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  1. well done Crystal Dream is now supported in ATS after 5 months and latest patch 1.31.x available
  2. Q: Which game will not be updated to 1.31 at the same time as ETS2 and will not support Crystal Dream paint job A: ATS of course
  3. two updates on same day and again no Crystal Dream paint job support for ATS MP, "GJ"
  4. are you driving 80Km/s in real life near city or in the city ?
  5. new update still no support for Crystal Dream paint job support on ATS MP
  6. new update still no support for Crystal Dream paint job on ATS
  7. any news regarding Crystal Dream paint for ATS?, are three months now since was released and still not usable on ATS MP
  8. this soon is like the Crystal Dream paint, soon was 2 months ago, this problem from what i know is for few weeks, that why i stop playing, no fix no play ..:D, and on ATS mp why keep the servers if you don't implement the new features, almost four months and that Crystal Dream pain still not available in ATS and soon was a month or so ago
  9. we don't know, there is no log update unfortunately
  10. i don't know what changed but i noticed that Crystal Dream paintjob is working on ETS for ATS is not working yet
  11. Game: ATS MPMod Version: Used: Driving Force GTDescription of Issue: i noticed that after last update, Crystal Dimensions paint job not working on ATS but working on ETS, can you please fix this, thank youHow to reproduce: select the Crystal Dream paint .Screenshots / Videos: image below.
  12. they skipped according to math-98: @Seven About what you wrote in #discord-suggestions , if no public changelog is provided after an update then consider it was or bug fixes, or changes that only affect staff, or both so is only a fix that we don't know what was fixed, they fix
  13. i see new update, what changed ?
  14. i did asked same question few times, the answer in few days, 1 week, i guess when is ready, few months mabye
  15. this does make no difference, either way manual install or automatic install, all plugins are in place Status waiting and in the logs "Error opening MMF" i think this soft does more harm then good, 1 thing is for sure is not working and i am not the single one
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