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  1. I really wonder if theses letters and numbers really mean anything in this game or its just there for realism purpose and doesn't actually affect anything at all.
  2. Soon as released, I support their hard work and love what they're doing, I'm just very skeptical that we will have a complete map of the whole USA before the end of 2035, which would make this game, the longest game ever supported by a game developer if it happens.
  3. The problem isn't the speed limits in the city, its fine and safer, the problem is the zones where there's a speed limit, some are in middle of highways, its insane that we end up slowing down on a highway just because the city is on the side of it, same for some tricky roads with hills and such, ETS2 has some spots like that near Marseille in France, we're stuck at 60kmh on the highway all the way to a tunnel.
  4. Hum truckersMP doesn't have problems with the new goodyear tyres, but if we put the paintjob we are kicked from the server.
  5. For your first weeks or months, don't go on the most populated servers, its where the minority of bad drivers go and cause havoc on the majority of us, have a way to record your gameplay, I use Plays.tv its easy to setup and on a keypress the last 2 minutes of gameplay are recorded, so you can have proof of someone doing damages to you, blocking the road, trolling, or anything, and do the reports on the website, don't even think about the report function in game, its useless, admins go on mass deleting spree of them without checking any of them, the only valid ones are on the website. Avoid the Calais to Duisburg area at all cost, only idiots and trolls go there, why, we will never know, its just where trolls and idiots love to hang around and cause havoc to record videos for youtube.
  6. Sadly game devs stopped adding new trucks to the game, they don't seem to care about the fact the interior of the Iveco in ETS2 are the ugliest I've ever seen, we still hope for updates for them and the Renault trucks need an update too, but I don't think we will see this anytime soon.
  7. Setup Nvidia Experience screenshot key, problem solved, also same option exist in Plays.tv client, setup a screenshot key and you can take screenshots at full speed if you want, it works #1
  8. If I understand the lack of communication from the dev team right now means they have 0 intention of changing anything again, they don't give a damn what people think, the changes are nice but we need an arcade server with collision enabled to get rid of the trolls that are now on both simulation servers, and please get rid of the cars on 1 of the simulation server, they serve 0 purpose except for moderators and admins perhaps, or very controlled use for convoys.
  9. I prefer to do WoT contracts without an owned trailer cause I have more choices on what I can deliver, with an owned trailer, your choices is very limited even with the new External Market, I agree the owned trailers are awesome cause you can customize them a lot, but if you're limited in what you can deliver because of them, its a different choice.
  10. In many country trucks have governed speed limits, I know for a fact in France its 90km/h, if a truck is found going faster by the cops, they face a real high offense, and I'm 99% sure France isn't the only place with forced speed limits on trucks in Europe, all for safety cause driving them even 10km/h faster in real life makes their braking distance much longer. Here in Canada, no trucks are allowed to go faster than 105km/h, and some US States have similar rules with different speed limits. If you don't have time to respect the road rules while playing the game on simulation server and the slightest traffic jam is getting on your nerves, then choose another game like Forza or Need For Speed.where the goal is actually to go fast, don't love just driving and you like to cause Havoc, go play GTA5 or Watch Dogs 1 or 2.
  11. I say it again, what it did is put all the trolls on both simulation servers since its the only places they can cause havoc, crashs and damages to other players, its the only reason why both simulation servers are full at this time, the trolls don't care about speed limits, what they want is people to aim for and damage other trucks and trailers to record videos for youtube or to stream, and the worst, people love to watch that which makes them popular on youtube and twitch, which encourage them to never ever follow the road rules of simulation server and cause havoc instead.
  12. We need a way to get rid of the trolls on Sim servers, they are now all over the place since they can't do any damages on the arcade servers since they are all non collision, trolls go where they can cause havoc and crashes, not where they can't do any damages to anyone. One of the way is to put the arcade servers in collision mode like they were before, and get rid of the damn scout cars on simulation server, its a truck driving simulator for god sake, not a need for speed clone.
  13. There's no more safe simulation servers to drive on, now all the trolls that are there to cause havoc are on them since they don't want to drive on a NCZ arcade server where they can't cause problems, crash and havoc.. Goodbye TMP for me if they don't do something about this, its unplayable right now.
  14. Yes its does support, but beware some areas aren't in NCZ yet, I drove a few loads there yesterday and it was very fun experience, just respect the other drivers and there's no problems.
  15. You're awesome, I knew you would come up with the solution, time for a nice driving evening. I know a lot of people were impatient and such (myself included) just 1 thing that clearly would love to see is more communication when an update like that takes more time than expected, a word about the progress would be appreciated.
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