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  1. I logged into the report system this afternoon to find that I can only report 11 people and it says 11 max. This is not something I have noticed before. Once the 11 reports have been used am I disallowed from making any more reports of bad drivers or do they start getting deleted starting with the oldest one etc?
  2. The graphics card I have is not a GTX. I have a Gigabyte R9 280 Windforce 3X which is a 3GB GDDR5 PCI-E Graphics Card and is more than capable of running this game and mods. As mentioned above, I have 0 employees and only 1 truck. I only have issues in Truckersmp with Freezing. In single player I do not have this issue and the profiles are the same (minus the level).
  3. You think it's a graphics card issue? You sir are wrong. My graphics card is more than capable of running ETS2. I'll check them links thanks @iFlufy.
  4. Whilst in a convoy I've noticed that my game was regularly pausing/freezing me which led to quite a few "close calls". I was told that it could be down to having too many employees so I fired all 76 of them. The issue remains. I even tried a new profile with 0 employees ever been employed and no other garages purchased. The game appears to be auto saving which lasts about 2 seconds which is enough for the person behind you to close the gap and make contact with your trailer, unless they're miles behind you of course. How can I either increase the time it takes before an autosave is made or decrease the amount of times it does it per hour etc?
  5. Thanks for the move, I wasn't sure and thought it would be classed as Off Topic. @DrEGZo The folder has folders within it too and then a list of sii files inside the final one: goosecementtrailer\def\vehicle\trailer has files from aero_dynamic.sii to willig_fuel_cistern.sii So would I just need to remove ALL the other files and leave cement_mixer.sii present or should it be that and the Gooseneck ones too?
  6. So I made a crazy little trailer and it shows in the game. However the Trailer Mod Tool makes the mod into a folder. How do I turn that folder into a SCS file to share with friends and other people?
  7. The Skoda's/Scouts etc have been in the game for over a year. Why are people acting like it's a new thing?
  8. It will take as long as it needs to so that the TruckersMP developers make sure that it functions correctly. Remember that the mod is created by VOLUNTEERS.
  9. ClownPrince


    Ok I will keep spamming the connect button until it works.
  10. ClownPrince


    I have added the discord connection in my settings but how do I join Discord via the Discord app?
  11. What, how is this possible? What kind of sorcery is this?!
  12. ClownPrince

    Mod Sites

    Ok thats fine. I assume your mods are still MP safe?
  13. ClownPrince

    Mod Sites

    There is no Allowed Mods list that's what I am saying.
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