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@xBestBBx all due respect 2 weeks passed since ATS got an update which lead to rollback ATS version, ETS2 had more updates and got update with a blink of an eye for MP. Would think ATS didnt change so much on bugfixes updates. I think it is normal when there is no explanation like ETS2 does get when it will not work that people ask for it, low ATS players on MP or not.

There was once said ATS and ETS2 will get same treatment with updates, it is showing lately it is not.
Makes people wonder if ATS MP will be part of MP or that support will stop, SCS wont keep the rollback version available forever.

I enjoy ATS more then ETS2, I can live without the MP but still wonder and ask why is ATS not updated yet.

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3 hours ago, xBestBBx said:

I don't understand why it's such a big deal, though. You guys need to face the fact that the devs are working on it. What part of that do you guys not understand?


Hey speaking of, do you know when ATS is going to get it's MP update? 

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I do not understand here,  so you guys are completely throwing ATS to the side and telling us to play an outdated version? Wow...although I have ATS and ETS2 but what about those players that do not have ETS2 or just prefer ATS over ETS2.  I'm very disappointed 

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It's understandable that ETS2 has a bigger player base. It's understandable that it takes work to support two games. It's understandable, if in some simultaneous ETS2 and ATS updates ETS2 is prioritized.


However, when it takes up to weeks to support the "second" game it's near to cross the line of what's understandable. How much would the support for the latest ETS2 version be postponed, if some time was taken to update the mod to support an ATS version released earlier? Maybe day or two. In my opinion that wouldn't be a big price to pay in order to make the smaller part of TruckersMP community happy too.


Fair enough, there was the hassle to get the winter mod out which also took quite a lot of time from the hands of the developers, but there still is the trend of support out for ETS2 -> ATS follows at some point. I have to say that with smaller updates the both games are usually supported quickly and simultaneously, but from time to time ATS is kind of - forgotten.


Do not get me wrong. I do appreciate the work of the developers and the existence of this mod. This is just a piece of constructive criticism.




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Ready to go!


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no point in downgrading my ats honestly cause if i downgrade it i cant do the Christmas event so its a complete bust to downgrade


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4 hours ago, [NL] - W.N.L. Diamond Wolf said:

thnx for the update :) uhm.... are the Christmas trailers from SCS also working on TMP on this moment or do you need more time for that?

Trailers are working, but if someone other player has christmas trailer, u see white curtain trailer (which is glitching sometimes), not the Christmas one.

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