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  1. 1.32 Version

    It will be awesome, but be ready for trolls that drop their empty trailers everywhere and go pick a normal load, just hope the trailers get automatically discarded to your closest garage when you do that or there will be blocked roads everywhere by trolls. Thankfully I rarely ever encounter a troll, its like they don't like speed limits and rules of EU#1 so they are rarely ever there, good for us that love realism. I wish I could have 2 separated copy of the game, one for online and keep in current version supported by TruckersMP and one for offline that I could have fun with the beta. Currently having to backup profiles, change version in steam, wait and whatever is quite annoying. So I stay in the open beta and offline till its supported and fully released in TruckersMP.
  2. Recommendations For the Big Sur Event

    You know what surprises me there, people have patience generally, and they behave themselves, nothing like on ETS2 EU#2 on the C to D road, but sadly, the time it takes is still way too long, even if I enjoy the traffic, if it was 30-45 minutes, I would do it, but 2hrs for each load, too long on real life time, I may do it on weekends sometimes, but I think I'll do them in SP for the most of them, much quicker.
  3. Recommendations For the Big Sur Event

    Done a load, the traffic was 2hrs long real life time. arrived at traffic jam at 5h15pm (GMT-4) delivered my load at 7h10pm, kuddos for the hard work of the admins keeping the trucks moving, if you are quick, you can even go grab a quick snack and bottle of water, if your kitchen is close to your PC. But maybe there's 2 tips that need to be added : 1. Bring some snacks and water near your PC 2. Be sure to go to the bathroom before getting into traffic. 3. Do not answer calls or the door, or even your mom unless you can safely park on the side of the road to do it. Let them know you'll be busy for a few hours and you can't answer them before starting the game.
  4. Allowed to follow speed limits and road rules on EU#2 to EU#4 or not ???

    Ok time to hit the road then, will try EU#2, but if the queue take more than 3-4 minutes I'm gonna get on EU#3, I will stream my session on my twitch channel once I'm connected. I also have always on so I just press a key to have the last 2 minutes of driving recorded for reports.
  5. Allowed to follow speed limits and road rules on EU#2 to EU#4 or not ???

    For everyone, maybe I should add this, I use to record any incidents a quick key press and last 2 minutes are ready to be used for a report, and I'm usually streaming on my totally empty twitch channel (I don't speak a lot I prefer to concentrate on the road maybe its why I don't get subs but its another subject) but I also fear to report because the new report system, if an admin is a friend of the offender, they may decline my report and I get bad status from that, its been awhile since I've done a report, maybe time to hit the road and get some reports done, perhaps that could help. Strangely when I drive on EU#1, I don't get many incidents, but there's no one on the road so perhaps that can explain this I want to know also if someone can clear things up, I have a ping between 120 and 160 on most EU servers (being in Canada), can I cause problems with this, I've seen a bunch with pings of 200 that glitched everywhere but I don't think it ever happened to me. When I see other drivers, 90% seems to be alright on my side.
  6. I'm just curious, are we allowed to follow all the road rules and speed limits on theses 3 servers (EU#2 to EU#4), it seems whenever I play on theses I get constant problems with people honking, swearing, crashing into my truck because I respect the road rules, speed limits and traffic signs, people seems to be annoyed that someone plays a simulation driving game the way it should be, usually I keep playing on EU#1 because of this, I know on EU#1, there's generally no problems with that, but its very empty at most times and I feel lonely. And 2nd question, is there anyone that does respect road rules, speed limits and road signs on theses servers, it seems like 99% of people are speed demons on wheels that think this game is GTA or Need For Speed with Wreckfest mod on it.
  7. Seems to be much more complicated than what I want to do, so I'll just play with the regular old Scania instead for now, there's too much involved just to mod a simple truck, consider this thread solved for now.
  8. Ok, I don't like the dashboards offered on the new Scania r and s, they are too small and very hard for my eyes to read them properly and have a proper FOV to drive safely, I've never modded any trucks in the game but can I swap only the dashboard of the old Scania into the new ones, is this something allowed by the mod rules, and would it be very hard to do it, any help would be welcome here, I have 0 experience with modding trucks, and if it requires to change the save file format, I won't touch it, I know its encrypted somehow, and want to keep them as they are so I can get achievements from Steam
  9. Released

    Doesn't work, sorry guys SCS just released a small update for a new WoT event then we can't connect to servers anymore.
  10. Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    I choose one of the basic paintjobs and customize it to my tastes, even if I own nearly all of the paintjob dlc minus the country ones, In TruckersMP I stick to the standard ones cause its useless to have paintjob dlc since most of the truckersmp playerbase (I'll say between 70 and 80% of players probably) don't have any of them, and since they don't have them, they won't see your awesome work, they will see random colors on your truck. Same thing for all the awesome Country paintjobs, its useless to purchase them, cause only the people that have it will see it, everyone would need to purchase all of the paintjobs so we would be able to show them nicely to everyone. Its one of the major gripe I have about them, nice paintjobs, but useless in MP unless everyone has it.
  11. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    For me I'm stuck on Rewind 100.9 from Maine USA, you can add the stream to your in game radio with this code : stream_data[11]: "|Rewind Portland Maine|Various|EN|64|1"
  12. TruckersMP 4th Anniversary & 100th blogpost

    Just curious here, can we know the exact number of regular active accounts, yes we may have reached 2millons accounts, but how many are active regularly on the servers. I rarely ever see more than 5000 players active at the same time, its not bad, but knowing that there's 2million accounts, its very surprising that there's no more than 5000 at a time on the road usually.
  13. How to behave in extreme situations

    Rule of advice, if you love WoT contracts, do them on EU#1, at leas 80-90% less idiots on this server since there's a speed limit already and cars aren't allowed.
  14. What dlcs do you have ?

    All of them, as soon as they are out, I get them, I support their hard work, the only one I regret purchasing is they special transport DLC because we can't use it in MP, otherwise all the others are more than worth it, one thing I hate is the paintjob packs, they are so beautiful and awesome, but not MP compatible, yes you can have it, but if the other players you encounter don't have the exact same paintjob DLC, they won't see your nice paintjob on your truck sadly, which makes them, pretty much useless.
  15. Call of the wild

    I'm glad to stay on EU#1 where cars aren't allowed and only true simulation fan drivers go, but I'll surely try to get on the freeroam server with a cheated profile to test this one out for sure, looks quite an interesting idea.