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  1. If truckersmp did fix the volvo bug so i can use my save I will be on that convoy but since they didn't i can't be in there.
  2. Yes I know that I just don't understand why they didnt fix yet since they did needed to create new files of the same tipe that is needed to fix that to support the new truck on ATS so why not did both at the same time? Its literally like just 30 mins needed to fix that.
  3. It is still bugged the files are still missing. I hope that probably in the next week it will be fixed since scs will release the new western star truck for ats and they need to make similar files for supporting that they will probably do both at the same time.
  4. The problem is that the files for the coordinates for the cb radio on the RHD are in the truckersmp launcher and the LHD ones are missing and by some reason that I cannot understand they are taking ages to fix that and I already fixed that and made several posts about it with the files but they refuse to put the files on the launcher. This is a bug thats literally takes less than an hour to fix not six months!!!
  5. Yes I know that but the problem is that I have a VTC that is based on the sleeper cabin ones and each one of us have like 15 sleeper cabin trucks on the profiles for the convoy and since the release of 1.37 the bug started happening and because that we can't do any convoy on the past 6 months because that simple to solve bug. Thats my concerns!
  6. Thanks for the updating, sadly the volvo isnt fixed yet, is an easy fix and I already explained what I found I hope it will get fixed soon. @shak0 is the truck a volvo with sleeper cabin? If it is that is just a missing coordinates file for the cb radio but they didnt fixed it yet sadly. And I actually made a fix for it on this post and there is the files to work with 1.38 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yo5jBjsiS7MQ3TS1GyQGBEiqm3-Np3Gh/view?usp=sharing and some pictures of it working.
  7. Thanks for the update @Digital and I hope that the volvo bug fix will be accepted and put on the game.
  8. A quick but at the same time big update to my previous post about the volvo sleeper cabin bug. After that post I actually found out that the software that I needed to create that files was just Blender that I had already installed it only needed some addons to work with the scs files And I actually created the right files for the "normal" hand truck, and it did fix the bug and the cb radio is now on the right position. I hope that the developers accept my files so they can implement it on the launcher and make the bug get fixed for all of us. Thanks for the good work. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JKK8_RVQ-klopKz0B4GprNqHpaim5b8t/view?usp=sharing
  9. First of all thanks for the answers, I have done some research myself on the TuckersMp files and I want to help you because I believe that I found what's causing this bug. In the TruckersMp file the is one file called "data2.mp" and that is just a zip file so I extracted and found a folder that is for the volvo fh16 2012 the one that has the bug then I got in the Uk hand folder and found that there is 2 file for the sleeper cabin that is the one that has the bug so on the Uk hand there is no bug and there is files for it and in the "normal" hand there is a bug and no files so I tried to use the uk hand files reamed on the "normal" hand and it did work but because the files are from the uk hand the cb radio was in the wrong position a bit up and to the right and because i just want to help and not get banned I didn't want to bypass the kick system so I got kicked since the launcher detected the files are been modified So if I know what software is used to create/modify this files probably I was able to make the cb radio go in the right position. I hope this help fix this bug and if the developers want me to help with that just tell me whats the software to modify this files. Thanks for the efforts to make the mod and the community better everyday
  10. I don't know if its just for me or not but since this last update I was able to drive the volvo trucks again, I think they fixed the bug! Thanks for the update Edit: the bug isn't fixed yet I was testing with the wrong truck. sorry
  11. Thanks for the info, The volvo bug will be fixed in 1.38?
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