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  1. the western star 57x is missing the px radio.
  2. Its using the old 1.42 files also promods 2.60 released and because truckersmp didn't support it yet promods wont even update the convoy def on steam so players cant play promods multiplayer in both ways and thats the wrong way for promods because if truckersmp can't update because there is no devs avaiable at the time to do it, at least promods should allow players to play in scs convoy mod since its not the players fault!
  3. plz update suppor promds canda 1.43 version released so we don´t have to have duplicate files in your computers taking more space.
  4. Plz add Promods Canada 1.1.0 support. Thanks
  5. can´t play ats. something's wrong with the version. And thanks for being quick with the update for 1.42, and for making promods 2.56 work on 1.42, amazing work.
  6. Thats what i call a game changing update!!! Awesome! Thanks for this update!
  7. Its working again truckersmp just launched an update to fix that, just don´t know why they stop warning people when there is an update here on the forum and on the site, thats not good for the players.
  8. something's wronh yesterday it was working even with the new dlc but today only gives me this version error. Tried downgrading but same thing same error.
  9. Thanks for the update and thanks for the quick support for the new ats dlc wyoming, its not mentioned here in the forum but the dlc is already supported.
  10. Thanks for the update and for those who are wondering yes they did add support for the new ats truck, they just didn´t post it on the forum but now the truck is working fine and you can use it without any problems.
  11. getting crashes with new ats truck.
  12. I hope this will be on 1.40 if not is a no for me.
  13. To use with the van you should add an invisible ownable trailer because on the free van using the caravan is all bugged up but on the patreon only works fine. Thats bad truckersmp that patreon have a usable van that can use the caravan to do jobs without any bug but the others players have to stick with a broken one.
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