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Pilot Lights Mod


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On 28.8.2016 at 7:56 PM, shoval029 said:

you say your server crash no ? :blink:

Ye, i rent a new one.


On 28.8.2016 at 8:20 PM, MiataMania said:

Is this mod allowed on mp?



11 hours ago, Gamer_DooD said:

It has a potential to be dangerous so it's not really for multiplayer.

Only for convoy.

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On ‎17‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 7:43 AM, Tuxy Fluffyclaws said:

Abuse of the mod would potentially be bannable under reckless driving due to the issue highlighted by @Forerunner.


Hence, use with caucion.

Looks good however I would say not instead of indicators because they are important. However I also have to agree with @Tuxy Fluffyclaws, and @Forerunner as it will cause confusion when turning at junctions etc. I think it will be dangerous & I won't use it if it causes confusion for other drivers. :) 

Good idea, either way! 

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This is a cool idea, but would be safer for general public to use if instead of the indicator lights having the "wig wag" effect, either tail lights and headlights or headlights and reversing lights would be a lot better as indicators can still be used then and it would not confuse others as badly as having the indicators flash.

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+1 looks amazing and really awesome! :D 

-1 but also its confusing like before said its clearly hard to see which way you are going to! :( 

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