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  1. Back in the very first days of 2015, I was happy because I finally was able to put LED on my front grill, and the custom plates were not sync ! Time goes fast...
  2. Hello everybody, My real name is Guillaume, I live in France. I started driving trucks in solo when ETS2 appeared a long time ago now, and I always wanted to see other players/trucks on roads, so as soon as ETS2MP was available for us, I jumped in it and never came back. It's been years now, and the joy is still here, I improved my PC and I'm able to play with very good graphics, and it's just a unique sensation every time I'm behind the wheel. I like driving solo on Simulator server now, 90 km/h max, and just relax. I'm not active on the forums, but I read a lot. I guess it's time to post something and contribute to this good idea ! Good day to all
  3. I'm quite happy with it, more people on simulation server is the perfect combination for me ! I'm playing more than before. This is overall a good step in the right direction.
  4. I like how this is going, and I would even cap the speedlimit to 90 on Simulation servers (but 110 is not too much over the speed limit). I totally agree with this : I always played on EU2 because there was a lot of people, so it's not empty and boring, this is my first condition to choose a server, before simulation. Right now, I finally have a server which satisfies both conditions and I'm much more happy than before.
  5. I think this is going in the right direction, i always played on EU2 because there was a lot of people, but I prefered to play "simulation" style (not over 90 km/h, with great respect to rules and truckers). Now, there will be more people on simulation server, so it's a win for me. Time will tell how all server's population is going to change, and same for the behavior of players.
  6. Thanks for the update ! I think you need to improve your communication : On the progress of the update, especially when it's longer than the others, which was the case for this one What about double trailers ? The official rule didn't change about it, but SCS changed it, we need some clarification about it.
  7. Awesome work as always ! 1.32 update is an important one.
  8. This 1.32 update just brings me back to the game after a long time without playing. I love the new trailer's ownership, to customize it, and I look forward to the Krone DLC.
  9. Zurgui

    Game freezes

    Sorry for not replying before, well, everything works fine now, but I'm not sure why. So I started a fresh profile, remove all musics in the folder, remove all mods, but keep the radio (a must have for me !). I bought 3 garages and tested quick travelsin MP and SP, so far no problem. And I didn't experienced any freeze while driving. Thanks ! EDIT : I just spotted another improvement, I connected my WoTprofile to take these jobs. When exitting the game, the game synchronizes the profile, and it's a lot faster now !
  10. Zurgui

    Game freezes

    Thanks for your time Almeiras2. I have no hardware problem, fps are very good (not stable, but that has always been the case), I have no mods, but I'll try without radio, my music folder is empty. I'm not CPU limited, I can see a peak in CPU utilization (which does not reach 100%, but ~60%) at the time of the freeze. I'll try also to launch the game as administrator. I'll keep you uptated !
  11. Zurgui

    Game freezes

    Hi, I have been around since the very first step in May 2014 of the multiplayer mod, without problem, but since 2 or 3 days, I'm experiencing an issue. I have regularly freezes, about 1 second, while I'm driving a truck. I checked online, and I found it is related to the auto savegame, but this freeze shouldn't happen when file games are on a SSD right ? I also have freeze when I quick travel, and this time the game will not respond at all, even after minutes (but I can still hear the web radio). So I tried to grab another profile, but still ended up with same issues. I started a new profile from the very start, same issues. I also completely redownloaded and reinstallated the game, on another disk, same issues. These issues happen both in SP and in MP. I'm desperate, does anybody knows something that I don't know ?
  12. J'avais lu dans une des annonces sur le blog de SCS que le niveau de détail serait le même entre ce DLC et le DLC Scandinavia, mais est-ce que je me fais des idées ou bien ce DLC est encore un cran au-dessus ? Je viens de conduire dans les routes au Sud de Paris, et c'est juste magnifique, je me sentais vraiment en France ! En tout cas j'attends avec impatience la sortie du reste de la France, je ne conduirais que là dans un premier temps !
  13. Zurgui

    w900 now out

    ^You can have the same view by pressing the "5" key, it's not the same view as if you move the camera manually with the mouse, you have a better view and can see your trailer.
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