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  1. Suggestion Name: Using the Traffic Advisor Trailer behind the Skoda Suggestion Description: A trailer normally pulled by AI vans can also be used behind the Skoda, or Real Ops vehicles, as it has it's own wheels, and collisions and such. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Being a fully functional trailer, it shouldn't require much work other than adding it to the allowed accessory set. It can be further used during Real Ops, as it has variants with a left and right flashing arrow (though it will require an edit to make them flash with the player's beacons). The client throws this error and kicks you if you currently try to use the trailer via save editing. <error> Unable to find accessory '/def/vehicle/ai/a1_l_trailer/chassis.sii' in accessories data base!
  2. I haven't tried this out, but I am curious, if we were using custom skin packs will they be overwritten after every update?
  3. I can also confirm "unsupported version" for ATS. There's supposed to be a convoy going on, but I guess we're all waiting now.
  4. Simply set a fallback so that if a user doesn't own the DLC, the game will replace the trailers with their default counterparts. (ex. Schwarzmuller curtain would be replaced by the Krone Profiliner, Schwarzmuller Reefer would be replaced by the Krone Cooliner, etc.)
  5. I'd like to use this, would be helpful when I'm tailing my VTC in a convoy, and they stop. Is the strobe effect changeable?
  6. @Digi7al Is it possible to get the metro pack in purple? I had a certain shade in purple in mine, hex #4617B4.
  7. ^The Charger hauls when you put your foot down, but I see alot of departments using the Taurus interceptor, with the Turbocharged All-Wheel-Drive setup.
  8. I also wonder if the Skoda will be available in single player as well, want to make a skin for it.
  9. Could I suggest that if we aren't allowed to use the blue LEDS, that there would be an option for orange and/or white leds?
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