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Message when a report gets deleted

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Suggestion Name:

Message when a report gets deleted


Suggestion Description:

Everytime someone reports a player ingame and the report is not claimed, it gets deleted. The player receives a notification of this. And this message needs to be changed. Important is to tell the player why no action was taken. 


Any example images: 



How it could be:


If you have other suggestion regarding the text, feel free to post it below ;) 


Why it should be added:

There's no day without a new topic on the forum which is similar to "Why my report declined this guy rammed me it's against the rules and my report gets declined I will uninstall TruckersMP it's so unfair why is everyone allowed to drive like a  .............." 

I think I made my point. 

These complains would not exist if the players knew why "no action was taken".

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In this context I would like to draw your attention to the following suggestion, where an optional download of the in-game record is offered if the report has not been claimed by an administrator within the 10 minutes time period.

The evidence will be locally saved and can be used for reports on the website.


By that, the question why no action was taken does not arise at all or is at least of secondary importance.



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+1 I think It would be great if it would be added, but keep in mind, so the processing can take longer time, it can maybe take about 20 seconds longer per. report for the Game Moderators (just saying ;)) Im also think they should write the reason why it was rejected, it's a good idea.


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True. The player may think he has not looked at his report. Good idea.


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This would be a cool addition so users are not as confused when they see 'no action was taken on your report' some may think that a GM has declined the report when really there was nobody to deal with it or the report was deleted due to it being active for too long. +1

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I think it would be good to differentiate from a staff member deleting the report for it being invalid, and any other reason. I don't think we need specific reasons.  That way, if we had the two reasons to differentiate, people can go to the forum to report providing the report has not already been deemed invalid.

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