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  1. Thanks for supporting the kenworth trailer I only noticed today but it was fixed in 14/09/2019
  2. ats us server is saying that my client is invalid but the eu one is working please fix that
  3. Thanks for the update fixed your own bug goodyear dlc is now supported again, but please look forward to support the kenworth truck trailers for ats too.
  4. My question is answered thanks and I just wont play truckersmp until they fix the bug there is no point of changing my paintjob because a bug that is yours!
  5. in ats kenworth trucks trailer still kicking, what are you doing, kidding with the players????!!!!!!! two months and half after 1.35 release and no support for that after various updates!!!!
  6. sorry but i didn't know about that, also ats latest version is not supported
  7. Instead of fixing bugs on ats (flying cargo) supporting kenworth truck trailer or even good year dlc for ets2, no just increasing the ban time!!! PLEASE START LISTENING TO THE COMMUNITY NOT YOURSELVS
  8. released a new update but still kicking because the kenworth trucks cargo, please fix this soon!
  9. See my post above about a "pro" server who needs you to buy at least One map dlc to enter, this will do that problem and the money will go to SCS instead
  10. .......................................... ..
  11. driving without collision makes no sense because it will kill the simulation itself, so realism needs collision, thats the reason why arcade servers is almost empty
  12. to solve the trolls problem the only thing they need to do is create like a "pro" server where only players that have bought at least one map dlc can join, this way that server don't need any speed limiters, and the trolls, will not join because usually trolls don't want to spent more money on a game that they can get a permanent ban because of trolling, and that way the good players will go in that "pro" server and need to pay a bit more to enter not only the base game (wich steam key can be found in a lot of sites vey cheap) but need also to have at minimum one map dlc to enter in that server, and that way truckersmp can do that "pro" server with the money going to the creators of the game (scs) because is not about a subscription its about an dlc, and also this can help in the C-D road heavy traffic problem, because all players in this server will not have only the base game, so no need to be all in the same place, and also this server needs to be an 4000+ players server too.
  13. On realtime map you need to update the roads because its a mess with Germany reworked and new dlcs
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