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  1. You can play utah in mp without any problems just there is no speed limits on the cities or non collisions zones in the companies or the services, you just need to have more caution in there to avoid accidents but it is full playable.
  2. I´m still waiting the f7 bug to be fixed, because i will start playing truckersmp again only after this is fixed
  3. Ok, thanks i just noticed twenty minutes ago
  4. Truxkersmp is incopatible with latest versions of ATS and ETS2 now.
  5. Simple fix for that just press the Windows Key for Start menu and then press the game in taskbar, it Will go fullscreen
  6. Updating ats mp without supporting 1.36 when there is also a new map dlc out is a total waste of time because nobody cares about 1.35 updates anymore and likeky 90% of the the players will miss it because they won't downgrade!
  7. Thanks for supporting the kenworth trailer I only noticed today but it was fixed in 14/09/2019
  8. ats us server is saying that my client is invalid but the eu one is working please fix that
  9. Thanks for the update fixed your own bug goodyear dlc is now supported again, but please look forward to support the kenworth truck trailers for ats too.
  10. My question is answered thanks and I just wont play truckersmp until they fix the bug there is no point of changing my paintjob because a bug that is yours!
  11. in ats kenworth trucks trailer still kicking, what are you doing, kidding with the players????!!!!!!! two months and half after 1.35 release and no support for that after various updates!!!!
  12. sorry but i didn't know about that, also ats latest version is not supported
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