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  1. It's a yes for me too, the game really needs an upgrade overhaul
  2. My favorite moment in the mountains, we spent like 1h30 in a massive jam, so much fun !
  3. CPU : Ryzen 3900X GPU : RTX 2080 RAM : 32 Gb at 3200 Mhz Motherboard : ASUS Crosshair Hero VI PSU : Be Quite! Dark Power Pro 10 750W 27" 2560x1440
  4. Thank you for your work, I appreciate it !
  5. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope the update for TMP will come as later as possible. I just can't drive with the new sounds of the trucks, especially the engine sounds...
  6. I use the Spring Mod right now, and I must say, I'm really impressed by the changes it gives to the scenery. I think I'll never uninstall it !
  7. Thank you very much with this helpful guide ! It also lets you take external freight jobs with HCT anywhere on the map ! It seems not, I got an internal error
  8. I like where this is going, first the speed limit, now this, I have big hopes for the future ! Keep it going ! Thanks for your work.
  9. Thanks a lot, I'll be sure to drive in Winter now !
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