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  1. Released

    Doesn't work, sorry guys SCS just released a small update for a new WoT event then we can't connect to servers anymore.
  2. DLC Prices and features

    They are all on sale right now on steam, maybe its a good idea for the ones that don't have them to get their hands on all of them.
  3. Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    I choose one of the basic paintjobs and customize it to my tastes, even if I own nearly all of the paintjob dlc minus the country ones, In TruckersMP I stick to the standard ones cause its useless to have paintjob dlc since most of the truckersmp playerbase (I'll say between 70 and 80% of players probably) don't have any of them, and since they don't have them, they won't see your awesome work, they will see random colors on your truck. Same thing for all the awesome Country paintjobs, its useless to purchase them, cause only the people that have it will see it, everyone would need to purchase all of the paintjobs so we would be able to show them nicely to everyone. Its one of the major gripe I have about them, nice paintjobs, but useless in MP unless everyone has it.
  4. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    For me I'm stuck on Rewind 100.9 from Maine USA, you can add the stream to your in game radio with this code : stream_data[11]: "|Rewind Portland Maine|Various|EN|64|1"
  5. TruckersMP 4th Anniversary & 100th blogpost

    Just curious here, can we know the exact number of regular active accounts, yes we may have reached 2millons accounts, but how many are active regularly on the servers. I rarely ever see more than 5000 players active at the same time, its not bad, but knowing that there's 2million accounts, its very surprising that there's no more than 5000 at a time on the road usually.
  6. Caravans are here!

    I don't like them because they are very very hard to hook up because of the way the car reacts to controls, its really hard to get the car going forward or backward at a slow speed, you can't go slowly backward with this car, its always at least 10km/h which is way too fast to hook up, add the problem that the car bumping the caravan make it move and you get a total nightmare when you want to hook it up properly, the trucks don't have this problem but of course, trucks don't need caravans.
  7. How to behave in extreme situations

    Rule of advice, if you love WoT contracts, do them on EU#1, at leas 80-90% less idiots on this server since there's a speed limit already and cars aren't allowed.
  8. What dlcs do you have ?

    All of them, as soon as they are out, I get them, I support their hard work, the only one I regret purchasing is they special transport DLC because we can't use it in MP, otherwise all the others are more than worth it, one thing I hate is the paintjob packs, they are so beautiful and awesome, but not MP compatible, yes you can have it, but if the other players you encounter don't have the exact same paintjob DLC, they won't see your nice paintjob on your truck sadly, which makes them, pretty much useless.
  9. I dream of having the money and space for a steering wheel. but with my actual screen setup, it wouldn't work that well for me, I have problems in my eyes so my screen needs to be very close to me, so if I clamped a steering wheel to my keyboard slide out, I would end up being too far from my screen to be able to drive properly. So I use a X360 controller and love it
  10. Call of the wild

    I'm glad to stay on EU#1 where cars aren't allowed and only true simulation fan drivers go, but I'll surely try to get on the freeroam server with a cheated profile to test this one out for sure, looks quite an interesting idea.
  11. Do you guys record your drivings?

    I use and have a quick key set to record last 2 minutes of driving, perfect to report any problems that can happen on the road.
  12. [Solved] Special Transport new Beacons allowed or not ???

    So, perfect, this answered my question, I never save edit or do this kind of crazy things. I have only 2 or 4 beacons on my truck, and only use them when I'M carrying a load on a trailer that has a beacon on it, unsure if other situations should allow the beacons or not. I also turn them on whenever I need to park for an emergency situation on the side of the road or when I'm stopped because of a crash or other situations on the road.
  13. Ok, I know special transport DLC isn't supported and I understand that and wouldn't be surprised if it would be never supported in MP, I'm fine with it considering how the new trailers handle it will be a nightmare in MP, but they added a few cool beacons for trucks and I'm wondering if those are allowed or I risk a kick or ban for using them. I'm not a beacon freak that use them for the wrong reasons, I'm always careful with theses but I wanna know if I can use them or I risk troubles for using the new beacons.
  14. Which SERVER do you prefer?

    The main problem with this game is MP seems to attract mostly kids and drivers that think of it as a need for speed / burnout paradise / GTA style of game with trucks, its why most of the times EU#2 is the one that fills up quicker. I wish this game would attract more drivers like me that loves realistic driving and follow the rules of the road, but sadly, I think winning the lottery is more plausible than that. I prefer EU#1 since we rarely encounter trolls speed freaks or rammers there. And you can enjoy a peaceful drive without the danger of seeing a speed freak overtaking in a curb like a maniac.
  15. What does everyone think of the New Mexico DLC for ATS and the new 1.29 update?

    It will be awesome once supported in MP, the new huge truck stops will make an easy place for meetings, I still need to continue exploring this map expansion. I've also noticed a lot of improvements fps wise, especially in Las Vegas (I know not in NM but still good to mention it) I usually got fps drops to less than 40, and now it seems to be stable to 55-60fps in Las Vegas.