pm, kuddos for the hard work of the admins keeping the trucks moving, if you are quick, you can even go grab a quick snack and bottle of water, if your kitchen is close to your PC. But maybe there's 2 tips that need to be added : 1. Bring some snacks and water near your PC 2. Be sure to go to the bathroom before getting into traffic. 3. Do not answer calls or the door, or even your mom unless you can safely park on the side of the road to do it. Let them know you'll be busy for a few hours and you can't answer them before starting the game.
  14. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Allowed to follow speed limits and road rules on EU#2 to EU#4 or not ???

    Ok time to hit the road then, will try EU#2, but if the queue take more than 3-4 minutes I'm gonna get on EU#3, I will stream my session on my twitch channel once I'm connected. I also have plays.tv always on so I just press a key to have the last 2 minutes of driving recorded for reports.
  15. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Allowed to follow speed limits and road rules on EU#2 to EU#4 or not ???

    For everyone, maybe I should add this, I use plays.tv to record any incidents a quick key press and last 2 minutes are ready to be used for a report, and I'm usually streaming on my totally empty twitch channel (I don't speak a lot I prefer to concentrate on the road maybe its why I don't get subs but its another subject) but I also fear to report because the new report system, if an admin is a friend of the offender, they may decline my report and I get bad status from that, its been awhile since I've done a report, maybe time to hit the road and get some reports done, perhaps that could help. Strangely when I drive on EU#1, I don't get many incidents, but there's no one on the road so perhaps that can explain this I want to know also if someone can clear things up, I have a ping between 120 and 160 on most EU servers (being in Canada), can I cause problems with this, I've seen a bunch with pings of 200 that glitched everywhere but I don't think it ever happened to me. When I see other drivers, 90% seems to be alright on my side.